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  1. Hi Bobby. If I understand your question... the deerskin bag is a 32" diameter circle. Previous iterations have been two half circles depending on the hide. I either turn the edge over or add a contrasting strip to finish the edge. I then punch the holes for gathering the top, lay it on the tooled center, glue, then sew. Best situation is an oval so the pouch can expand side to side and not just front to back (learned that the hard way).
  2. This is the fourth backpack, the first one I kept since I needed to test the design (and because all the mistakes leap out at me) The top flap kinda limits how full you can go. 1st, 2nd and 3rd pics attached. Since I'm getting so much feedback here, what price would you put on one of these? I struggle with that, just as pretty much everyone does...
  3. Thanks YinTx. I found a bag Pinterest from a maker in France... spent some time with graph paper and recreated it based on what I thought it needed to work for me. Oh, thank you! I can't wait to try that!
  4. You guys are amazing, so positive! That's not always been my experience with online forums! More pics as requested...
  5. That's funny... I guess that nice grey hide I have means the next pack might have to be less dainty
  6. I belong to the SCA and am a sometime worker of leather. I made this chamfron for my horse a while ago. It was influenced by a Tibetan artifact originally made from metal plates over silk. She doesn't mind it and now I'm looking forward to building a matching crinet!
  7. Yes, the main pouch has a drawcord with manual tensioner. It looks open here because I didn't have it cinched down. And theft is the reason I put the hidden pocket in the back.
  8. The weather wasn't cooperating yesterday for photos, but I have a couple more... And my favorite tip I've picked up from this group... drawer liner to prevent distortion while tooling!
  9. The weather wasn't cooperating yesterday for photos, but I have a couple more...
  10. The edges are all burnished then dyed to the stitch line (more a function of using those goofy daubers than my intent to go that far )
  11. Just finished this custom ordered backpack today. Pierced rose pattern over deerskin bag. It has two small pockets inside and a hidden Velcro pocket on the back. I'll take all the advice I can get to improve my work. Thank you!
  12. Piercing tools and techniques

    Just in case you wanted to see the finished product... Oh, I used a scalpel and a bit of fire to get the fiddly bits smoothed out. Thanks everyone!
  13. Piercing tools and techniques

    Excellent suggestions everyone, I will look into some finer scalpel blades. My husband just made me an itty bitty wood burnished that works with a dremel that I'm going to try. Matt you are too funny... I don't generally burn leather in my home, but I have been known to open a big can of glue and chase my husband out of the room
  14. Skiving stretchy leather

    While I haven't tried it on such stretchy leather as you are using, I have used adhesive drawer liner to stabilize tooling leather. Maybe it would work for stretchy leather?
  15. Hello all! I was working on a project that required piercing the tooling leather so that the soft contrasting leather underneath shows through the design. I've done something similar a number of times on other projects, but the spaces I needed to cut out this time were smaller and more complex. What tools do you use for piercing? Do you have a system for burnishing the whispy pieces in the cutout areas? I'm also happy to have feedback on anything you see that I could be doing better...