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    Did this belt bag on the weekend. Need to practise my painting skills - kept getting red dye on the horse figure, and damaged the tooling trying to remove it. Ah, well, pleased with how the stitching turned out! Am still trying to get my hands on a bar of glycerine saddle soap for finishing edges. Fortunately, most of the edges on this are inside the bag, so didn't have to bother. The ones that are exposed were finished with Pear's glycerine soap, which is too sticky to do a first-rate job. The tack store says they'll call me when they have some in. This was AFTER they said they did, and I made a trip there to find SOMEONE never bothered checking the shelves...
  3. Browning x-bolt Stainless Stalker 30-06 sprg Pattern Rev 3 .... Pending some more addons.. x-bolt Stainless Steel Stalker 30-06 SPRG Rev3.pdf if you like to print this and see how it matches on the actual rifle , use paper size 17" x 11" or whats called Tabloid as paper type if you using PDF printer. this case will cover the x-bolt stock up to the LOP (Length of Pull) which is the distance from the center of the trigger up to the end of the recoil pad. if you like a new version to cover only the buttstock up the the LOC (length of comb) then drop me your feedback that is very easy to do.
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  5. Steampunk Vampire Hunting Kit

    Thank you. I agree about the functional aspect of anything... or else it's just a pile of gears and crap like you said. On a side note... One of my future projects is to be putting picatinny rails and laser sights on a flintlock... Gotta love the anachronistically incorrectness of it. Thank you all for the nice words.
  6. Reclaimed Leather Pieced Together

    If you offset those ovals, so the narrow end of one row of ovals tucks into the gap between the narrow ends of the ovals in the row above, there's hardly any space left to cover. But do you get those regular ovals when you flatten out the football? Slicing up one 3-D image leaves you with one similar to the one below. I wonder if pieces shaped like the one below could be offset and "meshed." (If that makes sense...)
  7. splitter blade sharpening

    Thanks for the details on what to look for. Next time I pull my blade, I'll take a look. I noted the one time I had it out, that the bottom of it had some lines scored in it. I may try to lap those out, and I may follow your advice and get a new blade for a spare backup. Will any blade that fits a Landis do, or should I be looking for new old stock, new stock, etc? YinTx

    that name sounds like a carp send money and its ready to ship lol
  9. Creaser for sale

    Can I ask a question? I have never seen one of these. Now I have seen two in the last 3 days here.... Where would you put this to use? What is the application? Sorry, I'm just the curious type.

    if your looking for working tools . i will be bringing what i'm letting go of in may at the sheridan show. if they don't want me there. i'll talk with doug at montana leather and see if he will sell them out of there. i have 50 plus years of stuff i've acquired over time. i have a singer 111 w155 adler 30-70 ,cowboy 4500 stitching horse. systems plus bench grinder. 11 hole osborne rein rounder. head knives and and others. its getting to a point where i'm getting ready to let it go. 100 plus craft aid stamps and others
  11. Storing Small Patterns.

    For that reason, Bill, I often save the original bag a pattern came in, if it was part of a Tandy kit!
  12. Creaser for sale

    Hi folks, I have a JD Randal & Co creaser for sale. It is very clean and works great. $650 It can be picked up in the Plant City, Florida area or the buyer can pay for shipping.
  13. Storing Small Patterns.

    I've been using ziplocks too ... 2 gallon for largish patterns, other sizes for smaller ones. Even for something as large as a briefcase, the smaller parts go into bags and bigger pieces get held together with punched holes and chicago screws. Bags then go into big plastic bins on a shelf. Bags come in darned handy for keeping already cut parts together for individual projects when working on more than one at a time. - Bill
  14. Storing Small Patterns.

    I put very small patterns in A5 document wallets, larger than that size they go into A4 document wallets and the lot are dumped into a 42 liter [underbed] plastic storage box*. Any pattern which I can't fit into the A4 wallet goes straight into the big box. All patterns are written on what they are and construction notes. If they are lucky the wallets get written on too. Its kinda no wonder I can't, or rarely can, find an old pattern and I end up cutting a new one! Now that I'm remodeling my workspace I just might sort out all those old patterns. I see a lot of old card heading to the recycling box in my future *I use shelf units in my work space and two 42L boxes fit on each shelf
  15. Bag terminology help?

    Sure! The first photo below is a leftover scrap of plastic canvas. The far-right photo is the first felted bag I used it for; because felted knitting has -ahem- "a mind of its own," I added "purse feet" (the metal disks you can see toward the top are the inside-the-bag attachments for the "feet" on the outside). The "purse feet" attach the inside bottom to the outer fabric, so everything stays put. The middle photo is the most recent example; to keep the purse feet attachments out-of sight, I used two layers of the plastic canvas, stitched together with the burgundy-colored yarn except at the corners; the bottom is attached to the outer fabric through the bottom layer only, so the metal disks don't show. P.S. If my stuff looks too amateurish, let me know and I'll hush.
  16. Hi folks, I have a 6" American splitter for sale. It's in great working condition. $750 It can be picked up in the Plant City, Florida area or the buyer can pay for shipping.
  17. Looking for Nubuck Leather!!!

    How thick are these pieces? They look awesome! I am definitely interested. How much would shipping cost? And as for the laser cutting, is the price listed the amount that it will cost me per bracelet that you cut?
  18. Landis Model 25 for sale

    Hi folks, I have a Landis Model 25 for sale. It's been repainted at some time in it's life, but it's a very clean machine overall. $750. It can be picked up in the Plant City, Florida area or the buyer can pay for shipping.

    Hard to believe this forum would have a troll, but I guess there is always the first time.
  20. I tried that and still messed up, so now I put a big R (for right side holsters) on the front and write Smooth or Rough on the pattern. Also, after making more than one right hand when it should be a left hand, I modified my software so it prints a big L on the work order, and when I look at it using the software, a big red L shows up on the screen. This has helped. Here's my main screen. I wrote this software. If I check the "sound" box above the exit button, a 15 round burst of gunfire blasts off on exit. Just for fun.

    Do you think we've scared TedHuter away ?
  22. I saw a Don Gonzales video this morning and he mentions this. Of course he was talking about a man's belt. He said if you always keep the buckle to your left on the table, you will never tool it upside down. I guess you would reverse that for a lady's belt.
  23. Show your Shop

    And it all started with a little table in a corner.

    Where is my like button?
  25. What should I use to cover this book?

    Based on what you have said you could go with a veg or a chrome tan then. Measure it all out...but include the thickness of the book too! And go for it.
  26. I spent days hand tooling a belt for my wife as a birthday present. When it came time to put her initials on it, I double checked, I triple checked, and I put them on upside down anyway.
  27. Streaking dye

    Thank you! My partner has an order for 7 knives, and I don't have enough black dye for that. Thanks for the help -- the forums make my work better, and I appreciate it.
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