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  2. My First Holster

    Wow, looking good . I think you may be correct about the draw. I think the cut covering the trigergard should be lower so it doesn't cover the magazine release, then you could come in towards the frame another 1/2 inch .Then you'd have more room to grip for the draw. You've done a good job and I really like the decorative stitching!
  3. very sharp look you came up with! I'll have to keep that in the arsenal.
  4. Hand Forged Buckles

    is that the style you want ? or a center bar, or roller? I don't have a site of the top of my head, but I know that a lot of smiths like a challenge. I would try contacting a few to see what they say. Many of the blade smiths have web sites that you could check with.
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  6. A Collage

    Thought I would share this piece with you Folks. The dimensions are approx 12 inches tall by 8 inches wide. 10 OZ hide on front and a super thin, tan pig skin backing. The Cross is tooled and raised and painted British Antique brown and the rest is Blue dye and all coats are buffed. A protective coating will be applied and buffed to a high sheen. The "Jesus" wood carving is white oak, spray painted and glued on the cross. The piece will end up as a hanging 'wind chime' when completed. The main idea was contrasting colors and the use of wood in the Collage. Sam:)
  7. Crazy stitching

    Ahaa , you mean the angle of the dangle and a bit of the Newton stuff. Most perplexing. Interest looks low so to the backburner for now she will go.
  8. Need A Leathersmith ASAP

    You might Google Joufuu Leather. He is in Atlanta and may be able to assist you.
  9. My First Holster

    This is a holster I made for my uncle for his Kel Tec PF9 Holster. I am not an avid marksman/sportsman so I am a little worried about how well it will draw out and sit on his belt, but I will definitely get feed back on it for sure and make it better if need be. The copper rivets were a good challenge for me to think through because I didn't want to other end to be rubbing against the pistol, so I used two 3/4 oz pieces and put them together. I really had to think through the process repeatedly to make sure I was doing it right. I'm pretty happy with it but worried that it will not draw out as well as I hope. I know this is Show Off but I'm always looking to improve so if you see something let me know please! What I've seen/considered: 1. Stitching on the inside may get worn/frayed/fall apart over time and I'm not sure how to get around that 2. Stitching too close to edge 3. Maybe the piece around the trigger guard is too wide? I have a huge hand and it was kind of hard for me to draw it out nicely, but this is for a 2 inch belt which I wasn't wearing so there was some slop Anyways, here it is
  10. Finishing Edges

    That's what I thought too but when I put thin coat, fibers are still out. It's a little frustrating.
  11. Always in this craft! Wasn’t the original plan but I’m liking how it came out. Absolutely I’ve learned a bunch from this site and figured I have the obligation to share my knowledge with everyone. No problem Bob
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  13. Which snap buttons?

    Just curious what kind of press do you have? I found that lever style presses are Okay when foot-operated but not so good for hand operation, and ended up buying a twist style press. They are much cheaper in the EU than in North America. Italy, Greece and Turkey make them. I envied the EU prices when I shopped for the press! And I bought my dies directly from a factory in Eastern Europe, they were a fraction of the cost over here. No wonder our economy is in decline while the rest of the world is booming.
  14. My First Biker/Long Wallet

    I've only used Tandy because it's quicker/easier/cheaper for me to get so I know nothing of Ritza. I'm at the point in my crafting that I'm ready to branch out and try some new stuff to find what I like better. What is the knock off brand?
  15. My First Biker/Long Wallet

    I bought a bunch of the Ritza knock off thread and it is quite good too. It isn't Ritza but it is still good, strong, and bright. You know how Ritza is almost hard? This isn't like that but similar in most other respects.
  16. My First Biker/Long Wallet

    I'll give it a look! Thanks!
  17. Ingenuity! That right there was worth logging into the forum today, pretty cool dude, thanks for sharing!
  18. My First Biker/Long Wallet

    Buy Ritza from Rocky Mountain Leather or Egyptian Leather on Etsy. It works out to .03 cents a yard. On full spools.
  19. Could I get you to email me pictures of the stamping tools?
  20. My First Biker/Long Wallet

    Thank you Fire88! I didn't even know they made a #1 beveler, I'll have to pick one up. On paper the template has 1/8" on either side of the card so I think that it is the thread. I bought some thinner thread from Tandy. I wanted to try tiger thread but it's rather expensive for a small timer like me. I'm thinking I'll pick up a small spool and try it out to see if I like it. I think I need to invest in some better diamond chisels, or maybe even try pricking irons and using an awl. I don't use my awl as much because I hate how it pushes the second layer away from the first.... maybe I need to sharpen my awl? Do you sharpen awls? .... hmmmm I need to learn more about awls! hahahaha
  21. Ferdco Pro-2000 ... Which Machine Base?

    The base Chinese machine is a GB6-182 which is a simple walking foot machine using the same shuttle as the Singer 7-5.
  22. What do YOU like about figure carving?

    Well, you can find a pic online and sketch it onto some transfer paper and go from there, you don't have to be an artist so much as be able to put down clean cuts and bevels after you transferred the image onto the leather. The art part is easy unless you are coming up with it out of your skull.
  23. What do YOU like about figure carving?

    Wow @immiketoo your work is just... wow! The rest too! I have not desided if i like figur carving yet. I'm NOT an artist. Sorry to say I did not inheret my mothers artistskill. I can't paint a picture if my life depended on it. So time will tell if I learn enough to be good enough for simple work.
  24. Finishing Edges

    sounds like you may have put it on too thick. A few thin coats, drying well between coats, and a light sanding between coats should help.
  25. What do YOU like about figure carving?

    I like looking at it! I carved a face into a sheath I made and that is about it. It is difficult and I don't have the time to get better at it so I am leaving it for a later time. I tried an old dead tree once too but it got super fine super quick and I couldn't get my cuts made well enough.
  26. Tool questions: good, better & really good

    Mike, most of the tools I have been looking at were identified by letter and number like V678. Is that the letter you are talking about? While looking for one of the brands mentioned, I found a site probably known to veteran leather workers, They carry tools made by the following people / companies : James Linnel, Craft Japan, Barry King, Hide Crafter, Kyoshin Elle and some "vintage" craftool. Can anyone suggest other sites that carry tools that you would suggest? Either a single maker or various different makers. These folks seem to have a pretty decent selection too. Edit here: I just realized that the eBay Store is proleathercarvers. Didn't see the connection earlier Thanks again.
  27. Tool questions: good, better & really good

    The blades shown in these pictures, they look like they are curved a little. Kind of like a wood carving gouge. Are they curved or is it just my bad eyesight?
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