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  2. is this lot still available?
  3. Thanks for all the tips.To answer Mattbagger:"Already made gauntlet,armband,toolpouch, wine box,,art pieces with tooling/dye color.Get stuck with idea what to make next that utilized avai.resource above(They are expensive!!) in the best sense possible.Have no dog/gun SO collar/,ammo pouch is out. NOT mind if require extra time/effort or even some money if it is sound idea project.Reason to inquire the fertile minds on this forum!!
  4. I tried chrome tan and it felt as if the foot did not go all the way down. I also adjusted hook timing as it was off a bit. Yes it looks as if feet are tight when moving.
  5. I'm having a similar problem. I bought an inch wide 4 oz. strip from Tandy to use for a camera strap. I wiped it down with Fiebing's Deglazer first, then applied about 3 coats of Angelus Light Brown Leather Dye (alcohol based). It also seemed to come out really dark (quite similar to a Chocolate Brown one I made last week). I don't know if the dark color is because I used 3 coats or just the nature of the dye. I used that many because that's what it took to get an even finish. Anyway, I let that dry (I may have helped the drying process along a little with a hair dryer set on cool and low), then applied two coats of Eco-Flo Super Shene. My strap looks a little darker than expected, but still good. My main problem is that the grain side edges are sort of curling inward and the whole thing so much stiffer than the bit of scrap I have left over from my original strip. I applied a light coating of Dr. Jackson's Neatsfoot Oil this afternoon, but haven't really noticed a difference. It's still quite stiff and the grain side edges are still curling inwards. From this feed, I've gathered that: I should get my leather from somewhere other than Tandy (I have some import strips ordered from Springfield, not Herman Oaks, I know, but I'm still pretty new and making lots of mistakes. Anyone know how Springfield's import strips compare to Tandy's strips?) I should apply neatsfoot oil before I apply my dye to help get an even coat. Should I wait for the oil to dry completely or should it still be some level of wet, and if so, how wet? A couple of things I'm still wondering: Is there anything I can do to soften/salvage the strip I've made now? I've only put the neatsfoot oil on the grain side so far, but I don't actually know if that's the correct way to apply it. Is this product grain side only or should the flesh side also get a coating? The manager at Tandy also mentioned putting the oil on between the dye and Super Shene. I haven't tried this yet, but what do you guys think of this idea? Could I be applying too many coats of dye which in turn could be drying out my strip and/or causing the color to be so dark? I also have, but haven't used, some Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner. Would using that help at all? If so, grain and flesh sides? Any thoughts are appreciated!
  6. I played with the better Tandy swivel knives today. The large one and the small one. Felt fine I can't imagine exactly what else one would need/want. Maybe finer steel in blades if these do not retain edge but what else?
  7. Here's a pic of us at her birthday party with my father in law photo bombing us.
  8. It was a cage match to say the least..... From now on it will be wider than tall on all bags.
  9. Thanks LeatherBeast
  10. Thanks! After getting one side done, I discovered something - 2 is going to be heavy. lol I'm going to make this one into a pouch for hunting and will revise the pieces I have cut for the other one into a more traditional hull bag with ammo pouch.
  11. 6oz turned inside out. Woof! The must have been a workout! And it looks good to me. Way better than my first bag. It was a 3 piece. 2 panels and a gusset. Looked easy it weren't.
  12. Yep. Just selling to cover the cost. More or
  13. I am trying to carve mountains similar tho the ones in this picture, but not quite as far in the background though. I have pictorial carving finesse by all stohlman but I still can't seem to get as much depth in the valleys as what I would like. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Just to clear this up for me. You have the 45K treadle now, just like in the picture but it is missing that support? Is that all your missing from it? You should make your own until you can find one. However I suspect it may take a while to locate. Treadle are great, setup you should be able to get through some veg tan with that. Depending on how hard you are on the machine you may not even need that bar.
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  16. Holy expletive. That is incredible.
  17. File is a little big I guess. Its a nice color scan. se if that link works
  18. I guess I hadn't thought about this, but I'm in the process of making guitar straps for 2 friends of mine. Springfield sells kits and I'm planning on buying them from there. I'm interested in the replies to this question. I guess I just assumed the wider part was always in the front and the narrower end was where it adjusts and is in the back.
  19. I never want to be a business owner again. I like playing with my leather. I like making what I want as slow as I want. It will stay fun at this pace for decades. I sell a few things now, but I will never try to live off of my hobby again. I once had a motorcycle magazine. I rode my bike all over covering events. Sometimes three a day on weekends. Sure sounds like fun, right? Wrong. Watching everyone else having fun while you are staying sober trying to promote yourself to hundreds of people one at a time over and over just to speed off to the next place and do it again and again. And it didn't matter what the weather was like, you "had" to ride. I put a lot of miles on my bike doing that. It totally ruined riding for me. I haven't put 2000 miles on my bike in the last 5 years. As a matter of fact, I am so over it I have my bike up for sale. Turning what you love into a business is not a good idea, unless you also love business. If you just want to love what you do, keep doing it for someone who loves business. .02
  20. metropolitan leather and Le prevo are my favorites for small 1x hide orders. AA crack and sons are supposed to be good and have been around for a long time. Im new to leather work though. I've only had 5 orders so far.
  21. there is nothing wrong with the belly specially if a guy has a bunch of cash it'll stretch out to carry it and when its all gone it'll pull back in, but on the serious side it is because of the stretching that workers wont use it, except maybe a few saddle makers as there is a few spots where the leather needs to stretch when making a saddle. but when you dye the belly section it will harden up like any other leather because you have drawn out more oils from it, so if you don't over oil after dyeing it might not return to a soft mushy state. That's my take on it anyway and I am gonna stick to it.
  22. As long as it's veg tan which pic looks like and use dye and finish made for leather. No problem storing in scabbard in a dry/not damp area. Chrome tan can be hard on metal. Veg tan is all natural. Also the thickness he has plus welt should be fairly stiff. Will take HOURS to stitch with an awl. Also watch Nigel Armitage video on hand stitching. You can link it off this site or YouTube.
  23. the odor of fresh leather is almost better then your wife when she's fresh out of the shower, it aint something you want to admit to, that could lead to death call.
  24. If You just want to make a scabbord.... You can use a small hole punch for your stitching holes. You will need something to make even spacing. Either a stitching wheel or a fork, up to you. They have some good thick cheap thread at hobby lobby you can use in the leather section. A small jar if weld wood (contact cement) can probably be found at hobby lobby as well. If not, home depot will have it. Also if you want to do a snap retention home depot sell a small snap kit next to their hot glue guns. This will get you going on a cheap, just wanting to put something together budget basis. You will probably want to utilize some wax paper during construction. After Your contact cement dries lay the wax paper over the first piece. Set your welts on top of the paper. Line them up and slowly slide the wax paper down as you put the pieces together. The cement won't stick to the paper. Then repeat with the top piece on top of the welts. Make sure and tap it all down lightly with a mallet or something to set the glue after assembly.
  25. You could do an art piece. Here's one that I did: <>
  26. The odor of leather is a known intoxicants -- long term exposure to it makes you want to purchase more of it and add it to your leather stash. Beware! Children of America are being led astray into the dangers of leatherwork even as we speak! ;-)
  27. Last week Maverick had horween cxl bellies in black for 10 bucks a piece. You would have to do some splitting but that's a heck of a deal.
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