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  2. Cowboy 3200 foot needed

    No,it won't because you'll still have the same amount of pressure.Your marking with this type of leather would be less with a lighter pressure foot spring.I also know a lot of people just rub the marks out w/a spoon or bone.
  3. Burnishing Machine Rotation Speed

    I think I wouldn't touch it with a pole. Turns way too fast, same issues as the Nigel Armitage design, questionable electrical safety, and we have no knowledge of what the burnishing wheel is made from or what it's finished with -- or in fact that it works effectively. More importantly perhaps: what do you think of it?
  4. New Thread Company Advice

    Gary, thank you for the update, you make it sound super fun and interesting.
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  6. This is the way i use my servo on the skiver, I usually leave it on nº10. I take it you have no clutch on your skiver??
  7. Cowboy 3200 foot needed

    Make a mark on anything you want to move so you know where you started maybe a sharpie or scratch, saves hours of geting lost and screwing up everything rather than just one thing
  8. You are correct, I can kick the heel back and the needle comes to the top position. Thanks for letting me know! I have the same motor (well the 550w version) on my skiving machine. It is a good motor but I wish it was a bit slower. The pedal is very sensitive. I will try putting something under it to help control it. Worse case I can buy a Hosing G60 locally for about 200 euro. I have heard it goes down to 100rpm.
  9. Adler 69 Marking Leather.

    Hi Mark, Have you checked the Adler site. They have also a parts manual. Yours, Bert
  10. Plz, identify these guys

    They are 10 sm (~4') long
  11. Burnishing Machine Rotation Speed

    I have just seen this What do you think?
  12. Decided to retire so Cobra 4

    a lil boost

    a lil boost
  14. Thanks, I took a look at size specs & photos on their website, they are close but not close enough. I'm afraid it just wouldn't work but thanks for the offer. That is a good deal on the dummy gun! Thanks for the info!
  15. Here is the photo. This awl is 85mm and the blade is original Vergez Blanchard, around 25mm. Inbox me for the offer please.
  16. New Thread Company Advice

    NVLeatherworx, Thanks for filling in for me while I was gone. I was out for 3 weeks, Wife and I hit Italy, France, Germany and the UK. Tried to make it to Romania, but planes trains and buses would not work together. I wanted to go there to see this leather factory there, heard they have some great oil tans there with great colors, but just did not come together. Maybe next time. I think I have a good lead on a great paint company in France we spoke of. They are sending me samples of the primer and paint this month. Primer is white going on, then clear to dry. Then paint on top of it with two sheen's. Satin and High Gloss. Thanks again Gary
  17. Cowboy 3200 foot needed

    Best thing to do is try it. If it doesn't work just move it back.
  18. New Thread Company Advice

    If you like that cigar color, wait till you see the rest of the colors I am "fighting" for. :-) Pulling the curtain back just a tad to tease: wait till you see the color: butter toffee or cream or caramel. You see a theme here?? Butter Toffee is in the cream color family with more tan in it. Super rich like a coffee creamer. Cream is a really smooth true cream color that is super rich, really pops out on a red or buck brown leather Caramel: OMG. looks just like a cube of caramel candy in a wrapper. I sewed a line with it in some really dark dark brown oil tanned leather and it looked like the inside of a mars bar. I must have been hungry that day I was looking at colors.:-)
  19. New Thread Company Advice

    Oh, my god! The cigar is gorgeous in person! Beautiful hand feel! It has a wonderful shine! I’m sorry I’m so slow Gary!
  20. "Best" lesson learned so far -

    I always got told, never to stop singing when I made a mistake. That the audience doesn’t know 9 times out of ten, that you made a mistake. To let them chalk it down to interpretation. If you stop, they know. Lol.
  21. Todays work

    Looks like it’s gonna be cool!
  22. Plz, identify these guys

    They look like some of the wallet parts we have at Tandy. I forget what they are called off the top of my head, but they would probably be on the Tandy site either as hardware or wallet parts. Ours are only about 2, maybe 2 1/2”. Are yours much bigger? Those look like tack- or 10 penny- nails going with them. Maybe to secure the hinge parts to a frame? Oh, like a change purse!
  23. a new buscadero

    Great looking rig.
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