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  1. Our most popular stamps

    Do you like my new stamp? Maybe I need to make other animals or birds? I will glad to hear advice #89 in stock, please PM to me
  2. My new original buckles in stock on Etsy:
  3. Our most popular stamps

    yes, with kit #67, principle the same :
  4. Our most popular stamps

    I can make half scale stamp if you woll need I can make half scale stamp if you will need
  5. Our most popular stamps

    My new stamp in stock:
  6. Belt Buckles

    I made my own topic for buckles. And I wanted to delete my message from this topic, but I can`t... Maybe admin help me? And I am sorry again, I thought, that it was common topic for buckles...
  7. Hello friends! My new bussines derection: designer belt buckle from bronze. The first model of buckle in stock: Designed: by Sergey Neskromniy Size: for standart belt 38mm Material: Italian jewelery bronze with patina, casting Price 35 euro (41$) In the nearest time in Stock:
  8. Our most popular stamps

    Please see my new stamps. For contact: In stock on Etsy:
  9. Our most popular stamps

    catalog has been sent
  10. Belt Buckles

    Yes, this was my last message, sorry, I will ask admin to help me ))
  11. Our most popular stamps

    I sent a catalog to your e-mail
  12. Belt Buckles

    Hello! I have some models in stock now, but after 10-14 days I will have 5 new models and I will post here You can send me e-mail: (Dragon buckle - this is only model from plastic, I will make it from bronze) ok, no problem, I will new post after few days.