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  3. Hi! I have a Singer 108 W20 which is an old cylinder bed synchronized machine. I have one binder attachment for it as well as a binding plate. I'm looking to purchase additional binder attachments and a plate if possible in various sizes. Please contact 347-640-4048
  4. I recently got my hands on a shopsmith. I think it could serve very well in playing with leather. I haven't gotten to get it all lined up yet, though. I bought it for work and it is at the shop. I am slowly making a space for it in our wood work area. But, I can only work towards that when we are really slow. These things can be had for next to nothing if you look for them. If you wanted to try woodworking out I would suggest looking for the 510 or 520 models as they have the bigger better table systems. But I'm confident any model could be useful for leather.
  5. Help! How long to finish a project?

    I have only read about tap offs. I believe they are deep line or inverse line drawing of your pattern. They are made out of leather and you tap them onto your cased piece. Just Google them. I'm sure it will lead right back here for information on how to make them. I'm currently in the off again mode. Just haven't been inspired the last few months.
  6. Rest In Peace Dear Friend- RaySouth

    My condolences to the family and all his friends. The earth is poorer when we lose a good one, . . . but Heaven is richer. May God bless, Dwight
  7. Stamp Press

    We had a thread going on here for laser machines but it seems to have died. Maybe you could pick it up and give us some more info?
  8. Here are more results from this evening. I adjusted the bottom tension a couple of times but when I tried to tighten the top a half turn bigger bubbles showed up again. The test leather started to drop off a little in weight. With the smaller thread the tension is pulling the knot out the top still a little. It is much better than when I started.
  9. Rest In Peace Dear Friend- RaySouth

    A prayer and a thank you, Ray for what you shared with all of us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,............ db AMEN and God Bless,,,,,,,,
  10. Copper inlay

    That looks really really cool!
  11. Looking For Nakajima 380 Manual Or Info

    Hey do you happen to have the Nakajima 341l manual?
  12. Help! How long to finish a project?

    Bikermutt, Kiwican, and cowboycolonel, thanks for responding...I appreciate it. After more than ten years at this on-again/off-again, I'm beginning to find I enjoy the work much more when I move slowly and deliberately - but I still get anxious to finish a piece and ooh and aah at it. I'm working on it though. Cowboycolonel, what do you mean by tap-offs? Never heard the term before, so I'm curious as to what I'm missing...? Above is a picture of the project I'm currently working on (Wil Gormley Weeping Heart Bikini holster pattern.) I've moved much slower than ever before, and aside from a slip with the undercutting tool, I'm very pleased with the results so far. But I'm struggling with the leather drying out. I case my leather as best as I can using the wet/bag overnight/remove/tool when color and temp seem right method, but it seems to me that it drys and stiffens very quickly, say 30 minutes. I try to re wet the leather as little as possible, but I still can't seem to work this out...It's not the greatest piece of leather in the world either, but it's going to work out very well for this project, if I can keep from screwing it up. As for tools, mostly Tandy stamps and tools, with a smattering of other stainless stuff I've taken a liking to along the way. Nothing special. The project above was done with a 1/4 inch angled swivel blade, B808 beveler, A808-2 backgrounder, Tandy small modeling spoon, Tandy small stylus, and a stainless steel harbor freight carving tool for undercutting. I'll be finishing with some lettering and the medium Tandy pebble matting tool most likely. Then color, antique gel, wax and stitching.
  13. Getting started: first handbag

    Thank you, and yup, and somehow at the start I always think it'll be less stitching than it actually is
  14. Everything seems to be coming off smooth without hang ups. I checked and I am threading correctly based on a couple different sources. I am sure it is pilot error. I tried to call Steve on Friday but no one was in the shop when I called and it is usually after hours when I get off my regular job. I have been sending him photos as well. Early on I ran it for a while with only one wrap around the primary instead of the recommended two. It worked okay but is not as consistent. I am reducing both tensions. Running the larger thread on the bottom leaves the back raised a little, it doesn't look as good as it should. I will check the bobbin screw again and see if there is any adjustment left. Wiz, Paul, Wild Harry and Floyd thanks for your responses and ideas on what to check. I think I''m getting closer to getting things adjusted. Hopefully there is still a little adjustment in the bobbin and it will all look good. I'll check a few more things and test it again. Thanks again to all!!
  15. It's a bit of a beast of a servo. Pretty heavy. No programming as such. It is set up with several switches and a few trim pots. The main mod I had to do was fit the position/speed sensor to the Consew hand wheel. I couldn't swap the hand wheels over so had to drill and tap the Consew handwheel to mount the sensor bracket. I then drilled and tapped another hole to mount the post that stops the sensor from rotating. I tried running it without the sensor and the motor took off at full speed with no speed adjustment. I then plugged the sensor in but the motor wouldn't run. It needs the feedback from the sensor. I had to modify the belt slot but that was nothing major. The belt was just at a different angle. You then have to set up the sensor for the correct needle position but that is also pretty straight forward. I'l take some photos and post in another thread. Sorry for the hijack Carrie
  16. Copper inlay

    Very nice. I have wanted to introduce some copper into a few pieces I have in mind.
  17. I'm interested in your Junker #7's if still available.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Saddlery workshop machines for sale.

    do u still have small skiver ?
  20. Only negative I can see is that access may be an issue, as most motorised burnishers usually have the wheel hanging over the edge of a table which gives better access for long pieces (belts).
  21. Fonts

    One of my favorite sites ever. For those who might use Adobe Illustrator and might need to send between computers but don't want to lose the font in the transfer (or want to print to PDF) you should select "Type" from the top menus, slide down to "Create Outlines" and click. Do not do so until you are absolutely happy with your font, because it's not a font anymore, its a collection of lines.
  22. Fonts

    Wow, that's a lot of fonts. I downloaded quite a I have to find a use for them!
  23. No worries, Brian, only too happy to help. Don't forget you sent me those thread samples, at no charge, when I was first trying to understand thread sizes, types and what would work in my machines.
  24. Fonts

    Since I have been involved with model rockets since 1970, and know of a good site for fonts for vinyl decals... I thought I would share with you's here. I'm working on a couple knife sheaths for my son and since I don't have alphabet stamps I have be imaginative to give him what he wants. I just do what he wants in DeltaCAD, size, print and use the transfer film from Tandy and carve and tool away. Hopefully, some of you may find use of some of these fonts.
  25. Measuring error

    I don't mean to hijack your thread mixmkr, . . . just a cute anecdote: One of our guys in the maintenance shop loved to do projects, . . . make stuff, . . . especially when it was many multiples of the thing. He also preferred a yard stick over any other measuring instrument. One of the other guys caught him gone, . . . cut 2 inches off one end of his yard stick, . . . put it back up over the light fixture. Harry never paid any attention for about a week, . . . until after all the pieces were cut and he started to assemble the pieces. Have you ever hear a Chinaman curse profanely? I'm not sure I did, . . . but could not be certain because I don't know Chinese profanity, . . . but it sure sounded like it might be. Thanks mismkr, . . . for letting me recall an old memory I had not thought of for a while. May God bless, Dwight
  26. Thank you so much dikman, I feel a lot more confident to have a go at adjusting it now. I will do so this weekend and let you know how it goes. The handbook is the same as the one I have and will retry with those instructions first. I really can't thank you enough for all this and I hope to be able to return the effort in kind sometime. I do apologise for temporarily hi-jacking your post Carrie.
  27. Measuring error

    Maybe they were working shrink to fit textiles I have been meaning to get a couple tape measures for tables. A shop towel with a bit of lacquer thinner will wipe the old measure clean. I was curious if anyone had seen a cloth type, but short. Something kind to gelcoat Floyd
  28. Copper inlay

    Thank You! The customer was blown away!
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