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  2. Chrome tanned leather strap machine

    Does the webbing go inside before the folding or after? A picture might help. I normally glue the strips with contact before running through the folding machine as separate operations. There are machines that can do both in one operation but more used in the shoe industries with hot glue. I have one but for strip work I doubt it is the right machine.
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  4. Bloody hell, mike, that is scary stuff! I'll definitely be sticking to enamels, acrylics and lacquers! When I was a wee kiddie (an awful long time ago!) my dad worked at a glass factory, he was also caretaker so I used to wander around the (very large) factory with him. I still remember one room, it had some very large vats in it full of steaming, noxious stuff. The factory did their own silvering of mirrors, which is what the room was for. Very few do silvering anymore, due to the chemicals required, makes me wonder just what was in there when I was wandering about. Hmmm, might account for the loss of brain cells (along with the alcohol).
  5. Dürkopp 18 Patcher Restoration - long journey...

    That stitching (and the machine) is looking good. Another cracking job well done.
  6. Another enveloped letter plate

    I like it! Not sure where I'd put it but it's really cool. I really like how the "D" at the end of the second "NEED" looks like the trigger guard. Was that intentional? Either way, it gives it a nice effect. Regards, -Ryan
  7. Really Stupid Basic Question on Leather Types

    Looks good! The stretch may be because of the location of that piece on the hide. For example, the belly will stretch a lot whereas straight down the spine won't stretch that much. But it could also be the weight, too. Anyways, I would go with a stretchier leather for a project like that because you can fit it well and when it dries it forms and tightens around the handle. Thanks for sharing! -Ryan
  8. Chrome tanned leather strap machine It doesn't glue or apply double sided tape but it does fold. Should be available from Campbell Randall.
  9. Putting rivets in middle of seam

    The hole through the seam shouldn't be any problem as you would usually put a reinforcing strip at the back to to take the load and that would be well glued into place. The stitching won't separate from the glue. Myself... I'd do a 2" by 1" strip about 2mm thick with skived edges. Glue into place ...hole through the cetre of the lot and rivet into place.
  10. Battery charger, some clamps, wire and old wrenches. Or white vinegar and a little elbow grease. Here is WAY more than you wanted to know:
  11. Btw I remember back in the 80's when a common screen print chemical we used for de-hazing was caustic and would burn skin and dissolve eye tissue on contact. So yeah... healthy respect!
  12. By "healthy respect" I meant full tyvek protection, approved and well maintained respirators, proper ventilation, etc etc. Then again I like it when machines look well used, so maybe I'll stick to a little steel wool and some wax for these old Singers I'm cleaning up here.
  13. Putting rivets in middle of seam

    It’s hard to see from the photo, but is the strap actually riveted to the bag? Looks like the load bearing connection is the sewn-in insert at the top. Can’t really make out what the bleed knot is threaded through.
  14. All I can say is practice on a piece of scrap before attempting the real deal. Springfield sells it I believe, works great as a resist and a seal. Some folks don't seem to like the lacquer finishes, claim they are plasticy, but I must say, I use mine thinned, and it soaks into the leather, and afterwards you wouldn't even know I put it on.... thought occurs to me, maybe just the thinner would do the trick for you, and you might already have something like that laying around to try out? YinTx
  15. Searching For Minimalist Wallet Pattern

    Here's one I made from four pieces of leather. Pretty simple. Don't know if that helps or not. -Ryan
  16. Isocyanates are a whole different ball game compared to the solvents used in screen printing, the stuff used in screen printing ( even screen printing circuit boards ) needs long term exposure to do you harm ( mostly it is carcinogens, with some nasty stuff in the screen preps and washes )..isocyanates can get you on your first exposure if you breath them in..automotive painters and others who use them treat them with a great deal of caution. I know of two people, within 50kms of my custom shop, who died in their spray booths because their mask cartridges were past their "do not use after".. I was very ill twice due to defective mask cartridges..never did regain full lung capacity..when the activator is mixed with the polyurethane, what you have is a liquid plastic , it is then sprayed in vapour form ( very fine droplets ) , you breath it in and it goes hard, sets, in your lungs, deep down, it does not come back out, nor does it degrade, about the only thing that does degrade ( after years of exposure to it ) is UV light, and there is not much UV down inside the alveolae in your lungs..there are no "nice" molecules in 2 pack finishes.
  17. A simple single point steel quick-clip IWB holster for a 1911 and matching double magazine "rough out" saddle tan & natural with white thread...the mag carrier is pre-curved for comfort...easy on/off yet stays secure on the belt.
  18. Singer 111W 105 Missing stitches

    Is it perhaps a "flagging" issue? That is to say, as the presser foot climbs onto the seam, is it no longer holding down the material before the seam, allowing it to lift and miss a stitch? In this case a height compensation tool would help.
  19. Hmm. I'm actually not scared for maybe occasional use. I spent years and years in a screen printing shop - I have a healthy respect but not much fear about coatings and solvents.
  20. Do you still have the cheetah hide? If so, how much is it and approx sq ft. Is this hair-on?
  21. Misc. Sewing Machines for sale

    Add some photos please. Tom
  22. Misc. Sewing Machines for sale

    JUKI LU-562 Single needle, unison feed, lockstitch industrial sewing machine Reverse feed Sewing speed - up to 3,000spm Presser foot lifting range - 15mm (19/32”) Max feed range - 7mm (9/32’’) Ideal for heavy weight fabrics Needle Type - DP x 17 (135x17) Needle size - #18 - #23 Thread size - up to 138 $900 w table/motor Refurbished/ As Is _________________ JUKI LBH-782 High Speed Single Needle Lockstitch Straight Button Holing Sewing Machine Buttonholes for ordinary cloth, knit, leather ect. Buttonhole length - 6.4-25.4mm (¼’’-1’’) Bartack width - 2.5 - 5.0mm (3/32’’ - 3/16’’) Needle Type - DPx5 Needle size - #11-#14 Presser lift - 12mm (15/32’’) $1400 - refurbished/ as is ________________________ Juki DDL-5550-6 Single needle, lockstitch, walking foot sewing machine General Fabrics, Light-weight materials and medium-weight materials Sewing Speed: Max. 5,000 s.p.m. Stitch Length: Max. 4 mm Needle: DBx1 #9 ~ #18 Presser Foot Lift: 10mm (standard) 13mm (max.) Price : $600 _______________ Consew 369 RB1 High Speed Post Bed Sewing Machine Double Needle Medium to heavy weight fabrics, leather, canvas, vinyl, synthetics and other materials Compound feet, walking foot Large hooks and bobbin case Can use the double needle feature or change to single needle on the right or left side Semi auto lubrication system Max Speed : 2200 Clearance under foot: 11/32’’ (8.5 mm) Needle Bar Stroke : 1 ¼’’ (32 mm) Stitch length, Max : 5 spi Needle Type : 135 x 7 Bed Size: 7’’ x 20 ⅜’’ (177 mm x 518 mm) Post Height : 7’’ (178 mm) Price : $4000 Commercial Shipping Available for all machines all machines come with clutch motor and table located in Bend Oregon
  23. I received the leather today. Beautiful hides with rich scrumptious colors. Love it. Thank you!!!
  24. I guess it depens on the type of leather and work. I still use fiebing for veg ran or thick/firm leather that could be burnished easily. For chrome tanned and softer/thinner leather I find it’s easier to finish using Giardini.
  25. Would anyone have a pattern for a mark ii competition bull barrel? 5.5 inch barrel but any barrel length would work. I can modify that. Thanks in advance
  26. Putting rivets in middle of seam

    Thank you both for the responses. Matt s, Whatever river I use needs to have a post long enough to go through the leather. Do those types of rivets come with longer post? Buzzardbait I have been looking for an adjustable Osborne edge creaser but can't find one I can afford! I missed out on one on eBay and haven't been able to find a decent price since! I will keep looking.
  27. Moose

    I am pondering working with moose hide an was wondering if any one could give me any advise as too Durability, Strength, is it good for lace , anything at all you could share. Do you have photo's of your works with moose leather. Would love any advise you all have for me. Thanks Dan
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