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  1. Landis 3-1 For Sale $550

    Landis 3-1 for sale $550 plus shipping which Im guessing around $50
  2. Setting Rivets
  3. Making A Cutting Table - Advice Appreciated

    the one I got from jo ann fabric's is bigger than this so they do come bigger. It works good you can get your cuts square
  4. 1St Dog Collar

    where are you getting your rivets
  5. Tool Bag

    thanks guys
  6. Tool Bag

    inside of tool bag
  7. Wallet

    Don't worry bro they will get better.Just take it slow and hand crank the machine is the way I do it.So keep at it your doin fine
  8. Wallets

    hey matthew its Eco-Flo Gel Antique Saddle Tan then rub it on get the dye down in the stamping then wipe off. Eco-Flo black airbrushed edges thank you twin oaks thank you bitone40
  9. Wallets Ive been working on for the brothers on the job. Thanks KK you have inspired me.
  10. first wallet

    A brother give it to me try out I dont think he's getting it back I'm kind of attached to it now lol.
  11. first wallet

    thank you but that wallet was the second try on the first one I had trouble with the bug stamp it walked on me. And I learned how to basketweave.Here's a belt I'm workin on
  12. I have made pocket pouches for the brothers on the job with their names an local numbers for the past 10 months an decided to try my hand at making some wallets an belts so here goes.