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  1. How Do I Make New Toe Caps For My New Boots?

    I'll be doing some tooling work on them before they go on. Once they're molded, will it be a problem doing the tooling on them? I'm also going to use some very heavy leather such as harness leather because I'm VERY rough on my boots and want them to last.
  2. How Do I Make New Toe Caps For My New Boots?

    Does that go under the leather when I glue it down?
  3. How Do I Make New Toe Caps For My New Boots?

    Awesome, thank you, I'll be giving that a shot after dinner and homework!
  4. How Do I Make New Toe Caps For My New Boots?

    Yes I'm going to use Gorilla glue to attach them. How do I cut them so they're the right size/shape? I've never done anything that required molding or shaping.
  5. I got a new pair of Red Wing steel toe boots for xmas and I want to tool out a set of toe caps. The only thing I'm not sure about is how to cut or mold them so they fit right. Can anyone help please? Thank you in advance. Dirkin
  6. Want To Buy Large Strip

    What I need is a strip of leather that is 3 3/4" wide and between 45"' and 50" long. It needs to be at least 8oz, and ideally it should be around 12oz. I'm using it to make a very wide belt for my kilt. If you can help me, please email me at DreadPirateRedbeard@gmail.com or send me a message here. Thanks for your help.
  7. I have an order for a chain maille bikini top that is to be lined with purple leather. I'm looking for 2 to 3 square feet of either suede, garment leather or upholstery leather. It doesn't have to be super heavy but it can't be too thin. I'm not sure what weight I'm looking for as I don't work too much outside of tooling leather. I'm guessing that if I were comparing it to tooling leather, that I'd be looking for between 3-4oz and 7-8oz. I sure as hell hope that this makes sense. LOL I can pay by PayPal next Tuesday. I can be reached easiest at DreadPirateRedbeard@gmail.com. Thanks in advance for any help/replies. Dirkin
  8. Pirate Bracer

    Only the colouring that's on it now. I didn't want it to be too bright or loud. I really liked the way the black antiquing subdued the red in it.
  9. Pirate Bracer

    I finally got around to remaking this piece in better leather. I'm very pleased with the way this one came out. the undyed areas were gone over with Eco-Flo antique black. I'll probably harden this before I do anything else with it or the other piece.
  10. Christmas gifts

    The leatherwork is awesome, very good looking work. Since no one else has asked, I wanted to know who did the chains for the wallets? Maybe it's because I do chain maille in addition to the leather andblacksmithing that I noticed the chains themselves. Once again, very nice work all the way around!
  11. Motorcycle seats

    I'm looking to do custom tooled solo seats and b*tch seats. So before I go wasting my money on buying a seat pan to practice with, I need some advice from those who do seats. I've seen some unbelievably amazing work on motorcycle seats from members of this forum. I've looked up some info on the forum here but still have some questions. Some of the main questions I have are, 1) How do I determine how much foam to use for each seat? 2) How do I shape the foam for the seat so it's uniform and comfortable for the rider. 3) How do I attach the leather to the seat pan once all the tooling is done? 4) What finish/technique do I use to keep the dyes and such from rubbing off on the riders clothing? I know that the USMC black leaves a lot of rub off as do other colours/brands I'm sure. If there are any other tips/tricks to doing motorcycle seats. I will be grateful for any and all advice I get from everyone here. I have always received the best help from the members of this forum and thus, have gained a lot of skills form your advice. Thanks in advance everyone! Dirkin
  12. What is this and how do I use it?

    I know this is probably a dumb question but I've had this thing for a while but have never known what it's for. Can someone tell me what it's used for and how to use it?
  13. Looking for Old english Stamps

    I think I should have added that I'll be welding these together to be used as a branding iron.
  14. Looking for Old english Stamps

    I'm looking for a set of letter stamps in Olde English lettering. I have a contract with a company to make some items for them that requires a number and letter set in Olde English script. I've looked on several websites including Tandy and eBay with no luck. To have a custom made stamp set would be expensive. Does anyone know where I could locate a set of these? They need to be approximately 1" to 1 1/2" in height. Thanks in advance for any help. If this is in the wrong area, please move it to the appropriate place. Thanks again everyone. Dirkin
  15. A take at a new logo...

    That is fantastic work. I start getting proud of my work thinking it's great and then along comes something like this to remind me of just how much of a beginner I really am. I have so much to learn to get to your talent level. This is the kind of product I aspire to make. I don't have the words to describe how truly awesome this is.