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Take a step inside and enjoy a vibrant, diverse community of leatherworkers, from all cultures, all parts of the world, and all levels of experience, from beginners to masters.  We are the world's largest community of leatherworkers, and we welcome all levels of experience.  Contact an Admin if you are interested in special teaching opportunities on this site.  Are you new to leatherwork and have a question?  Visit the forum.  Our members are friendly and happily share what they know. 

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We take no responsibility if the pictures and tutorials on this site inspire you to create great masterpieces of your own, sacrificing your sanity and sleep, and tapping your mallet in your dreams.  That's the leather bug, there is no cure, and it's been around for 10,000 years.    Venture in the forum at your own risk- you have been warned!

Registration is required to see some pictures and use the forum, blog and gallery features.  Leatherworker.net is a family-friendly site.  There is an adult section available that can be turned on by request from a member, however the jokes in there are terrible.  Funny, but terrible.

You are welcome to promote your business and tell people what you do and how to reach you.  In fact, we encourage it.  No running with scissors is allowed.  If you need assistance, any staff member (green name) can help you, or tell the Admins.

The coffee is always fresh, and just yell if we need to get more chairs out.  Make yourself at home and enjoy the company.  Friendships and partnerships are made here every day.  Don't worry, you can't break anything.  This site does amazing things- feel free to check out all your options. But don't yell at us if reading and looking at the amazing variety of leatherwork cuts into your bench time!  It's not our fault- it's that leather bug!

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