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  1. Very nice work. i don't do bows so I must ask. what is the purpose of the bow quiver? i thought a quiver was to hold arrows. Joel
  2. I'm looking for the maker of this leather project. Specifically the closure on the small bag. Please tell how it was made. Or perhaps a close up so I might get a better look at it. Thanks Joel
  3. Yeah, why won't it open like they used to?
  4. Will the maker of this bag please share with us how the knot (circled in red) was made? I've tried, but have been unsuccessful at recreating it. thanks Joel
  5. Or you could cut each piece a little larger than needed. Attach and finish everything but the oversize edges, and then just cut them as a single piece. Instant edge match! I do this when multiple edges need to be exact. Joel
  6. Damn boy,, now thems are real to truth BBQ outfits. Very nice work! Love them both.
  7. It took me awhile to figure out what you did, I thought I was seeing a tri fold wallet instead of a bi fold wallet, but now that I understand what I'm seeing I gotta say, Very Very nice, use of different leathers, and I like it quite a bit. I originally got hung up trying to decipher the picture of the turn over area. Then I read your comment about a bill storage, and I understood. Nice going!
  8. Unusual bag design, but the execution of it is breathtaking good. That is some of the best hand stitching I have seen in awhile.
  9. Hi GrampaJoel,


    You replied to my question here and I just wanted to let you know I've tried all your tips and they helped immensely! The main factor was bevelling the strands, they lay lovely and flat now. Being inexperienced I couldn't quite put words to what didn't look right in my braiding, but that was the missing piece to the puzzle. 


    I knocked up a very simple lace beveller myself (below) using instructions instructions I found on Shane Hutchinson's Youtube channel and it works a treat! 


    Heartfelt thanks,

    Kristy :)



    1. GrampaJoel


      You are more than welcome.

      I'm glad I could be of assistance. 

  10. My hints, for what they are worth. 1. you need to bevel the inside edges to get a flatter lay on your strands. If that is what you are after. 2. Use way more creme on your strands than you think you need. This keeps them moist and will aide in your pull to keep your braid tight. 3. Draw a straight line down your dowel. Pick a color and make sure it always lands on the line. This will straighten up you braiding lines. Learning to braid a straight line is getting your pull constant. Getting the pull right usually comes with lots of practice. good luck Joel
  11. It's hard to say what type it is just from a photo. But it appears to be pretty thin, and soft. Dont get side tracked by the colors thinking it is latago. From the colors it could be harness leather too. But I doubt it is. I would bet it is similar to what Tandy calls chap leather, or upholstery leather. Joel
  12. Looking good Bob. Great job, I like the colors. Joel
  13. For style #34 you are going to need a pretty good size side. I'd say at least 24 sq ft. Because Your 38" leg will take a lot of material. Plus you are making step-in's and will need quite a bit of material for wrapping around the leg. Think, a pair of pants. Dwights suggestion was right on target. It is a very cheap way to figure out what you are doing. I used inexpensive Naugahyde when I first started learning to make chaps and chinks. Now days I just take measurements and lay them out on a card stock bought from Office Depot to make my patterns. If you make enough pairs you will soon see how much leather you need just by looking at your card stock pattern. Remember. Some of the leather will be unusable, so count on scraps. Let us know how they turn out. Just a thought. The Klenda pattern might tell you how to figure the leather you will need. Joel
  14. You my dear have some incredible talent!! Your stitching is beyond excellent. Your execution of design is superb! Very wonderful job!!! Joel
  15. Can't help with contact stuff. Just curious though. Why are you wanting to order kangaroo lace from the USA? Y-knot gets their lace from Australia . Wouldn't it be easier just to buy it there where you are and save the shipping cost?