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  1. Zack White Leather, Buyer Beware

    Johanna In all fairness, this customer did call us at Zack White Leather Co. and our customer service staff handled it in the correct way that they were hired to do. The decision to go the extra mile was up to Tim and myself. Due to the hectic day we had yesterday we were not made aware of it until it was over and done with. RMC
  2. Zack White Leather, Buyer Beware

    Due to the increase in the UPS rates we are going to have to revisit our policies on using the post office for shipping some of our packages. One reason we have not used them is their inability to properly track a package and the fact that they will not pick up at our location. We live in a small town and unless you have a street mailbox they will not deliver or pick up. Our business lies on a paved road without a place to put in a mailbox. We have to make a trip to the post office to deliver or pick up our mail which we do once a day. In an effort to be able to supply our customers with a more economical way to ship we will begin using priority mail on smaller packages. We will have an option on our website to choose priority mail and we will do our best to ship it at the lowest cost to our customer. Our handling charges will apply to the non-flat rate boxes. If we find that there is not a difference between using USPS or UPS we will ship it by UPS. This does not apply to any Flammable liquids as they will continue to be shipped by UPS only. We will also make the effort to deliver to the post office twice a day , once in the morning and once around 3:00pm to help your orders get to you quicker. Both UPS and USPS have raised their rates on Jan. 1st. We use UPS world ship and their rates are what we go buy. We do not in any way pad our shipping costs. We hope this will help our customers in the long run as we do appreciate each and every one of them and try to do what is best for them while trying to adjust to the rising economy. Also please note that if you go online and pay with paypal or a credit card the shipping charges are just a baseline to go by, Most times the charges are just a bit lower and we DO adjust them and pass the credits back to our customers. Sometimes they might be a bit higher and we take the loss. As to the paypal trying to charge $700 to someones account. That was a fluke incident and was on the paypal end not Zack White Leather. We do have the 800 number that you can always call your order in during working hours. We are in the process of updating our website over the next couple of monthsand hopefully we will continue to improve our services as well as our communications with our customers. If you have a question or concern we will do our best to resolve it to everyones satisfaction. Rhonda Cox Mgr. Zack White Leather Co.
  3. Tidbits From Tim

    Courtesy Zack White Leather: "What Leather Should I Use for my project?" We get asked this question several times a day, and if you are new to the trade, it is a very legitimate question. There are so many different kinds and cuts of leather, it can be confusing. Let me try to give a few helpful hints. -First, always choose a vegetable tanned leather if you are making a sheath or holster. This is important because chrome salts in leather will tarnish metal. The good thing is that almost all natural vegtanned leather can be used, but it always good to ask if the leather contains any chrome… just to be on the safe side. -Next, are you going to dye the leather? If not, then you may use drum dyed veg leather or perhaps Bridle or Latigo… but note that while these leathers come in different colors, they are harder to mold and shape than natural veg. -Third, are you going to "tool" or emboss the leather? If so, then a good open cell leather would be best. Double Shoulders, Single Shoulders or Sidesmay be used, depending on how big of piece of leather you are wanting. Single Shoulders average 6-8 sf, Double Shoulders 12- 15 and Sides 20+ square feete ach. Our Z017 bullhide Double Shoulders dye up real nice and hold their shape after casing or molding, but the tight grain is NOT the best for embossing. A more open grain leather,such as our Z106 shoulders or our Z110 sides would be a good choice. These leathers are good for tooling, and a good dye or finish will enhance the effects of the tooling. -Finally, we come to thickness. 7-8 ounce is the most popular choice for knife sheaths. You can also use this thickness if you are making a holster and lining it. For un-lined western holsters, 8 - 10 ounce leather is the most popular choice. If you are still un-sure of what to purchase,then just ask one of our sales staff for suggestions
  4. Good Places To Find Parts And Pieces

    You can check out prices at Zack White Leather Co. many of their prices are lower than Tandy. We have a minimum $15.00 purchase requirement and would be happy to do business with you. You can go to our website at www.zackwhite.com
  5. the best leather

    Try Zack White Leather Co.We will be glad to send you a swatch of leather.
  6. Fully Struck Leather

    We have a couple of oil tanned leather in 5/6 Chestnut that may work for you. We also carry a drum dyed double shoulder in 6/7 in a tannage that is very similar to bridle leather... We will be glad to send you some swatches to view. Just let us know a mailing address. Zack White Leather Co.
  7. Right Twist 5 Cord Barbours Linen Thread

    Jerry, I don't know where it is made. But it is pretty good thread and we sell a lot of it. Rhonda
  8. Right Twist 5 Cord Barbours Linen Thread

    Jerry, Zack White Leather Company in Ramseur NC has the Scotty's RH 5 cord Linen Thread. It is the same as the barbours. They keep both the LH and RH in stock. Right twist is $34.95 for a 1-lb spool. http://www.zackwhite...58&cat=0&page=1
  9. Best All Around Supplier

    Zack White Leather Carries all of the above. www/zackwhite.com Try Zack White Leather Co. www.zackwhite.com
  10. Zack White Leather carries these in 1/2" - 1" in Bronze but not Stainless Steel.
  11. Do These Look Like Good Prices?

    Go to www.zackwhite.com and check out our on line catalog. We have a toll free number and if you give us a call we will do our best to help you out. Zack White Leather Co.
  12. Source For Silver Conchos.

    www.zackwhite.com Zack White Leather Company carries a variety of Concho's. http://www.zackwhite.com/home.php?cat=367
  13. Where To Go For Leather

    Awesome. We are appx 45-60 minutes from Holly Spring. Be aware that our store hours are 8-1 on Saturday. We will see you on the 27th. RMC ZWL
  14. Hi Rhonda! Glad you are here!