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  1. Sewing before finishing

    I'm making a bass bow quiver with a carved pattern. I usually sew projects after they are fully stained, antiqued, and finished (usually satin shene.) In this case, I need to sew the pattern up and then wet the project and place a block in the end to expand the leather a bit so it doesn't pinch the bow when inserted during use of the quiver. Do I sew it up before blocking then stain and finish? This will make it difficult to antique and the finish may drip as it won't be laying flat. If I finish then sew and try to expand the end, won't it mess the finish?
  2. Aside from sewing, is there a reliable way to attach fleece to the back of an all-leather strap to act as a cushion to the wearer?
  3. I've done a number of projects and have always oiled after the tooling was complete. I learned early on that over-oiling (at least with Neatsfoot) means "too dark." Is there a disadvantage to oiling before starting to carve and tool? Thank you, Sal
  4. Carved Guitar Strap

    My latest strap. The tooling gets a little easier with each one. Comments/Suggestions welcome. Sal
  5. Guitar Strap

    Wow, that's gorgeous!
  6. Sheridan Style Guitar Strap

    Latest guitar strap. Sheridan-esque: scrolls but no flowers. Based on a pattern off of an old belt. Comments welcome in either direction. Thank you, Sal
  7. Pseudo Sheridan Guitar Strap

    Latest personalized strap. No dye ... just neats foot oil, satin sheen x2, fiebings dark browne antique paste, satin sheen. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thank you, Sal
  8. Some Mandolin Straps

    Some basic mando straps for F-style mandolins. No hardware to scratch the instrument.
  9. Guitar Sweat Shield

    I posted a few weeks ago asking how something might this might be done and got some good suggestions ... especially as it related to attaching the front and back halves with velcro. I took some scrap leather and whipped this up. I designed the Sheridan pattern and it's really my first attempt at tooling one. Also my first attempt at stitching leather (drove the awl into my finger only once.) Thanks for the help and I'm interested in any other ideas or suggestions. Sal
  10. throne cover a.k.a. toilet seat cover

    Way too nice to have anywhere near the commode. Sal
  11. Guitar and Mandolin. I got into this to make straps. Sal
  12. Just to be sure ...

    The correct time to punch and hand stitch is AFTER the final coats of Neat-Lac or Bag-Kote or Tan-Kote, etc...? There is typically no finish applied after the stitching? Thank you, Sal
  13. Andy, I feel your pain. No, really ... my springer just got skunked two hours ago. What is it with dogs and skunks? Sal
  14. Armrest for guitar

    It does indeed protect the lower bout of the guitar from arm sweat. A soft unfinished leather inside should not harm the guitar finish. I won't use as much leather as the picture shows cloth ... I'll scoop out the top a little along the contours of the body. This should still provide enough protection as it seems only the corner of the bout is really affected, and should not affect the tone as it's along the edge of the instrument. They make glue-on wooden protectors also and common consensus is that the tone is not affected by these. Heck, Martin Guitar markets an Elvis model guitar with most of the front sides and back covered in leather. I'm thinking three pieces; one in front as shown with a little scoop out along the bottom line, a mirror image of the front piece for the back of the guitar, and the top piece to connect them and lie along the side of the guitar. It'll kind of sit on the lower bout like a hat. It'll have two thin straps, one connecting to each button on the guitar to stabilize it during play. I've drawn up a Sheridan style pattern for the front piece. I'm just at a little bit of a loss for the best way to connect the three pieces; front, back, and top. Thanks for the help, Sal
  15. Armrest for guitar

    I'm going to try to fabricate one of these armrests out of leather. See the picture below ... it's the cloth piece under the guy's arm. I'm just wondering how I should fasten the three main pieces together. Bevel and saddle stitch at a 90 degree angle? Fold the leather over and saddle stitch straight on? Lace it? Any help and ideas are greatly appreciated. Sal