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  2. Thanks for the tips. I'll try some of these out.
  3. From Russia with love

    Hi, plinkercases, thank you. Yesterday I finished another tester of cardholder/front pocket wallet. in next revisions will make some changes in sizing so money could fit in pockets - now it's only for cards.
  4. Chicago Screws - What Size?

    For 9-10 ounce un-skived, i use 1/4" posts, but since you're skiving it, 3/16" posts should work. When figuring out what length post to use, remember that 8 ounce leather is about 1/8" thick. Sounds like you are skiving to about 6 ounce thickness. 6 ounce = 3/32". 3/32" x 2 is 3/16". The leather will compress some if the post is slightly too short, and that's ok. If you go too long, it will slide around, possibly getting caught on pant loops, and the holes might stretch. Something else to remember when installing chicago screws is to put a dab of thread lock on the threads of the screw. Make sure you use the kind that isn't permanent.
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  6. Chicago Screws - What Size?

    I use the open back they sell at Tandy's They are the smallest posts and when you use the Chicago screws it good to use lock tight on them so the screws don't back out.
  7. Making straps for shoes

    It occurs to me that I might actually want 1/4" tape, for a finished width of 3/8", since the folded edges will add some width. 1/4" is probably easier to find, too.
  8. Cutting Questions

    Thanks to all! Sorry, I should have been more descriptive on the razor knife. What grit sandpaper do you recommend?
  9. Chicago Screws - What Size?

    Making a basic veg tanned belt. Want to use Chicago Screws instead of rivits but they are new to me and I’m not sure what Length post to use. Strap is 9-10 oz and will be skived at buckle end to maybe a bit more that half thickness. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  10. Taking TK-8BL Sewing Machine

    Sorry for the delay in updating, the wounds on my fingers/hand (dominant) weren't closed enough to use/flex properly. I'm hoping tonight/tomorrow will be better. Gregg, thanks for the info, everything I've seen so far seems pretty good. I do wonder of there isn't a better v-belt set-up, something maybe to provide a bit more tension, but with some give? My BIL can't come take a look for a while, if anyone has used something different/better? - Elizabeth
  11. Making straps for shoes

    Perfect. Thank you so much for all the help! I'll start experimenting this week.
  12. A visit to Tandy is on my schedule for today! :D
  13. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    What is the primary use of your curved hook knife and when will you use this instead of the round or straight knife? Gary
  14. LMAO, awesome. Or, buy/make tools to fit the drawing. There is a big sale on Craftool Pro tools right now, and those are pretty darn good quality for $10 or less! I have my online basket full... deciding whether or not to click that "buy" button... YinTx
  15. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    Thanks, I see your "point". Stropping goes a long way even on those throw away blades.
  16. My knives dull right after sharpening!

    Are you digging in the board a lot. I THOUGHT I was having the same problem. But I moved from dull disposable bladed cutter to a sharp round knife. At first I thought I was doing something wrong. I would hone the blade make a few cuts and suddenly I was bogged down and had to hone it again. Or so I thought I was used to a dull blade and I was applying a lot of downward force and the blade was gouging into my mat material. I solved it by training myself to use a sharp knife. I still dig in every once in a while but at least I know how to fix it. Pull out the blade and cut again.
  17. Taking TK-8BL Sewing Machine

    I've seen a few of these, Hoffman Bros. used to bring this machine in as an EA-106, the quality is good.
  18. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    I seem to have a more difficult time pushing the knife - my eyesight isn't so good anymore and I can get down and see better when I am cutting toward myself! I also use a utility knife with snap off blades, but I just keep stropping the blade and I have not had any need to snap the front section off. It really cuts smoothly when I keep it stropped. Nice job on the wallet, by the way!
  19. I use the water based Renia Aquilim 315 and Aquilim SG, and i'm happy with those two. But in some situations i need a solvent based glue, one example is if i line something without glue (Like this card case i did a while ago, and i used Colle de Cologne to glue the lining.) But i have a hard time to decide a solvent based glue. I have most of Renias glues (Suitable for this type of work) , and i have tried them on veg tan and chrome tanned leather, and i think they behave very similar. But i wan't the most versatile glue, i guess some of those solvent based glues are better on oily leather and so on. I would appreciate some help to choose one of those. I would prefer to have two glue pots. One with water based (Aquilim 315) and one with a solvent based glue. And aquilim SG i can use directly from the can, since it's easy to rinse the brush in water afterwards. (I use SG for paddings on watch straps, and i guess it would be a good choice for zippers in the future, since it has an instant bond, but it's a temporary bond. It bonds to almost everything, flesh to grain, i even glue paddings to my granite plate så i can shape it easier.
  20. I have been producing our products in Denmark but we are looking into making them in the US. I am looking for someone who can make round not rolled leather leashes and collars. There is no outside stitch. We use soft Italian leather and the inside is a nylon rope. Please visit my page to see the products up close
  21. Custom Knife and Sheath

    Very nice form !
  22. Celtic Hand Bag

    Nice work !
  23. Clam, on the half shell.

    Awesome work !
  24. Compression spring for Ferdco Pro 2000

    This is a 441 clone. It will likely take the same foot pressure spring as a Cowboy CB4500.
  25. Tension

    Ok thnx.
  26. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    That is an interesting knife. I've gotten to where I love the push cut. The detail knife is for those super tight radii, like on the edges of this wallet.
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