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  1. I braided this entire set around a rectangle core I cut from harness leather. As long as you pull your strings tight it works just fine. Also to me it actually wasn't any harder to do than with a round core. Joel
  2. This is excellent work. your inlay is excellent , and your coloring is superb. but what caught my eyes is the stitching. I would like to compliment your stitching. Not only is it good, but you took the time to match the thread holes so that the stitches lie side by side. This raises the whole project above the bar by doing so to beyond professional work,,,, to art. Joel
  3. Oh my mistake. sorry, thanks for the reply. Joel
  4. Your work is superb! I really enjoy figuring out what you have done. Just beautiful is a just description of your work. To tell the truth I have been waiting for you to post again. I have been trying to figure out the closure in the bag pictured below. I asked in the knot section here, but got no replies. Please, will you share with me the method for braiding this Scorpio tail type of knot? The one you used on the closing strings for the pouch in the picture below. Thanks Joel
  5. Your colors are so perfect. Do you use factory colored leather?
  6. Thank you for taking the time to explain to me. I understand completely. Thank you for the photo to help explain what you did. I originally thought it was a flat braid of some kind. So I thought you must have had a secret way of laying your strings out to get the color separation. I now see( with your gracious help) that it is just a set of four string braids, braided together. now that I know the secret I still think it's a great job! your knots are superb also. thanks again! Joel
  7. I'd say you pretty much have it down. very clean work! and your stitching in perfect. Joel
  8. Very nice work. Simple but stylish. How about showing us how you laid out your strings to achive the red separated from the black pattern. I'm sure many of us would like to know. thanks Joel
  9. Ahhh, it looks like a big o'glob of melted caramel to me. I like your stitchen! Nice going! Joel
  10. Well Ron, I had problems getting photos to work with this new system also. So you are not alone. And I must say, I'm also stumped. I'm not sure if you are asking a question, or trying to show a method you are using. Either way from your photos and explanation I'm not following what you are getting at. Maybe,,, others here are having the same problem as I am. Thanks Joel
  11. Thank you. Joel
  12. Thanks for the follow up pictures. From what I see I surmise that the center section is made up of four pieces. Am I correct? thanks Joel
  13. Nope no 'pink elephant ' . but,,,, I Might see some pink colored thread. I would most certainly wear it. Looks nice, plus, I like that style holster. I have a question though. How do you keep from getting sewing machine tracks on your holsters? You don't hand sew do you? thanks Joel
  14. Looks very nice! Will you explain the center section a little more please. I really like that idea and I need a new wallet myself. thanks Joel
  15. I don't have the Hansen string cutter, I have a lace master. When I split string I use a new razor blade, and I strop it to sharpen it even more. I have cut and braided veg tan leather. But you need a REAL sharp blade to get a smooth meat side finish. try sharpening a new blade and see if that cures you problems. good luck Joel