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  1. Back braiding

    Do you use a cover knot on the back braid connecting point?
  2. Sixty Button Reins

    Mom 'o man! That must have taken forever. Wow, getting all them buttons just alike and perfectly alike is simple amazing. Holly moly you got my admiration. Do you have a market for costly items like that up there in Idaho? Money seems tight here in SOCAL.
  3. Yeah I can see where you would be PO'ed. I like you design though , however, it would be hard to keep cards in a slot opening on its side. But I would be more concerned on the sloppy stitching. There are ways to fix the missed card holder. But the stitching says, that you really don't know much about your sewing machine. The thread tension needs to be adjusted every time you change threads and thread weight. You didn't, and that's why you have the pulled up thread on the card slots. It looks sloppy and unprofessional. There's nothing worse than having a machine and not getting the results it's capable of. If my review offends you I apologie now. But you need to know these things if you truely intend to sell leather items in the very competitive world of leather goods. Keep going, ' cause there's always room for another maker.
  4. A year or so ago I tried several places that were supposed to know how to build them. But they all said they didn't. I think perhaps the Knikkles on this sight might use it. But they are in Canada. A tree gets pretty expensive with shipping and taxes to southern calif. Im selling all my saddle building tools from my shop. I repaired and rebuilt quite a few cheap quality saddles, but I never even got to use the Lane system I bought. No one around here wanted to pay for the parts alone, let alone a saddle custom built. It's to hard to sell custom quality saddles here in southern calif. at least for me.
  5. Thank you. Joel
  6. Romel repair

    Late reply I know. But it is definitely repairable. as bucksnort said. Remove the button and make a new bend. Weave it in, put a new button on the weave in and there ya go. Joel
  7. Very nice! It seems very simple in appearance, but I can't see how you put it together. Would you care to share your build method? thanks Joel
  8. My first saddle

    Nice job! That saddle reminds me of an endurance saddle I used to ride. It was made by a company called Stonewall, if I remember correctly. I put hundreds of miles on that 14 lb saddle, using the same horse. I liked it, and my horse liked it. All I had to do was hold it up and he would move right over to have it put on. Joel
  9. Marble bags

    Thanks. Most of the bags were at least two colored. Back and front. About 40% were single colored. The striped ones were a good seller. Some had red back sides, kinds of Christmassie and some were blue backed being more patriotic . I ended up making more of the striped ones right away after the first day of sales.
  10. Marble bags

    I had a stamp made at an Office Supply store.. The stamp worked 100% better on the ruffout than the textured side. I thought it might catch a bit of humor for some folks, and it did.
  11. Marble bags

    Thanks for the compliment ! They would work well for what ever a person wanted them for. Two people immediately took the marbles out and said they didn't want the marbles. are marbles back in? I don't know, but my grandsons know how to play. I figured they might have a nostalgic selling point.
  12. I made these marble bags to sell at a crafters boutique my wife was involved in. A starter set of marbles in each bag. I made in total over 35 bags most were different from one another. But I did make a few that were similar Joel
  13. Incredible rise on the feathers! VERY IMPRESSIVE !! Joel
  14. that purse is pretty darn cute! Where did you get the pattern?
  15. Well I was impressed before, but telling me it is cut & sewn by hand. I applaud your craftsmanship And I bow to your master artistry skills. Joel