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  2. I have a Lewis Modified tree for sale. Customer cancelled order after tree was ordered. 15 1/4" seat 13" fork 6 1/2 X 8 Gullet 4 X 12 X 1 cantle Arizona bars # 17 horn with 2" cap $350.00 Shipped to lower 48. Message me your phone # if you want pictures. Thanks Ken
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  4. Thanks, like I said it is for profesor,and he is losing his pens all the time so I made that pen holder and he plays guitar there for guitar pick, and like me he loves rock n roll and heavymetal so I went for that overbuilt -rough look,and behind that is mobile sleeve. On the other side is elastic part for lighter or headphones ,and sheet for victorinox and place for cards,inside part is wallet part ,for cash ,coins,here we still have those large driving licence,and sheet for prybar.
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  6. Thanks for the idea!! Will give that a go and see how it turns out!!
  7. OK - these swing down edge guides look very nice to me. I am not going to drill and tap in my sewing machine. My sewing machine is not listed as one of those for which they are compatible. I looked at the back of my sewing machine (Consew 206RB) and there is a hole there -but it seems two holes are required to mount it and the holes on the back of my machine seem too far apart? The presser foot may hit it but there is slack there so maybe that wouldn't matter?
  8. For the inside of the chef's hat, rather than merely cut it away, use a matte backgrounding tool. Typical backgrounding tool:: Creates this effect:
  9. Thanks! It all makes sense, I'm just in awe at the idea of saddle stitching with elbows deep inside a bag
  10. Hey guys, so I finally gave in and figured I'd better get one of those fancy presses for my stamping. Now, which one do i get? I am pretty set on 1ton press, but most of them seem little toys. Any recommendations? Much appreciated! M.
  11. Wouldn't it be easy to convert it to a foot pedal operation by attaching a push-rod to the main handle and a crank at the bottom of the push-rod, attached to a pedal. Like a crankshaft - cam operating over-head/side valves in an engine via a pushrod, only just one set rather than 16?
  12. OK - I purchased the Consew 206RB-4. It sews nice even stitches and is well adjusted. I tried it with the original clutch motor. I didn't like the humming. I went for the new servo motor. Regardless of motors there will be a learning curve for me - so I will get to learn. I think I will learn faster with the servo motor. It should serve me well. I should post a photo of some projects I did before I got the machine and then in the future something I make with the machine. Oh yes and when we had to carry the table upstairs I was very glad to have the lighter servo motor on the table. Thanks for the input from all.
  13. Yes, but thats what I and my [few] customers want. We find it a. more comfortable b. easier to get into the bag without the strap getting in the way c. holds the bag closer to the body when turned around, for greater security
  14. Bikermutt and Aussie: Thanks for the compliments. RockyAussie, I am sure you are much more adept at installing liners than I may ever be. I wish I lived anywhere near you so I could come learn for a week or a year. Dun: I use a pricking iron to mark stitches, then an awl to complete the process. Pretty much really difficult to hammer a pricking chisel through all the layers the way the body of this bag is built, and I do prefer the construction quality of an awl to the chisels, although I have and do use both methods depending on what I am making. All stitches are saddle stitched. I don't use an awl to cut the cloth in the zipper or the liner, only to finish the hole in the leather. By necessity it will pierce the cloth, but I try to control the depth because I don't want to cut the cloth and affect the strength. Perhaps others with more experience can suggest a better way. It makes keeping the stitch pretty on the front very difficult, since the cloth affects the path of the thread. Hope this answers some of your questions... YinTx
  15. Thanks! Do you find that connection points like that want to bend the bag around you?
  16. If a feller had a couple weeks he didn't know what else to do with, . . . I really think the boss could be changed over to a "air over oil" cylinder operation quite easily, . . . with a rocker pedal for the foot, . . . and a sliding air switch and second cylinder on the presser foot, . . . he could keep both hands on the leather, . . . and just as fast as he could rock that foot of his, . . . he could do stitches. BUT, . . . my way, . . . the arm gets tired, . . . it's time for Hershey's and coffee, . . . May God bless, Dwight
  17. Count that as your practice piece. Outline your errors in pen or pencil with a ring around them. Study them; see what you think you did wrong and how you can do it better. Slowly, ever so slowly is the way to do the delicate carving/cutting. For thin-ish delicate cuts I actually prefer using a Swann Morton scalpel with a fine blade for cutting Photocopy the design, make it a bit stretched length-wise, might make doing the letters easier.
  18. okee-doakly you need a basic photo editing program or use the likes of Photobucket. I'll say what I do; 1. I use a very basic Photoediting program. [= PaintShop Pro, which was on a free CD on a magazine very many years ago] In it I can re-size the photo. I use a Canon 50D and Fuji 5000. I save the original photo into my files where I want it. Then I bring it into the photo editing window. No matter what size the original is I can 'crop' it - remove excess photo around the sides, then I save that photo to another file where I want the copies. Then I choose to resize it from the 'Image' menu. I can set the pixel x pixel size to any I want. I make the largest side no more than 760 pixies thus the shorter size is usually well under 600. I save this photo with the same name as the two original copies but with the suffix of s - for small, eg 'Img,1234s'. The image/photo suite that came with your camera may well have a similar facility - seach the drop-down menus. I place the small image on Photobucket and from there I can post it anywhere on the internet. It keeps my useage of Photobucket small, Currently I have nearly 1700 photos on it for only 430mb of storage. 2. Another way to do this is to put the original large photo directly onto Photobucket. It has an editing menu in which the photo can be resized to a any size, just type in the numbers. Then re-save in the new size. Note; you can save the smaller image as an extra one or to replace the original. Then copy the image URL to paste into here Othee photo hosting sites have some editing facilities too but I can only say about Photobucket as thats the one I use. #1 sounds long but I've been doing it that way for 10 years and I can do a bunch of photos in short time ~~ in all cases I recommend you save your original photo to your computer and either a DVD/CD or extra hard drive and only use copies to mess with
  19. The only bags I make are variations on the messenger type, from small to medium large. I've just about settled on having the strap mounted via tabs and brass loops on the upper corners of the rear. A bit like the bag in your penultimate photo; but both on the rear, tabs a bit longer, set in from the corners a bit, maybe 1/5 of the bag width. Sometimes I use hooks or snaps so the strap is removable, sometimes not and the strap is permanently attached
  20. It looks horrible. And amateurish. I messed up on the openings on the"e" and the "f" and the upper curve of the "C". And I won't start on the chef's hat.
  21. Damn, I used to think I was a pretty good leather worker, but work like yours (and whole bunch more of the folks on this forum ) illustrate how much I have to learn. That is really fine work.
  22. I'm selling my Adler 167-GK373 Asking $1200 Great working condition. Only reason I selling is to upgrade to something that will sew thicker materials with heavier threads Brand new Reliable 6000SM Servo Motor Table is solid wood I live in Bryan TX. If interested contact me and we can discuss shipping options.
  23. What he said. That dragon flesh is awesome! Your dye job on it is perfect for bringing out all of the awesomeness. Beautifully executed.
  24. Of the three you listed, only the 1541 has compound feed. The others are dual feed. The 1541 also accepts up to #138 thread, with the others maxing out at B92.
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