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  2. I just bought a Consew 206rb and I'm in the process of getting it ready for leatherwork. Studying all the great posts on this site it looks like I will mostly use size 138 thread for much of what I want to do. Looking at the Groz Beckert guide, it looks like I want the LR points to approximate the look of a saddle stitch but I can't seem to find the size 22 (for the 138 thread) in stock anywhere online. Searching this forum it appears to be a common problem. That said, can anyone recommend a different manufacturer that makes a similar slanted point in that size? Thanks!
  3. A few projects

    Thank you! Funny I just realized all those pics are with the drum dyed havana. It is a favorite.
  4. I'm looking for some suggestions to get my machine's tension sorted. I use it 10-20 hours a week and it's normaly fine. But today the tension is acting funny. the stiching looks fine on top and bottom, but then I'll loose tension on the bottom and have a bunch of looped thread. i have checked the bobbin tension, the top tension, changed the needle...looking for more suggestions. thanks
  5. My First Project

    Wow! That looks exquisite!
  6. Stamp Tooling

    Hi We're looking to have a stamp made with our logo on - does anyone have any recommendations for someone that could do this? Thank you Jonathan
  7. I have a bunch of American Wildlife Knives that only has a scene on one side. The handle on the other side is recessed for an insert. I was thinking I could cut pieces of leather and stamp names per order for the knives for custom work along with my sharpening service. I've tried to make a template and cut them out individually, but it takes way too long. I was thinking if someone could make a die that would fit the recessed area with a handle similar to large round holes punches, or belt end punches used with a mallet it sure would be nice. Of coarse, price would be a factor. Handle wouldn't be absolutely necessary. The basic size is only 3/4" by 2-3/4" and would be used on veggie tanned leather of 2-4 oz. Pictures upon request. I could send one of the knives to make the die for, and probably would be the best way. Anyone know of someone that wouldn't charge an arm and a leg, or could maybe make it? Thank You Kindly, John
  8. They look pretty darn good to me, HC.
  9. Hi I've just started my journey in leather craft. I'm based up near Peterhead. Which craft fair are you going to. martin
  10. Hello.. Here are some pics of my recent gun leather projects....I wouldn't be able to do this without the help of some of you who gave pointers back when I started this journey. I still have so much to learn but I am and critiques are always helpful and appreciated....
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  12. Excellent condition FO Baird leather secrets for sale. $125.00 or best offer - you pay shipping . US dollars only
  13. Portfolio

    That is a beautiful portfolio - really nice work!
  14. Looking for a Pulling Breast Collar pattern

    I see that Springfield Leather has a pattern pack for collars. It shows a dee style and solid fixed over the shoulder designs. These pattern packs are a start; then you can adjust from there. Ron
  15. How are you Macca, I now know I this is a Pfaffrath plough and a Otto Langenhan knife. I traded it with a friend in USA that have the rest of the Langenhan plough. Tor
  16. Thanks for posting this. I've had the same problems with trying to glue fabric to the flesh side of leather. I'm looking forward to giving this a try!
  17. Looking for a Pulling Breast Collar pattern

    I think the poster is asking about a breastcollar for saddle horses that has become popular in the states in the last few years. It is very much like the old style martingales, except it attaches to the fork of the saddle by way of two straps that loop around the fork. At the ends of the breastcollar where normally there would be dee rings for attachment to the saddle, there is instead a buckle on each side, and that buckle attaches to the straps that are looped around the fork of the saddle.
  18. Number 96 is incredible - but I'm saving up for the dragon scale one from page 1.
  19. Pfaff Timing Belt

    This is NOT about a leather sewing machine, but it IS about industrial machine adjustment - I recently picked up a couple Pfaff 463"s with tables & motors, for our shop - Cheap - Just plain high speed garment machines. One had a broken timing belt, and the other (in better shape overall) had a "newer" replacement belt installed. So, I downloaded the service manual, and got the one with the belt set up, but there is an obvious problem - Although the hook / needle timing is on, and it picks up and makes a stitch, the tensions are so far out of whack, that the normal adjustments of the upper and bobbin tension, and take up spring make no difference. At this point, I'm thinking that the upper and lower shafts may be out of sync, and as a result the take up arm is not acting at the right time. I know that Uwe said, in a recent thread, about timing the take up with the thread passing the furthest point of the hook, but I don't know if I want to trust that, as I think the hook may have been moved enough to compensate, somewhat, for the shafts being out. Also, this machine has a rather complicated bobbin case opener, timed to the hook, and the adjustments for that were not quite able to be set in the range the manual shows - So, I'm wondering ....... So - Is there some basic way to check the synchronization of the shafts ? There is NOTHING about timing belt replacement for this machine in the service manual, NO marks on the bed or pulleys, and nothing anywhere I can find on the web
  20. I decided to begin.

    Can you do tooling ( not the complicated stuff like Sheridan, but can you follow along over a line with a small beveller type tool ) or leather carving ? btw..are you watching this thread too..?
  21. Just a heads up for the for the ones that can make it
  22. Jig for getting rigging straight

    Ok cool I'll give that a look as well, any info I can get the better
  23. Blue Guns

    I have several blue guns and mags that are used that I used for a short timeline have any damage $35 each for the guns and 20 each on the mags plus $8 priority mail shipping or will sell the lot for $500 plus $20 shipping. 1- S&W Shield 1- S&W M&P Compact 1Glock 19 1- Glock 26 1- Springfield XD Compact 1- Sig 238 1- 1911 5" 1- 1911 4" 1- Ruger SR9C 1- Ruger LCP 1- S&W J Frame 2- Glock19 Mags 2- Glock 26 Mags 2- S&W Shield Mags 1 Ruger LCP Mag
  24. Jig for getting rigging straight

    Jeremiah Watt in his video also has an easy procedure for setting the rigging. I highly recommend his video to watch in whole, then again as you do particular parts. The Harry Adams book is helpful too, especially about making patterns. The Stohlman book is excellent, but some of his procedures, like the rigging jig, can be done more easily. I've made three saddles. The first was Stohlman's #1 saddle made as written. Next was a mix from the above sources. Last one I veered toward Watt's methods, especially cutting and fitting parts. I always go back to Stohlman for his detail and comprehensive treatment of different styles. -John
  25. I decided to begin.

    Hello!! Ok thanks. Mattsbagger I'll think about it. Grey Drakkon thanks for you idea. I'll think about colors or ideas of the region but I do not like to color the leather, just apply dyes and ... well, I'm not very proud of the lord of the statue on horseback in the square, called Pizarro, sacked gold and killed women and children in Peru. Probably certain people would buy coasters with Hitler's face but I would not make them.
  26. Looking for a Pulling Breast Collar pattern

    Do you mean a breast collar for working harness horses? Coz I never saw one with a dee ring center.
  27. Hello from Ireland

    Based in Dublin. But its very much a hobby for me. Will be a long long way to go before it would pay me to it full time. BUt I admire your desire to do so
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