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  2. Belt Pattern Question from a Newb

    Looks similar to what this stamp produces - it comes in different sizes for background filling - I use it a lot and like the texture it gives
  3. pistol display carving

    That is an awesome idea! I know a bunch of boys at the CASCity forums that would appreciate this.
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  5. pistol display carving

    I did this carving from Al Stohlmans How To Make Holsters. The display case is for an old Colt that is credited to an actual gunfighter. The cardboard gun was replaced with the real gun, and the blank space to the right in the case is where a document of authentication from Colt firearms was placed. Unfortunately I did this for a gunsmith who was a go between for the owner and I wasn't allowed to know any details or photograph the finished product.
  6. FS: Junker & Ruh SD28

    Well the J is pronounced makes it a little better.
  7. FS: Junker & Ruh SD28

    If you think it's unfortunate for a sewing machine, they made airplanes at one time. Bill
  8. Wrist cuff #1

    What's the blend on that nests foot and bees wax?
  9. FS: Junker & Ruh SD28

    All I have to say is that "Junker" is a really unfortunate brand name. >_>
  10. My First Project

    Thanks all for the kind words. I do need to practice more with my swivel knife as my corners could be better. I also have to learn how to place my border stamp close to my border cuts without stamping into the cut. I did learn a lot though with this project, and a few of the things I learned are: Good lighting! Maybe it's just me and my getting slightly older eyes, but there can never be too much lighting, as it is essential to accurately follow tracing lines when cutting with a swivel knife, and for accurate stamp placement/alignment. I am going to purchase two swing arm lamps to mount one on each end of my workbench to help with this. You Need to be aware of where your no stamp areas are with each stamp placement. I was too concerned about lining up one side of my basket-weave stamp, that I didn't notice that the other side was protruding into my makers mark border. Keep you fingernails cut as short as possible. I noticed some marks in the unstamped leather near my serpentine border after I finished stamping. It took me awhile to figure out that they were caused by my fingernails digging into the leather when I was firmly holding the stamp getting ready to strike it. Although my fingernails were not long, they could have been shorter to avoid this problem. Don't be too worried about perfection, and just have fun.
  11. Wrist cuff #1

    Cool. Post pics after it has all had a chance to settle in. I use a blend of neatsfoot oil and beeswax and it keeps the leather from getting too soft.
  12. Onto the third bag....

    How do you like the ks blade irons? I'm looking for a good set. I like that the teeth are replaceable.
  13. I think I replied to your post of 29 Sep, but don't see any evidence of it in this thread.  Did you get my offer to fill up a saddle box and send it to you?

  14. Newbie From Alabama

    Many thanks, all! That coozie holds a 16 oz insulated cup, made from 6-7 vegtan (2 layers) with green 2 oz pig suede inlay. Bottom is 4-5 veg with hole, to enable pushing cup out for cleaning. Hand sewn, made in 2005. Have made a dozen or more from 8-9 veg, tooled, for holding 12 oz cans.
  15. Acrylic paints. When?

    after the acrylic paint is completely dry ,I like to use a small amount of Tandys Gel antiques before I seal coat, it really makes the details pop. the only paint color I have had a problem with is white. If I seal the white with Super Shene first it works fine.
  16. Knife Sheath

    Yup. Love the lines on this sheath. Everything works!
  17. Yes they're still available! Yea I work with a 2 handle Regad, I had bought this to mark my stitch line on exotics but realized I needed an F3.5 instead which I now use along with the FN2, FN2C and FN2R
  18. M3000 Regad Machine

    Hi Corgerie! Have you sold these items yet? Thanks, Inka
  19. Hi Lalumiere! Have you sold the pricking irons yet? Also, are you working with the Regad tools? TIA, Inka
  20. Sounds like she is dreaming. No way that should change the way the stirrups hang. I had a shop on main street for a number of years and I heard some pretty weird stuff. That is why I have a "closed" shop now. Seldom did I get people in that actually asked for advice and admitted they were uninformed. most are experts and a lot of my customers were and a lot were not. Like an old cowboy that coached me a lot clear back in the day once told me, "If you practice doing something wrong-you just get better at doing it wrong!"" That describes a good portion of the horse owners I encountered in my life. You have a customers relations situation unfolding that I do not envy .
  21. I re-fleeced a saddle for someone, and she later came back to tell me that the stirrups ride further back (an inch or two) than before the work. I couldn't think of a mechanical reason how that would result from re-fleecing. I asked her if she was riding properly with heels down, and she told me indignantly that she had been riding since she was 13 yr old (now 65)! An inspection of the stirrup leathers showed them unmoved and in the proper slot built into the tree and saddle. My guess is that the new fleece subtly changed the rider's position, perhaps raising the front a bit and moving her back in the saddle? That might go away after the fleece compacts. Any ideas on why re-fleecing would change the rider's stirrup position backward? --John
  22. Hey there, did you ever get those plans put into an ebook or pdf? I am interested in building one ...

  23. Acrylic paints. When?

    Mattsbagger is right in my experience. But if there IS some over-riding reason to put paint atop resolene, it works fine. Bill
  24. Lets see if we can figure this out. Given the makers identity it's some sort of shoe machine, so most likely is for some sort of leather work. Looking at the picture, it's motor driven - there's a drive belt and pulley at the right and no handcrank in sight. The center post part tells us that it's meant to either operate inside something or with some bulk on either side, and the top is a 90deg. angle. The drive pulley on the right looks like it's in line with the back roller arm, and probably designed to pull something through. Just in from the main drive pulley there looks to be a transfer pulley or gear to what looks like an upper shaft. On the left side there looks to be a gearbox, I'd guess to transfer drive down to the front roller arm. The levers on the front look to control pressure or thickness for the two roller arms. The profile of the cams/levers at the top probably release tension on the roller arms to allow insertion/removal of material. The front roller looks to conform to the post / anvil, so probably meant to bend something at 90 deg. The back roller looks to be ridged as though meant to pull material through. It looks like the upper part of the post / anvil might be replaceable, as does the front roller at least. Wonder if there are other profiles available? So, in short - it's a motorized shoe machine that pulls material through (probably leather but maybe not!) with two types of tension-able rollers which might be used together or individually (we don't know for sure). The post/anvil may be changeable. Given that, it may be a single purpose machine or possibly multi-purpose. What other clues are we missing?? Constabulary's first stab at a folder/bender seems right, but I don't know enough about shoe making to have any idea where that would be needed. It's obviously a pretty expensive piece of equipment, so it would be needed for something that is either difficult or time consuming by hand in order to justify the price of a machine.
  25. Try sending a picture to Seick, i am sure they will know. i would think some kind of edge beater?? or maybe ask this guy??
  26. Knife Sheath

    It's beautiful...and now I am embarrassed I didn't throw my last 6 in the scrap pile. Got a new standard to work up to.
  27. Acrylic paints. When?

    Thanks, that what I thought, but I wanted to check. Thanks for your advice.
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