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  1. Thank you. Joel
  2. Romel repair

    Late reply I know. But it is definitely repairable. as bucksnort said. Remove the button and make a new bend. Weave it in, put a new button on the weave in and there ya go. Joel
  3. Very nice! It seems very simple in appearance, but I can't see how you put it together. Would you care to share your build method? thanks Joel
  4. My first saddle

    Nice job! That saddle reminds me of an endurance saddle I used to ride. It was made by a company called Stonewall, if I remember correctly. I put hundreds of miles on that 14 lb saddle, using the same horse. I liked it, and my horse liked it. All I had to do was hold it up and he would move right over to have it put on. Joel
  5. Marble bags

    Thanks. Most of the bags were at least two colored. Back and front. About 40% were single colored. The striped ones were a good seller. Some had red back sides, kinds of Christmassie and some were blue backed being more patriotic . I ended up making more of the striped ones right away after the first day of sales.
  6. Marble bags

    I had a stamp made at an Office Supply store.. The stamp worked 100% better on the ruffout than the textured side. I thought it might catch a bit of humor for some folks, and it did.
  7. Marble bags

    Thanks for the compliment ! They would work well for what ever a person wanted them for. Two people immediately took the marbles out and said they didn't want the marbles. are marbles back in? I don't know, but my grandsons know how to play. I figured they might have a nostalgic selling point.
  8. I made these marble bags to sell at a crafters boutique my wife was involved in. A starter set of marbles in each bag. I made in total over 35 bags most were different from one another. But I did make a few that were similar Joel
  9. Incredible rise on the feathers! VERY IMPRESSIVE !! Joel
  10. that purse is pretty darn cute! Where did you get the pattern?
  11. Well I was impressed before, but telling me it is cut & sewn by hand. I applaud your craftsmanship And I bow to your master artistry skills. Joel
  12. Roping Saddle

    I'd like to complement you on you weave patterns. Their angles are near perfect. Your imperfections on saddle structure will improve in time. If you stay with it. hey goldshot. I've got a Rods draw down horse if you know anyone local needing one. $450.00 firm on the price. It's in real good condition. Im selling my shop bit by bit.
  13. Starting braid

    I'm a little late for this question, but I do it this way. I'm guessing you are using a round stick. 1. Find the half way position on your stick. 2. Find half of you lace length and tie to your stick at its half way. 3. Pick a side and start braiding. 4 when at the end temporary Tie it off. 5 go to where you have your lace at the half stick. Un tie it. 6. Braid till you get to the end. 7. Decide how you will finish the ends.
  14. Very nice work! Are you using a laser to cut the leather so precisely? Joel
  15. Panama straw

    I haven't been around in quite awhile. So today I log back in to see what folks are up to. The first thing I see is your holster post. I just have to say WOW! That's very nice work, and great thinking outside the box! Joel