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  2. Didn't see that you were in Oz, yeah Port Arthur changed everything
  3. Box for watches

    Great job. I remember you showing the box a little while back. Glad to see it completed.
  4. Mouse Pad

    I've only been at it about 3.5 years. But there was probably almost 2 years of breaks in that time. I'm a late bloomer and a procrastinator.
  5. Durkopp Adler 272 full function needle feed

    Still for sale. Still would need to be shipped on a pallet via freight, which would probably cost nearly $300 to a residential address, and I'd spend better part of a day arranging it. Send me a PM with your address if you're interested in having this machine shipped to you. It is a very nice machine and definitely worth more than $600.
  6. Backpack

    That's funny... I guess that nice grey hide I have means the next pack might have to be less dainty
  7. Headstalls

    Are you wanting to sew forward as far as possible towards the buckle and back up, or sew across the leather to close the buckle in? If you want to sew up to the buckle and back, a single left toe, or double toe "harness foot set" on a 441 clone will do that. To also sew across the plane of the buckle, the left only toe foot will place the needle within 1/8 inch of the tightly folded leather. Any throat plate you get with that machine will do. I use a Cowboy CB4500 for these kinds of jobs. I also use it to sew holsters, gun belts, knife and axe sheathes, bridles, saddle fleece relines, belts, et al. I have a good friend who uses a Cobra Class 4 to sew all of the commercial leather goods he sells, including holsters, rifle slings and guitar straps. These machines come stock with a narrow harness foot set. You can also get very close to buckles if you have a Union Lockstitch or Campbell Lockstitch machine with a short toe foot.
  8. That's probably a 1/8"-44 or #5-44 screw written in weird metric/imperial mishmash dimensions. 1/8"=3.175mm That missing hook screw might be tough to find individually. Your best bet may be to buy a cheap hook that has a good chance of using the same screw. I doubt Hirose invented a new screw for each of their hundreds of hook variations. One candidate is the Hirose HSH-7.94B hook, which is used in dozens of machines and therefore cheap. Available for around $15 on Ebay and I guess some of our trusty banner vendor have them, too. At this prices, the clone manufacturers have little incentive to make their own. Here's the list of machines this hook fits, according to the Hirose Catalog (Hirose Catalog Low Resolution OCR.pdf) :
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  10. Kwikprint Model 86 on Craigslist

    OP advised that this item is no longer listed for sale. Tom
  11. Mouse Pad

    Yep, I sometimes get excited about an idea and want to just throw together an example to see how it would work, with the intention of taking my time and doing a "good" one afterwards. I've been doing this off and on for 40 years, mostly off, and I still get excited pounding on leather. : )
  12. Durkopp Adler 272 full function needle feed

    Still for sale?
  13. New project...petite clutch

    Hi John, no worries, will post a detailed review as I progress through the project Can only go downhill from here
  14. CS Osborne 8" Splitter

    Works great. $425 price includes shipping if shipped within the U.S
  15. Mouse Pad

    Thanks, Gary! Used 4-5 oz shoulder I think (just something I picked up at Tandy), white waxed thread from Tandy, and finished with Eco Flow Tan Gel Antique.
  16. What Is This Piece of Hardware?

    IMHO it is clearly a belt buckle. Found several examples similar to the Hermes one I posted.
  17. Singer 16-188 questions

    Thanks: Jsiler
  18. Understand completely! That’s what helps make you better at your craft, though
  19. Finished watch box for a gift. Will be finishing up mine soon.
  20. finish for coasters

    I agree about using coasters that do not absorb moisture from a glass - pick up your iced drink and it drips all over you. Now I keep my beverage in a Yeti tumbler and it never sweats, so I don’t use a coaster. Has anyone finished the bottom of a coaster with Resolene or beeswax to keep moisture from soaking through, and left the top surface untreated so it will absorb condensation? Gary
  21. Headstalls

    What machine ,foot,and plate combination will allow you to sew the closest to buckles on headstalls. I think a new machine or nearly new is on order
  22. Hey Guys, Which US vendors sells these 1/2" stamped NP buckles ? Thanks ! Ed
  23. Padfolio Second attempt

    Great looking padfolio
  24. You can still buy Adler 30-10 and Adler 30-70 patcher sewing machines new, made in Germany, and with a price tag to match. The production, development, and support of these machines was taken over by a company called, take a breath, "SL-Spezialnaehmaschinenbau Limbach GmbH & Co. KG", exhale. You can find them online at Our resident patcher experts on LW are @Constabulary, who had some beautiful patchers for sale just recently, and @shoepatcher, who apparently owns every patcher ever made, or something close to that. In the clone world, I had a Techsew 2900 (a copy of a late Singer 29 style patcher) some time ago that appeared to be very nice quality:
  25. Leather Wranglers Angled Blade

    Price reduce to $30
  26. Wanted: Kwikprint 86 or 55

    Are you still looking for a KwikPrint?
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