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  2. Self inflicted wounds

    Jazz, with your other hobby being so reliant on intact fingers, PLEASE be careful!!
  3. Python Skins and uk laws

    Move to the colonies:) Florida will pay you to hunt and kill Python's. Sam
  4. Juki 1541 or Cowboy 3200

    Perhaps something to consider - you may intend to make smallish straps (for now) but with the 3200 you will have the option of making heavier gear if the opportunity arises. For leatherwork a cylinder arm is generally considered to be the most versatile design and as has been mentioned a small tabletop can be fitted if needed.
  5. best punching board for leather

    For quietness put the endgrain slab on a piece of foam insulation board. It will help mute the sound.
  6. best punching board for leather

    I use a chunk of lead- works great. When it gets too dinged up, just smooth it out with a hammer.
  7. Self inflicted wounds

    Yeah, that guy IS an idiot. He declares arrogantly and confidently that he is trained and that others shouldn't handle firearms. I've seen it before, essentially, "I'm a cop, so I'm an expert and you are not.". Stunning. I've been involved with firearms for over 30 years, and was a competitive shooter for about 15 years, shooting 3-500rnds a week in practice, with probably 200,000+ rounds under my finger - and I know a LOT of folks who routinely shot more, and consequently were better than I. Meanwhile, I remember some leftist commentator saying about this video -"If a trained police officer can have an accident like this, then guns are too dangerous for the untrained public." Typical BS from those who believe that they are smarter than you. I'm SO tired of this crap! Accident? NO! An "accidental discharge" is when something in the gun fails and it fires when it should not. A "NEGLIGENT discharge" is when someone unintentionally fires a gun that is functioning as intended. HUGE difference. A lot of guys like this dude, need to go to a CIVILIAN competition, and see what can really be done with a firearm in TRULY trained hands. ....but I still stink with knives! LOL!
  8. Self inflicted wounds

    Kinda like this idiot guy...
  9. Juki 1541 or Cowboy 3200

    The Juki will max out with #138 so if you want to go higher the Cowboy 3200 should be the one to considered. kgg
  10. hole punch set or individual

    I have a set of the KS Blade interchangeable punches and love them. These are by far the best punches I've used and can't give them enough praise. They make an interchangeable system like I have and also individual punch sets.
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  12. A simple belt with my favorite leather

    Nice classy looking job there.
  13. Juki 1541 or Cowboy 3200

    Is the Juki 1541 capable of using #138 and #207 or is the Cowboy the direction I need to be considering?
  14. no there all gone now only have some stamps and a few other items.
  15. Juki 1541 or Cowboy 3200

    If you use #138 thread, it has 22 pounds breaking strength and the knots are easily hidden inside 8-10 ounce leather straps. Having #207 on top may make it a little more critical when tensioning the threads to bury the knots and won't add to the strength.
  16. Union lockstitch in action

    I never had trouble controlling my Union Lockstitch machines that were using continuous run motors. The tapered clutch on the back of the machine is very easy to feather. I was able to stop with either the needle up and foot lifted, or the needle under the throat plate and foot down. It stopped on a dime and gave me change when I heeled down on the go pedal.
  17. Self inflicted wounds

    My mother did an awful lot of peeling when she was keeping house for a family of four, and the blade of her peeler was razor sharp from use. One night, it slipped while she was peeling potatoes, and removed a sizable piece of her left pinkie! She bandaged it up, finished preparing dinner, and we all stat down and ate supper before she made a trip to Emergency to get it re-attached! I am still kicking myself for pooh-poohing the injury, ungrateful teenager that I was. I really though she was being overdramatic! There are times when parents are unsung heroes!
  18. Union lockstitch in action

    Yes, its a gast air motor. I think there is more control in comparison to electric motors
  19. Do you still have the guns?
  20. hole punch set or individual

    hey guys I need some leather hole punches (I've just been using the rotating style one). Mainly I need one for copper rivets but figure I'll need other sizes later. Would you recommend buying a set or individually also what brand is worth the money and what brand to avoid thanks!
  21. 4 Ton Weaver Leather Clicker Press

    Is this still up for sale ? Thanks !
  22. Self inflicted wounds

    I keep a tube of superglue handy. It makes a good bandage when I nick myself.
  23. best punching board for leather

    What system makes it the quietist? I think I'm going to try the endgrain
  24. Juki 1541 or Cowboy 3200

    This is essentially a decorative stitch but I want it to withstand wear and tear. I am not sure what size I will use yet to be completely honest with you.
  25. Bible cover

    Beautiful work! The contrasting stitching really works well here. If I may ask, what stitch length did you use?
  26. SLC and Hermann Oak **NEWS FLASH**

    Good to know and thanks for the effort!
  27. best punching board for leather

    certainly saw this when I was learning in the 1980s, never did it myself, have a few layers of medium density board glued together, and the flesh side of some veg tanned glued on top of that.
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