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  1. New Project in progress: Music Case

    Yin, if that's the worst part of the entire bag, then you don't have much to worry about. Looks like it's really shaping up!
  2. New Project in progress: Music Case

    You tease the fish-o, you get the bite-o. ;D
  3. New Project in progress: Music Case

    Oh, yeah, those edges just look like total crap. --__-- Seriously beautiful work, as always. Also, you followed the key rule, which is don't bleed on the artwork. (floors, clothes, and fish are permissible.)
  4. Rest In Peace Dear Friend- RaySouth

    My condolences to his family and friends.
  5. Bridle ready to go

    Nice! Would look super on a big boned head to balance it a bit.
  6. Early/Mid 13th Century Belt

    NICE! Do you have links to the resources you used to get the pattern? I'm in the SCA here and any member who saw this would go bonkers!
  7. Mini Rivet Box

    Haha, yeah that was just a fortunate coincidence! The "rivets" along the top are actually plaster, like most frames with decorations like that. (the exception being hardwood frames that sometimes have everything carved into the surface) Thanks! I realized in retrospect that they look like a cat peeking sideways over the edge, so I made sure to place the rivets in a spot that didn't make them look like eyes. No real set purpose for it, although a quilter told me that the box she bought from me would be used to hold all the tiny thread scraps as she's working on a quilt so they wouldn't keep getting everywhere until she got around to throwing them out. Thanks!
  8. First ever bag!

    Beats the pants off of my first bag, that's for sure! Beautifully done!
  9. Next Bag

    Nice decorative addition!
  10. Bridle bubbles

    That looks the way veg tan acts when it's not sealed at all, was there a wax buffed in to the leather?
  11. Couple of bits from me

    Very clean looking work there! The hardware sets it off nicely too.
  12. Mini Rivet Box

    I swear I had been mulling over making a box by riveting it before I saw Retswer's at , that being said I did take some tips from what was said on his thread and made sure to skive my flaps down. This is a pretty small box, less than 2" x 2". The lid is actually wood from mitered frames with a scrap of leather glued onto the bottom. I think it turned out pretty well for a mach 2 (mach one turned out to not be feasible)
  13. Vertical type PC bag

    Fantastic use of contasting colors to make the outside really pop! I'm a little bummed about the interior color, mustart yellow doesn't mesh well with that fantastic leather, it would be fun to see something like a bright color interior, but if that's what you had then that's what ya got. Overall though I really like the shape and visual feel of it!
  14. First airbrush attempt

    The effect IS subtle, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It will probably look awesome the more it ages.
  15. boots

    That's some pro work!