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  1. What Is It ( Again )

    Thanks so much! He can still use it then, as the staunch Irishman that he is, he likes to tinker around and repurpose things. Off to look for a stitching pony then, Dag
  2. What Is It ( Again )

    Hi, It was easier to start another thread for some reason. To make story short, had anyone see something like my "Pony" Thanks again Dag
  3. Do You Know What This Is?

    I bought this few years ago for my husband just because he likes old and unusual things. It "moved" around our house performing different duties, sometimes as plant stand, sometimes as a side table. And then I thought: "Pony"? but with those iron jaws? Any ideas? sp2.rtfd.zipsp3.rtfd.zip Dag Going to tutorial on attachments now...
  4. I don't think she'll like it. Put in in a box right away and send it to me!
  5. I have good sense of humor! Let me in, please!
  6. Fitting The Rider

    Hi, JinxedDream, I might be new to leather craft, but I am a rider and saddles are my passion, just ask my husband. Two different horses, different size and breed, Western, English, (jumping, dressage, all purpose), Treeless saddles, Flex Panel, I have tried them and own most of them. They ALL have their purpose. Looking at your pictures, for the life of me I can not believe how short your fenders are. For a 36” inch inseam length, to have a leg on horse and be able to reach his barrel with heel/spur they have to be short, but they create torque in your knees. That would explain why you don’t have that problem riding bare back. Short fenders/leathers will also push your seat out of alignment, creating lower back problems. And why is your Aussie Saddle more comfortable? Fenders are turned, which helps a lot, just like RufusJames mentioned. English saddles have much thinner/narrower leathers, but with your legs, I imagine you have problems with knee blocks pushing your upper leg to outside. I will look forward to your post on saddle making, I’m planning to make saddle pad for my daughter, with spinal protection for her horse. Good luck, I understand saddle fitting. Dag
  7. Mule Collars, Huh!

    Hi, just wondering about your progress. Please take pictures!
  8. Thank you so much for all your responses. I received more pictures of the offered machine, and If you could help to clear my confusion: is it Adler? Modified Adler/Ferdinand Bull? Chandler? What do you think would be a fair price for it? I am told it is 20-30 years old? I need to make harness / tack repairs. Can't find anyone in my area. Thanks again, Dag
  9. Hi, I not sure exactly where I should post my question but would anyone know what machine is that? I can see Adler name, but would like to know about its capabilities and what would be reasonable price for it. Thanks so much, Dag