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  1. Flip Flops Tutorial

    Daaaaaamn how did I miss those?! Now those have CHARACTER. ;D
  2. Wow, those look pretty unique! Can you post a picture of it opened up? Very nice stitching, by the way.
  3. Dying

    That is an excellent dragon! I'd worry about the dragon disappearing as well, although you could go over the dragon again with acrylic paint in a lighter color. The deeper areas would capture more of the paint and give it an outlined effect. Before you do anything, I'd actually try tooling a scrap of the leather and try out the dye on that first, it would be tragic to ruin this!
  4. Belt Bag for Archery

    You can always buy some nail polish or enamel paint, rough up the rivets with sandpaper, and give them a paint job. The whole thing looks really nice!
  5. Bow Quiver

    That is fantastic! I was debating on whether or not I should make one since I'm making some sorry attempts at horseback archery, and I think I'm going to have to take the plunge.
  6. I decided to begin.

    If you can somehow incorporate something from your town into your work, either a certain style, typical color used, or a decoration that has some tie to your town, that will give your products an appeal to tourists who want something to remember their travels by.
  7. Edge painting

    I dunno, with the way the rest of the leather looks, that might just be what you're going to get with that stuff. I say accept it as part of the look, maybe do an overstitch for decoration over the edges or something.
  8. Deal of the Century!!! Amazing, Brand new like tools for sale.

    Where are you located?
  9. leather bracelet

    Neat! I didn't catch that it was cut outs at first, that will have a lot of depth to it.
  10. Yeah, really slick looking!
  11. last saddles

    Those are fantastic, and I LOVE the second one's color. The feather is done perfectly too, it looks like it just drifted down onto it!
  12. How I make Wedding Ring Boxes

    That was a great look into all the behind the scenes work that goes into those boxes! Thanks for posting it!
  13. all tools

    Hey, I live in central Iowa too! Maybe we could meet some time!
  14. Dog Harness

    You can see that the chest on your dog compared to most other dogs is incredibly narrow, in your dog's case I would treat it more like you would a breast collar for a horse, in that you have the wide chest plate but have a d-ring in the center of it and a narrow strap that goes between the front legs, instead of a wider solid piece. Could even make it a leather braided cord with a snap on the end instead of a flat strap. That is 100% awesome!
  15. Leather Wrapped Bicycle

    Woah! That's one fancied up bike!