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  1. Waxing The Thread

    I only wax the tread as I'm going to use It. I would also use 100 percent pure beeswax. Beeswax will adhere to the thread better than beeswax that contains parafin or parafin. Just my way. Richard
  2. We're Back Up & Running,,,somewhat.

    The new mauls look great. Good to see you back. What is the difference in the black and the brown that I have other than color? Richard
  3. Which Knifes Do You Use

    Sorry! should have included his website for you, knipknives.com .
  4. Which Knifes Do You Use

    I have used and own quite a few different head knifes including Doziers but for my money I would take "Knips" knives over any of them. I have 2 now and use nothing else. Terry makes quite a few different styles of knive so I'm sure he can make whatever you are looking for. I know that Bob Parks, Bob Klenda and Jesse Smith use his knives and have nothing but good to say about them. Terry is on the forum as Knipper and has posted photos and doesn't take over a year to make one Just my two cents, Hope it helps Richard
  5. Sam Brown Button Hole Punch

    Looking for a Sam Brown Button Hole Punch. Weavers shows one #65-2570 but the hole looks round and I have seen holes punched that are more of a tear drop to the slit. Any help would be appreciated Richard
  6. Blevins Vs Farrows

    I believe Ron's is one of the only suppliers of the Farrow buckle, but not sure. One of the nice things is that you don't have to worry about losing the slide like you do with the Blevins Richard
  7. Head Knives & Round Knives

    Contact the CSMA, they have a knife they are selling that I believe was designed by Jesse Smith and made by "Knip". This is by far the best knife I have ever owned. It sells for around 250.00 and takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get one. Richard
  8. 7 Ring Snap Ring Hardware

    Thanks for the help everyone but I just keep striking out. Maybe they are a thing of the past Richard
  9. 7 Ring Snap Ring Hardware

    Already tried Springfield and they couldn't help Has anyone got any other Ideas
  10. I am looking for a source for 7 ring snap ring hardware for day planners. Any help would be appreciated Richard
  11. Just received my two new brown mauls from Ed today, WOW!! I had the pleasure of using Bob Beards maul at one of his classes at Wickenburg 2 years ago just to find out that he no longer made them. What a disappointment that was, and I know a lot of people like me have been wanting them and trying to get Bob to make them. Well here is your chance to get as close as you can. Not only do these mauls react the same and have great balance but they are a work of art to boot. I could not wait to try them as soon as they arrived today. I had a lot of bargrounding to do and what a great feel these have, just what I've been wanting. If you haven't gotten in line for yours yet you better do it soon because as word gets around I'm sure Ed won't be able to keep up with the demand. Ed has photos of mine so maybe he will post them here. And remember you get what you pay for so do yourself a favor and order a least one you won't be sorry. This is not a paid advertisement but just my two cents worth. Thanks so much Ed. I could not be any happier and Bob will be glad to get me off his back. Richard Garner Hide Shop
  12. Stiching Tools

    For stitching awls and blades go to Bob Douglas. His awl handle is about 65 dollars and the diamond blades around 25 dollars and you can get different sizes. I don't think anyone will argue the quality of Bob's tools. His number is 307-737-2222 dsctools@fiberpipe. net. Sheridan WY. If you plan on doing a lot of stitching this is the place to start Richard
  13. Stiching Tools

  14. Bob Beard's Black Maul

    I spoke to Bob at the Wickenberg show a week ago and he tells me that even though there are many willing to pay the price he is having a hard time even finding the materials now so don't know if we will ever see them again Richard
  15. I found the real trick is trying to get the new anvils in. I contacted Osborne for help and they ask me to send them the rotary punchs I was working on and they would replace them for me but when all was said and done they sent them back with new anvils for me to install myself. Mine came out alright by punching them out but would presume you could drill them out as suggested also.