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  2. Nice looking work and I see you happened to keep the wrinkles out of this one. Just joking They all look amazing.
  3. Ok. Some more pics of the first box.
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  6. high- and bas-relief stamping on the leather
  7. Thanks!
  8. You don´t want to "force" me to sell it, right? No, you don´t - or do you?
  9. BTW - I don´t see it well enough but are you using the standard needle plate? There is one for binders too which is a bit raised. Maybe this will work better. You also need a raised feed dog
  10. If you buy a blue gun for one specific job, you could alway try to recoup your costs over a bit of time. Bang together some simple, but nice holsters, and put them up on something like ebay. Better than pushing the costs onto the one customer, IMHO.
  11. Get in line.
  12. I have a standing policy that I'll buy almost any mold gun for the guys on the gun forum I frequent. I have a lot of them. I have maybe 4 that have not paid for themselves in holsters. A couple more that have just paid for themselves. And I have bought multiple handguns that have paid for themselves in holsters. It's a bit of a gamble. If I have to order the mold I'm upfront about it possibly extending the lead time. I tell them my lead time starts when the mold is in my hands. I consider molds and guns part of the materials I need to do this.
  13. I just recently have setup my Pfaff 345 with a binder bracket and I´m using a modified binder attachment - actually the cheapest I have found and it works excellent. Left over from the idea mounting a synchronized binder on my 111 - never finished this project since the 345 popped up. I really bought the cheapest I found as it was meant just for testing but I´m very pleased with it and I see no need for buying other binders atm. I´m using a 3/4 binder but have 2 more sizes which I yet have not tested. But will test them maybe this weekend and let you know. These are raw edge binder and fold the tape just 1x I do not recall where I bought them (I think from Sharp Sewing) but this is the style I bought - you see not dedicated to my machine but with a light modification yet the 3/4" works excellent. Some pictures
  14. mark a point on top of the stamp and always have that mark facing the same way you are heading, that way it will usually stay straight.
  15. Hehe no problem. But sorry... I'm not familiar with them. And i looked them up didn't recognizee them.
  16. Buddy, from what I've seen that's just the nature of business. I work for a man that gambles on the future everyday. He buys pallets of tile, rolls upon rolls of carpet and vinyl, and probably has 200 slabs of granite. That's all gambling on what people "may" want to buy, not what he knows they will buy. Of course we are talking a much much smaller scale here. But we can't take the job without the tools and supplies. Let's change the focus. Someone wants a non molded western holster for a particular model, say a navy colt. You have the pattern and plenty of veg tan. But he wants it out of Horween, because he read it's the cat's meow. Can you charge him for a whole shoulder plus the holster? You'll be able to sell some of the left overs on later projects, so why pass the whole cost to him? Here's a personal example: In my last business I bought out an "existing" company. Being a carpenter, I relied on my predecessors painting knowledge. I had to figure out in short order how to do a premium oil paint finish on new cabinets using an automotive spray rig without any experience. Luckily, Sherman Williams pointed me to an airless rig. That was 900.00. That helped, but we were working in cold conditions with oil based paint. I fought that finish for weeks before my cabinet component supplyer just nonchalantly asked how was I flashing the oil based paints. WHAT!?!??? Then he, not my predecessor, explained the process to me. 800.00 dollars later in infrared heaters and after three weeks in lost labor I had a finish good enough to present to my client. I wasn't able to pass any if those costs onto my client, I just had to eat it. After that project I switched to 100% acrylics and never looked back. I did several jobs with that spray rig before going out of business. Maybe that example was too long. But, here I am three years later. I'm no longer in business, but I just used that spray rig (that I haven't touched in a year and a half) to do a 2600.00 job. Can I get an amen? This side job paid for Christmas, is helping me send my wife to New York for a teacher's convention, and it allowed me to order a headknife from Knipknives. I think the 900 bucks was well invested. Oh, and one of those heaters keeps my father in law's shop warm. Sorry for the late night ramble, I'm going to bed.
  17. My wife is looking to do a Star Wars character to get into the 501st. The character she is doing is Darth Traya. This character has a leather headpiece and I have a few questions I got a 4/5 ounce single shoulder from Tandy leather to work with and I am planning on wet forming it to her head. I have attached a few pictures My question is what is a good dye or paint for the black, and what about that red. What can I use on the head piece to keep it from drying out Also is Tandy the only good place to order leather. I need a 3 inch wide strap that is 72" long and all I find is the 50" long ones
  18. Belts are really nice, good work. rick
  19. Thanks
  20. " de-criticalizes "??
  21. I just bought a Seiko, it looks the same as the one Sark posted. Based on my experience it's definitely the preferred choice. Mine easily handles up to 138 thread and will go through whatever I can fit under the foot. A beautiful machine. Plus that one on CL comes with a servo, which is even better! I drove for an hour across town for mine and it was worth it. Consew is the brand name that Seiko use for the American market, so essentially the same machine.
  22. Thanks for the advice Tom I will definitely need to research and experiment with this more!!
  23. Decided to make another tri fold but wanted to do a little bit more braid work so went with a Mexican round braid with some lace that I had. Unforitnatly you can tell where I started the whole braiding and stopped it (its connected but a little messy) simply because I litteraly ran out of lace. But over all it turned out really nice I think. Went with a white mission grain pigskin for the inside, outside is 4 to 5 oz Montania hide from Tandy leather
  24. Let me tell you a story, the mold guns are like tools as a diesel mechanic in the past before I went into management we responsible for buying our own tools. We had to do that often as a bout every new model that came out the MFG's would use a different type of screw head or they would mix standard with metric and you just never knew what it was going to be, some companies might have been under a contract that would provide a tools allowance but most didn't. Mold duns are just the same it is a tool, so in order to keep up you have to buy the mold. Now here's my take on the situation, if you don't have that particular mold you can buy it and do the job and have the tool for future jobs or not buy it and pass on the job but asking the customer or letting them know that you don't have it and the fees you collect from them will be used to buy the tool is what will take place and make a little less on the job, is the most favorable. But to think that they should pay for the mold gun and the holster is not a wise choice, but it is your business. If I don't have it I will let the customer know that and that I will buy the mold that is needed because you never know when someone else will come along asking for the same type of holster, same with mechanics tools you just never know when that tool will be needed again but you now own it and can do the job after maybe sitting in a tool box for a year. This is just my own opinion I am sure those with greater experience will say I am all wet. sorry for going on so long p.s. never sell your tools never know when it will be needed.
  25. For the record... This is the OEM, soggy, saggy, velour monster that was in the Airstream from new, and the Black RR seat as I got it from the Junkyard!
  26. Nope still working on it though a few have suggested messing around with an air brush.
  27. I had to order a Polish P64 for a holster, and not likely to be a big seller. So, in that case? I mean, with the way that new models come and go, people tend to change tastes. Sure, there are the die hards that will always be in style, but you never can tell when you order a new mold, can you.
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