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  2. 111W155 handwheel bore size?

    Don't know how I missed this one - I measured the original handwheel off my 111WSV77 and yep, it's 1/2", so it's a pretty safe bet that the 155 would be the same as Glenn and Bob said.
  3. Zipper installation multipurpose guide

    Of course! It's always nice to have a new toy . I reckon you'll enjoy playing with one. There are many free files available on thingiverse for all sorts of things - some of them even useful.
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  5. New Thread Company Advice

    NVLeatherWorx Just sent you a PM Thank you so much for testing this Gary
  6. Glowing Leather Holster 1st attempt.

    Nice artwork.
  7. Hello everyone, I’m very new to forums and have a question. What are my leather tools worth? They are all R.Hackbarth stainless steel and I have 162 of them. Thank you in advance
  8. Still can't find these parts !! Any help would sure be appreciated.
  9. I do believe you have nailed it with your small projects. The only negative with suede is IMHO, it cannot be stamped, and dyeing is difficult and quite often not required. For punching holes, I use a drive punch (hit with a hammer), rather than punch pliers. If a child is hitting ANY tool with a hammer, I use a simple tweezers setup made from thick fencing wire or thin rod, so I can keep my hands out of the strike zone. Place the leather on a piece of softwood timber to punch holes, so there is no damage to the table or bench surface or the punch. I am taking a class of thirty 10 year olds next week, for a lesson in key-tag making. To expedite things, I have pre-punched all the holes for lacing. Pics will follow.
  10. Lee Marvin style belt & holster set-up

    Plinkercases, Thanks much appreciated. Actually on his weak side he wore an open top holster with a S&W 38 revolver, he wore the clip pouch at the small of his back. Semper Fi
  11. My suggestion to a friend who has never owned a commercial machine was to get an old $500 triple feed, walking foot, flat bed from singer, consew, Juki, or whoever - half worn out and needing minor adjustment is about right. This machine will not be ideal for leather bags, it’s not as sexy as a fancy new machine, you’ll have to learn how to fix it, in the end it may not be liked and will gather dust on a back shelf, but no other machine will teach as much about the capabilities and limitations for such a low price. If it’s used for a month or year it’ll be worth as much as you paid for it so the freakin’ machine has almost ZERO cost other than the time invested, which I would consider an education expense. It will be the machine you’d lend to a friend in your same position. Everything learned will transfer to a cylinder bed machine either larger or smaller.
  12. Help with tooling

    Not too bad (AKA ... better than my 1st effort!) As @Grihm said, if you apply antique to the tooled area, but leave the rest of the leather a natural colour, that will make your design POP! As with most things, practice practice and more practice will improve your end result. Google "swivel knife practice". There's a few youtube channels that have an opinion or 2.
  13. Hi, I scored many 11" x 3" x 2mm suede rectangles from a former employee of a closed tannery, ($20, estimated 300-500 pieces), and trying to think of projects I can do with the scout troop. Some experimentation shows: can be cut with scissors can be punched with moderate force (not for a kid to do without mechanical advantage) can be colored with sharpies will not take a stamp, even with a 1-ton shop press has a small amount of stretch My initial thoughts (let me know if something is a foolish idea, I've never done any of this before!) mystery braid bracelet with snap (1.5 x 7" ish) fold-over wallet small coin-purse keyfob belt pouch for their pocket knives Does anyone have other ideas that would work for this size/shape piece? Can suede be painted with something kid-friendly? (mess/stain is ok, toxic is not ok) I'll need to invest in a couple stitching chisels, preferably for the press to save my hand. Can anyone suggest a thread size/chisel size combination that will be attractive on a finished product? image with the knife pouch layout shows the sample beneath - very light grey color. Ideas for projects: Thanks! --
  14. Singer 111w155 stitch length issues

    Great information!
  15. LMAO - Couldn't Resist!

    As both a Trekkie and leather worker I appreciate that on many levels.
  16. Mares leg rig

    Thanks all for the compliments everyone.. tooling turned out better than I expected as this is harness leather and a bit hit and miss as to how it will take and keep the tooling.
  17. Lee Marvin style belt & holster set-up

    Cant wait for the third version...all excellent and getting more so. In the picture was it a mag pouch on his weak side or in some it looked almost like an open top holster? Not sure if you said above but what is the finish you used?
  18. Mares leg rig

    Beautiful tooling!
  19. Carpenters Tool Belts

    I’ve seen this done to varying degrees of success: A Harbor Freight press is fairly inexpensive (don’t forget the 20% coupon). It would probably pay for itself on the first job.
  20. Lee Marvin style belt & holster set-up

    If at first you don't succeed try again. This is my revised version of the style 1911 gun rig and belt worn by Lee Marvin in The Professionals. I think I've got it right this time. Hope you like it.
  21. Tricycle Restoration? (my second project)

    Very cool!
  22. LMAO - Couldn't Resist!

  23. Chest-piece Armor

    Is that a reindeer cape?
  24. Blue line police badge wallet

    You are off to a good start! Gary
  25. New Beer Growler Carrier

    Noob, I started making beer about 30 years ago using the small kits you could only buy mail order. My son was my assistant brewmaster when he was about 4 years old! Now both my sons are into all grain brewing and we have a supply store close by with an amazing selection of ingredients. Times have changed! Gary
  26. Show your Shop

    I wish my workshop was this neat! Gary
  27. Zipper installation multipurpose guide

    Dikman, if I do get a printer I will keep things as simple as possible! I don’t see myself trying to create programs - just thought it would be interesting to play around with a new gadget! Gary
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