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  1. Hedeby Quiver

    Excellent! Are you in the SCA by any chance? Or is the reenactment a different type?
  2. Japanese Knot Purse

    Thanks! If only I could sell it for the same amount! Actually I nabbed it from a pdf on these forums! The pattern was NOT intuitive for me at all, at one point I was baffled how it would actually end up working, but I just kept doing what it told me to do and it hit that click point where you go "Oooooh THAT'S how that works." I did modify the pattern to make a shoulder strap instead of a wrist strap though. Far too many, but some of that was fumbling around because it's the first time I made it.
  3. Japanese Knot Purse

    Hah more like 12. Thin thread though so it looks fine than it actually is. There's actually 3! The two are made of a bit of fabric that lines up perfectly with the background. Thanks!
  4. Eye am watching you

    Those are awesome, and fantastic painting job!
  5. Ok so I spent way too long hand sewing this thing, mostly due to the straps. I'm pretty happy with how it came out though! The leather is a really soft strong navy blue, and the interior is cotton. I'm rather pleased with how well I lined up the pockets, I used up just about all of the fabric I had in this pattern for it.
  6. In search of Baroque Bridle hardware and adornments

    Where did you find them?
  7. Leather Scissor Case Template/Pattern

    That's kinda how I made my snips sheath, just laid the snips on paper, left enough space to account for the leather going around the snips and for stitches, then folded the paper where the bottom goes and cut it out following the drawn shape so it would have a taper and just tidied up the top into a curve to make it easy to remove. Works great!
  8. Flip Flops Tutorial

    Whoops, realized I should have quoted you when replying.
  9. Flip Flops Tutorial

    Hey that's a really neat looking caddy! Very professional and clean. I particularly like the leather wrapped base, it adds an extra something to it that makes it a bit more special. I think the only thing that would improve it is magnets somewhere on it to slap small files on it! Tell ya what, I can't just get that thing for nothing, the shipping alone would be crazy (especially since rates just went up yet again) I think I mentioned to you that I've been doing lampworking, if you want some custom beads I can hook you up. Not really a fair exchange as far as size and cost to ship goes, but they're pretty fun. You already sent me the LED paraphernalia, and how odd that you bring it up since I just had a customer come in talking about getting an etched glass backlit with LEDs set into a frame.
  10. Flip Flops Tutorial

    Daaaaaamn how did I miss those?! Now those have CHARACTER. ;D
  11. Wow, those look pretty unique! Can you post a picture of it opened up? Very nice stitching, by the way.
  12. Dying

    That is an excellent dragon! I'd worry about the dragon disappearing as well, although you could go over the dragon again with acrylic paint in a lighter color. The deeper areas would capture more of the paint and give it an outlined effect. Before you do anything, I'd actually try tooling a scrap of the leather and try out the dye on that first, it would be tragic to ruin this!
  13. Belt Bag for Archery

    You can always buy some nail polish or enamel paint, rough up the rivets with sandpaper, and give them a paint job. The whole thing looks really nice!
  14. Bow Quiver

    That is fantastic! I was debating on whether or not I should make one since I'm making some sorry attempts at horseback archery, and I think I'm going to have to take the plunge.