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  1. U need to look up Singer 29k-4 and u should see all kinds of info on that old pTCHING MACHINE
  2. Yes u can mix these two together. I have been doing it for several years. I will apply it to the leather before I apply any dye. It will give u a brighter color. after u dye buffet it real good.
  3. does anyone know where u can buy camo leather

    1. nstarleather


      It's expensive.  I have some Advantage Timer and Mossy Oak- but it's like $8 per foot.

      I could sell you a hide or 2 at that if you really need it.


  4. Try looking at the book: Leather Braiding by Bruce Grant. it has all kinds of braiding
  5. where in east georgia are u , I am in griffin
  6. here is a better photo of backpack
  7. here is a back pack that I made using a pattern that I got from : The Green the pattern is for cloth but I changed it to be made from leather. they show a step to step on how to make and sew it. very easy to follow instructions.
  8. this is the holster I dyed pink
  9. you could try dyeing it pink with Angelus pink acrylic leather paint. I dyed a veg.tan holster with this and it is pink and does not crack or rub off, get it on Ebay
  10. I would suggest that you get the following books : The Art of Making Leather Cases vol 1,2,&3. by Al Stohlman. they are one of the best in helping you make cases and the patterns are easy to follow.Stephen
  11. Tandy Leather has a book title: Braiding and Laceing for fun. This book should answer your question.Stephen
  12. I mean springfield leather