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  1. Thanks so much! He can still use it then, as the staunch Irishman that he is, he likes to tinker around and repurpose things. Off to look for a stitching pony then, Dag
  2. Hi, It was easier to start another thread for some reason. To make story short, had anyone see something like my "Pony" Thanks again Dag
  3. I bought this few years ago for my husband just because he likes old and unusual things. It "moved" around our house performing different duties, sometimes as plant stand, sometimes as a side table. And then I thought: "Pony"? but with those iron jaws? Any ideas? sp2.rtfd.zipsp3.rtfd.zip Dag Going to tutorial on attachments now...
  4. I don't think she'll like it. Put in in a box right away and send it to me!
  5. I have good sense of humor! Let me in, please!
  6. Hi, JinxedDream, I might be new to leather craft, but I am a rider and saddles are my passion, just ask my husband. Two different horses, different size and breed, Western, English, (jumping, dressage, all purpose), Treeless saddles, Flex Panel, I have tried them and own most of them. They ALL have their purpose. Looking at your pictures, for the life of me I can not believe how short your fenders are. For a 36” inch inseam length, to have a leg on horse and be able to reach his barrel with heel/spur they have to be short, but they create torque in your knees. That would explain why you don’t have that problem riding bare back. Short fenders/leathers will also push your seat out of alignment, creating lower back problems. And why is your Aussie Saddle more comfortable? Fenders are turned, which helps a lot, just like RufusJames mentioned. English saddles have much thinner/narrower leathers, but with your legs, I imagine you have problems with knee blocks pushing your upper leg to outside. I will look forward to your post on saddle making, I’m planning to make saddle pad for my daughter, with spinal protection for her horse. Good luck, I understand saddle fitting. Dag
  7. Hi, just wondering about your progress. Please take pictures!
  8. Thank you so much for all your responses. I received more pictures of the offered machine, and If you could help to clear my confusion: is it Adler? Modified Adler/Ferdinand Bull? Chandler? What do you think would be a fair price for it? I am told it is 20-30 years old? I need to make harness / tack repairs. Can't find anyone in my area. Thanks again, Dag