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  2. Taking TK-8BL Sewing Machine

    Most of the 3L belts are available in half-inch steps, at least here in these parts. Its why the size is designated in 3 digits, such as "3L425" being a 42-1/2" belt. -DC
  3. Cutting Questions

    Excellent, thanks!
  4. Taking TK-8BL Sewing Machine

    "Most" being the operative singer 211 motor ( original motor, original table, original machine ) bought from new.. did not have that ( or any other means of adjusting the belt ) adjustment available, normal three point fitting to table..but single "pivot" bolt attaching the motor to the mount..if the motor was pivoted to fit available belt sizes, the belts either rubbed against the back end of the belt slot, or was waaay too "slack"( didn't turn the machine pulley )..the belt was badly worn, cracked and splitting, probably the belt that came with the whole set up from new..the "bungee cord bodge" above worked..2 months later I was able to find a toothed belt ( needed 1/2" difference rather than the usual 1" ) that fit.
  5. Chicago Screws - What Size?

    Fingernail polish works to lock the threads too. Tom
  6. The middle pic is after I messed with it a little and tried to rub some beeswax/NFO into it some more. It cleaned up a little. It should be noted too that at this point, there is a buttload of dye on/in this leather. I'm going to let it dry for a few days and see if that helps too....ideas are still welcomed.
  7. I tried to search for this but only found one thing that wasn't really related. I was almost complete on making a simple wallet and dyed it red on the inside where the money and cards go and mahogany on the outside and then sealed it with beeswax/NFO. I noticed that I could see some of the red had bled through to the exterior giving the mahogany a pinkish hue. I then dyed the exterior mahogany again and it has dried with that metallic green tinge to it. Does anyone know why and what causes this to avoid it for the future and also if the piece can be salvaged now? I dyed the inside mahogany too. If I could get rid of the green it'd probably be fine but rubbing/buffing it only seems to polish the green! Ha! Anyone seen this before and know why and what to do about it? Thanks!
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  9. Dürkopp 18 Patcher Restoration - long journey...

    Patcher machines are always so neat looking, and can really get the job done. Amazing to see what youve done to clean it up and get it back in working order. Keep it up!
  10. Bahco Laplander Folding Saw Sheath

    It is a very pretty color and finish. Nice job on the sheath.
  11. Bahco Laplander Folding Saw Sheath

    A little gum trag buff at the end, but otherwise that's it. W & C buck brown harness is just about the prettiest leather there is in my two bit opinion.
  12. Hey folks, I am trying to make some belts for the extended family for Xmas. I've got some 11-13 oz black Harness leather that has a finished back. I need to dye the edges to cover the pink middle that is sandwiched between the black grain side and the black flesh side. For people that do this to this kind of leather, what dye do you use and how do you prevent it from rubbing off. I've used fiebings Pro Dye in combination with the Bob Park method for finishing edges. I've tried burnishing with beeswax, tokonole, and gum trag (not all at the same time). The edge dye still rubs off. I've done a coat, let it dry, buffed, recoat, dry, buffed again, then burnished. Still no good. I've also tried some black oil dye (with neatsfoot as the liquid) but same results. What am I missing here? There is an element that I'm missing. I know this leather is packed with waxes and oils fighting me every step, but I've seen it done. People are selling this leather as belts with edges dyed. Thanks for any advise!
  13. Jeremiah Watt QC-WE 6 piece set (lengthy)

    Where are the pics of these 6 edge bevelers? ;-) Every picture tells a 1000 word story. Chas
  14. Cutting Questions

    Sandpaper - about 80 grit, that's fairly coarse But before that you can trim the edge just by running the knife almost flat along the eddge
  15. Taking TK-8BL Sewing Machine

    Most motors have an adjustable mount that allows you to move motor position and adjust belt tension. Belts are available in 1 inch increments over a large range. Just get the right size belt so that you adjust belt tension via the motor pivot. That's what everybody else does, or should be doing.
  16. That's all super helpful! Thanks! Definitely seeing that larger thread is the big factor.
  17. Singer 97-10

    That is a cool looking machine. Would love to need it.
  18. From Russia with love

    Very neat and precise work. Tom
  19. Taking TK-8BL Sewing Machine

    Belts don't need to be really tight. Some users leave some slack so they can use the right hand to slow the machine down somewhat, especially if they are using a clutch motor. A little slack is also good if you happen to pull the needle to one side, breaking it, and causing a jam. Then you don't have to rely as much on the safety clutch to protect your machine. Generally there is enough adjustment on the motor bracket to allow you to tighten the belt as far as needed. If the belt is not the right length, you won't be able to adjust it. Vee belts should not ride on the bottom of the pulley. The top of the belt should generally be flush or nearly flush with the top of the pulley. It is the friction on the sides of the belt that transmit the driving force to/from the pulleys. At the mid point between pulleys, you should be able to depress the belt about an inch with firm thumb pressure. Should not be hard to do. It is not like vee belts driving fans, ac compressor and alternator on a car. They need to be much tighter due to the amount of power they have to transmit. Tom
  20. Thank you, Have you tried Top Fit on oily waxy leathers? I did a test with Aquilim 315, i glued two pieces of leather together and after drying i put them in water for 15 minutes. Believe it or not the bond is as strong as before
  21. Making straps for shoes

    Strap could end up a bit less than 3/8" but that may be ok. I assume you would try and use the the full 2.5oz kid without splitting or skiving so watch the tape and your lining is not too thick.
  22. Tension

    Consider the number of holes you pass through as part of your top tension adjustment. More loops through holes, more tension. Tom
  23. Clam, on the half shell.

    @Rockoboy A healthy volume of wine makes the world go round.
  24. Assembling Baseball gloves

    Honestly for hand stitching I can say that using a laser is Awsome! and illogical. Reminds me of Austin Powers with the, shark with a frickin laser beam. Overkill. Although when I bought my granite slab from the local counter top business. They had just bought a new laser. The guy cutting was laser etching his own business cards onto leather.
  25. Taking TK-8BL Sewing Machine

    Heck, those belts are available at every corner hardware store. Nice score.
  26. Holster for Ruger Red Hawk .44 Mag

    Yeah man, it looks really good. I have Fiebing's Pro dark brown and it is almost black sometimes it's so dark.
  27. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    Here is where. See at the bottom of the wallet. It is only one piece through there so you have to make little ¼ pie cuts back to back. These cuts help you know how much to fold back. So, you have to cut them while it's still flat. Just no way to get that head knife in there.
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