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  2. Dunno what type IWB you was thinkin' bout, but this guy gave a talk you could follow: and this guy made a [slightly long-winded] video about a somewhat different style
  3. The problem is with the programming logic of the controller. If the speed reducer causes the motor to turn too many revolutions without getting either a needle up or needle down signal from the encoder on the sewing machine, it gives up thinking that an error occurred. The number of revolutions of the motor that controller will allow without a position signal varies from one servo motor to the next.
  4. I'm about as poor as it gets. I've got a couple project that requires colors gradually moving to lighter/darker shades. Is there a reason the cheapo kids water color paints available at the dollar store won't work? I would apply super sheen gloss over the top. Thank You All Kindly
  5. Kids Belt

    Haha, I feel a lot better about how long it takes me to do a belt! Thanks for the encouragement. Re: the tooled belt, I have one that’s all hand tooled with my name stamped across the back. Stitched too. I had it done at a state fair in Indiana, as I recall. I can’t imagine someone on site banging out belts that quick!
  6. I know this has been covered before but I cannot find the thread with the search function. There was a thread which showed step by step the order to sew a IWB holster with a stiffener around the opening. If someone remembers that thread and can point me to it I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Todd
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  8. Look forward to seeing your improvements. kgg
  9. Day of Dead Insprired Bag

    My motorcycle saddle bag on my bike is built in a similar fashion but has wrap around straps. The interior is boring with only a phone pocket at the back. I did dye it though. So except for the black which is just fiebings Pro and the white the prettier bits were done with Tandy ecoflo. I wont use it for large areas but I have come to really like it for painterly stuff.It blends nicely. I start with a 50% dilution for the red using "scarlet red" for the roses then I bleed in my shadows in the bevels and indents by mixing some scarlet red straight with Forest green and then I use 100% scarlet red for the bridge. Its hard to pick up in the photos but edges of petals and where ever I thought appropriate I let the 50% dilution be the highlight by bring the full red up to it from the brownish color. For the leaves I start wtih ecoflo yellow at the highlights, a 50% dilution of the forest green which I use in washes like you might watercolor .. which is basically what this is and then come up from the deepest spots with 100% forest green. At the end I did a touch of Forest green and red in the very deepest recesses but I did it dry brush for just a touch of flavor. Yea .. I got carried away!! The little flower on the chin is washes of diluted violet with washed out yellow highlights. The whole thing is then sealed with a sprayer shooting 50% resolene and water and any exposed edges I treat with a paint brush and supersheen. Here are some color pics if you havent tried this stuff and want to copy. Its not great but .. they client liked it and it was really a bit of fun since I spend most days making holsters. Dont treat it like paint but like water color. Fades and washes until your happy and the best part is since you build it up .. its hard to mess up!! I know everyone says it!! but the pix really dont show off the color shifts well at all. The light and camera just kind of make it one color. Those roses are SOOoo more juicy.
  10. First try, and thank you

    Excellent work for your first and I agree its wonderful to see a son and father team at work. My son keeps threatening to want to learn but...then there is gaming so ya know.... As for some of the process discussion... for holsters I: cut tool then dye but YES do not soak it in die or you loose some of the crispness then assemble, rivet, etc. and I usually go once more with the colour after the wet forming while still damp - assuming I did lace or use contrasting thread colour. Only thing I would have done other than you did is run some boarder stamping or a bead around the edge of the flap and loop band but that's just my aesthetic.. nothing wrong with your clean look. Looking forward to more from your shop. And YES WHEEL GUNS RULE.. here are my favourites:
  11. I'll post it on here (assuming it works!) but might be a while, I keep getting distracted with other things.
  12. There have been one or two posts about NPS and reducers. It appears that some servos will work with them and some won't (the NPS on my Skyrit servos won't work with any combination of reducer added). Only way to find out is to try it.
  13. First try, and thank you

    I was asking because (rookie mistake) I slathered about half a bottle of Fieblings Medium on the thing and lost some tooling, and took a week to dry. Working on another now and WON'T make that mistake again!!!!!
  14. First try, and thank you

    JL, it's a Tervis so it doesn't sweat.... Also, the contents of said sweat-free container were likely the most important tool up there!!!!! haha
  15. Advice.

    Amen, Riem. You get it.
  16. First try, and thank you

    Thank you! Couldn't have done it without this forum. There is alot of truth in that statement about the boy. He is the youngest of 4 so I've got a little of both going on. Talk soon. -Ed Punched the holes for decorative lace. Finished it after the photo. Will post the sheened product when I get to the house. Thank you!
  17. Day of Dead Insprired Bag

    I'm not the only one who constructs bags that way! I was beginning to think I was all alone Anything fancy going on in the interior?
  18. Advice.

    I really, really like this discussion. The self-critical look at the community is great, refreshing and self-renewing. Good stuff. What has been implied but not overtly said is that the type of person who joins the group and starts posting has also changed. When I joined - think roughly two years ago - I took time, a couple of months in fact, to read a ton of the older posts. Particularly the "How do I do that" and "Leatherwork conversation" forums contain an absolute treasure trove of information for the novice with the patience and inclination to read and ponder. And the depth of contribution in the older threads is stunning. I got the impression (I still have it) of people who wanted to help while at the same time conveying wider, more contextual knowledge. in the more recent posts I get the impression that the questions are far narrower - and without trying to sound like a know-it-all - and lacking in depth than those I read in the earlier posts. So isn't part of the issue that the way we nowadays approach asking questions has been changed? Look at how many newcomers state in their profiles that Google led them here - they are in the first place already far more informed (sometimes wrongly informed) when they arrive here, and are joining to confirm a preconceived idea or to help shape it. I've seen threads where the questions from someone who says they're a novice were so well defined that it's clear that was clearly not their first point of call. So I think the forum is also faced with a different type of new joiner, who asks questions differently. Again, I'm a novice. I have not been part of the community for long. I have seen some replies where I thought "that can't be right" or "no way Jose". And I've seen quite a lot of threads where a question have gone unanswered - more so lately than in earlier threads. Still, I don't have the overwhelming impression that the forum is in drastic decline. More likely it's settling down, growing some ivy on the walls, perhaps needing a shingle to be replaced here and there. If anything, it needs each one of us who benefit from the sharing here to act as guardians of the whole forum. It needs contributors with experience and patience and well developed BS filters and a clear voice who can call out the fallacies without igniting the flames. A huge task and ask. My 0.02c on a rainy night, with with the soft, soothing sound of the heavens bestowing grace upon the earth in my ears. Off to sleep for me.
  19. Advice.

    Contrary advice is sometimes exactly what is needed. Mostly to counter the BS that someone else just said. Or, it may show you an alternate but complimentary way of doing things. Sometimes, you get piece one form person a, piece two from person b and so on. Testing and evidence changes for a lot of things simply based on location. For example, I hear all the time to let your resist "dry 24 hours after applying six coats" and then you're ready to antique. I apply ONE coat and maybe wait an hour, if I have the patience to wait that long. It always works in my environment with my products. Others using the exact same stuff have less effective results. Why? The weather. Ambient humidity and temperature make a huge difference in how it works, although I have never needed 24 hours to let anything dry in leatherwork. Any advice is useless if you don't apply it to your specific application.
  20. Advice.

    I *REALLY* have to get in on this conversation now, because that was my post! (Sorry for the long quote, but it's relevant) Seems none of my family gets the irony when I say, "You're not going to win this argument with me because I'm convinced I'm right." LOL You mentioned, "advice would have been counter to some that had already posted." That's not always counter productive - the (IMO) value is being able to articulate *why*. Advice like, " for me" is somewhat useless as everyone (including yourself) in this discussion already knows. "Under these _________ conditions, failure is probably not going to be a problem." or "Well, if you try to hang from a tree, might think twice, otherwise, NP." Your opinion of empirical/historical evidence and testing is valid, but may not apply here. Let me emphasise, "may." Won't know without being said, right? I received varying and clear options, opinions, suggestions, and appreciated every one of them, yours no less than any. Good thread. Thanks for the invite, H.
  21. Big cat

  22. Finishing Edges

    You can just use canvas and water to get a nice burnish. This is of course on decent veg tan leather.
  23. Day of Dead Insprired Bag

    Wow... Love that bag...Awesome work Question though.... What paint did you use? That white is amazing against the black and with the other colors! And what it the bag made from? And how did you finish it? Tell us all ... lol
  24. Agreed on both points H. Screws or no screws is an aesthetic roll of the dice for me. I left them off the hatchet mask for just that reason.
  25. Just starting! Need input...

    Cool bag. I love the red tongue.
  26. And whipped these up last night Celtic pattern in Brown: And "Triweave" in Java ("bi-weave on the keeper, as triweave was just too wide for a belt loop ) : Really enjoying the Embosser, I'd recommend it to anyone thinking of one to add to the collection if you have a desire to do embossing.
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