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  1. Really nice! One thing that would make it even better is to make the background a bit darker behind it, that would make it pop even more!
  2. Hah, well I'm in the hand sewing camp myself. If you're planning on cranking them out then a machine may be called for, but I like the character hand sewing gives.
  3. Pretty slick, especially for a first try!
  4. That is absolutely gorgeous!
  5. Oh wow, you went a few steps further than I did! I just took an existing cardboard MTG storage box and covered/stitched leather onto it. Worked out pretty nice since I didn't have to do any real measuring.
  6. Yeah, they should hire you to make some limited edition covers for them. Excellent job.
  7. Hello from another novice leather worker and even more novice bowhunter! (as in, I've shot vermin with my bow but have yet to actually get food with it) Great advice already given, and another one is get the right tools for the job. Nothing more frustrating than trying to get something done that could be done EASILY with ____ tool. Unfortunately that changes with what you're trying to make! ;D
  8. Welcome, and definitely check out Nigel's videos. He has an excellent series where he compares irons, giving some excellent advice on which ones work for what you want to do and how they compare to each other.
  9. This right here pains me, because that IS a really nice bag, but that photo...Ok, purple is an odd choice of background color, but the fact that it's easily identified as a towel just makes your piece look cheaper than it actually is. Even just cropping in the image does a lot to help (because after all, you're selling the pouch, not the towel, why even show all of the towel?) or if you just don't have a good background, using a freeware program like GIMP to remove the background and paint in something neutral works better than a busy background. This literally took me less than five minutes to do: Not ideal, due to the table showing in the background and part of the pattern of the towel, but it's a step up. This This is a hot mess because I didn't take my time with it, but it still shows off your pouch better than the towel. Boriqua has some great examples there, and I'd definitely read up on his posts in the photography area. I'm not slamming you for not knowing how to do this, by the way. It looks like you know how to do a lot of stuff and this particular area is a weakness, and one you can probably fix with just a bit of thoughtfulness and practice. The fact that your work will look even better than it does now is a bonus!
  10. Welcome to leatherworker! Diving in is a good way of finding out how far you can push things, refinement comes with repetition. Great start!
  11. There's nothing to let you have! Screw up better and I'll give a bigger critique. Well ok, how about getting some sort of texture on the background of the family crest to make it stand out even more? Great work, especially for only having been at it for such a short time.
  12. Ah, well I wasn't being sarcastic about your work, for what it's worth. My stuff is pretty amaturish compared to many talented people on these boards though.
  13. Super nice job with the pattern!