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  1. Shout out to Black River Laser.

    I just ordered three template sets from them, should be here in about a week!
  2. Sewing Vs Lace What Lace

    Thanks for the replies, I an sewing the inner dividers to the gussets and want to lace the back/flap and the front panel. I will check springfield leather for the lace. Electrathon, That wallet is very nice! I will post pictures when the bag is complete. Thanks again.
  3. Sewing Vs Lace What Lace

    Hi all. new here. started leather work least spring. I am currently working o a maverick bag for my niece for graduation. my initial thought was to lace the edges of the front and back panels, but I,m worried about the strength of the seams. So now to the question, Is lace strong enough for this type of bag, if so is calf lace acceptable or should I use kangaroo lace? hand stitching is the other option, but slower for me. I only have two weeks of evenings to complete this bag. Thanks to all on this site for the inspiration on this site. I will post pix after i complete the bag.