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  2. Belt Tip with no hole

    If you look inside the tip, do you see any groves perpendicular to the belt? Or any dimples?
  3. Belt Buckles

    Yes, they're quite nice! I got the brass ones.
  4. Good idea! And, the speed is probably right where you want it.
  5. Stamp Press

    Yes indeed! Mine is quite simmilar to the one in the first post and these below are the stamps, that I've taken. The leather is 5/6 oz. veg tan, upper is raw color and the lower is already dyed and burnished with resolene. The LOGO was 3D printed and is 1"x1" (25x25mm).
  6. Priceing clicker dies

    Hi, did you ever sort out the dies that you'd like to sell?
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  8. I've been thinking... Since burnishing wheel can be made on a wood lathe, is there a point in moving it off to another motor? A mini wood lathe can probably serve as a burnisher.
  9. Thoughts on Cricut Maker

    From what I have read, it will handle only fairly thin leather. While the new machine is an upgrade of the last model, it is still meant mainly for less-dense materials; the "upgrade" will mean that, for some leathers, it will cut in one pass (rather than 2 or 3). If you are trying it on veg tan, I think it still will be 2 passes, minimum. These machines provide the user with a low-grade, home-model industrial machine. You must either buy company die sets, or use their very simple software; I know what I "want" from their software is something I don't think they will ever provide (complete control to program my own designs), so I still don't find the cost acceptable. For complicated cuts predetermined by a mass market die, using very thin leather, it may be ideal. - Elizabeth
  10. Stamp Press

    I just tried that, and couldn't figure out where it all went! You have to go to the home page, or it just searches the present thread...I forgot that. So, on the upper left of the screen, just below "forums", click on home, and search arbor press, or stamp press, you'll get all the threads. Jeff
  11. Thoughts on Cricut Maker

    I already have researched and read on them. I was just curious what everyone here thought about it. There is a new one now which is the Cricut Maker. It will have an new cutting attachment released in October which is very similar to an exacto knife.
  12. Need Custom Rolled Leather Dog Harness

    I don't know what "a Martingale" means. Would you care to elaborate? I am a general category leather maker. I don't specialize in horse tack.
  13. Help! How long to finish a project?

    Sounds to me like you're right on track. Of course it always depends on size and intricacy of design, but you will get absolutely nowhere by trying to do it fast. If your leather is perfectly cased I find it goes much faster, but the long pole for me has always been the design and layout. Once you get it roughly laid in, the rest is pretty fast. Using tap-offs can save about half the time of layout and tracing, as it eliminates a whole step, and it's almost always faster to do the "second" of any one design. Use the right tool for what your working on and save time by not beveling every line -- just where need, but everywhere it is needed. Can't say much more without seeing your design and tools.
  14. Thoughts on Cricut Maker

    Try googling it. I just found these hits including videos on youtube.
  15. Stamp Press

    I tried Press, Stamp Press, Arbor Press, Altering a Press, all I get is this post turning up in the search. Can you give me a hint on what to enter into the search field to get the results please?
  16. New Field Notes Cover Design

    Thanks! Thank you! I'm really happy with how the edges came out, and figured the people here who know what goes into it would appreciate them as well. Thanks! I cut the holes for stitching on the laser cutter I used to cut the outer shape and do the engraving. Thank you!
  17. Help! How long to finish a project?

    Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Knowledge. Training. And experience make up skill. You will find that some leather tools better than other leathers. The more detail you need to tool the longer it may take to do. I'm not the world's best tooler but I made it a mission to practice for one hour a day everyday until I was happy with what I was doing.
  18. Great looking work as always! Can't wait to see what you do next.
  19. This morning one of the girls I work with mentioned that Cricut has a new machine that will cut thicker and more dense materials. She does a lot of vinyl work and is very happy with the Cricut she currently has. This made me wonder if the new machine could be useful for cutting leather. The website states that it can cut up to 2.4 mm balsa wood. I am curious as to how it would do with veg tan leather. What are everyone's thoughts on this?
  20. Man I wish we could carry up here. Love to wear a rig like that
  21. Stamp Press

    There is a lot if info on this subject on the forum, use the search function and it'll take you to the threads.
  22. Singer Needle Bar - I Could Use Some Help

    The head weighs 123Lbs.or almost 56 Kgs. I wouldn't run it too fast,not over 600 st pr min & keep it oiled because parts will be very hard to find. Here's a pic of the one we have.
  23. Stamp Press

    Has anyone altered a Arbor Press to use on 2D, 3D and large letter Stamps? Grizzly has a 1/2 ton on sale for $35 While altering it for leather use, it could still be used as intended. That's less than 25% of what Tandy wants for their press. While I'm a "Right Tool for the Job" guy, I'm also a penny pinching realist.
  24. Singer Needle Bar - I Could Use Some Help

    Working fine again. My 34K5 is not like your 34K11 - the K5 has the head part of a Singer 16 or the like and the K11 has the head part of a Singer 45K which is much heavier. The K11 is using System 328 needles (AFAIK) and my K5 is now setup for 135x17 (orig. needle system was a different). I don´t know the max stitch per minute, its not mentioned in the manual. My 34KSV5 weights approx 29Kg. Hope this helps.
  25. Singer 97-10 parts Needed

    Hello looking for parts for singer 9710 Shuttle hook with bobbin 58786 complete here are the parts separate just in case Bobbin case 58782 Thread tensioner 58785 Any help would be great let me know best Romano
  26. Singer Needle Bar - I Could Use Some Help

    I hope you have found your needle bar by now. The one on my machine is 10.5 inches long and measures .373. I need to know the operating stitches per minute for this machine. Do you have any idea as to how much it weighs?? You do very nice work on your restorations. Keep up the excellent work. Regards vernon nichols
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