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  1. That's what I do as well. I only have one blue mag. I couldn't find the real one anywhere, local or online.
  2. Some weird mottling happened to one of mine. I thought it was ruined and made another one for the customer. Later I showed it to my wife. She thought it looked cool so I finished it and put it on the web page for sale. Two days later a guy bought it for his wife. She thought it looked cool. I haven't found a way to duplicate it, though. I used elephant once. It darkened way more than regular leather when I oiled it. I won't oil the elephant part of my next elephant holster.
  3. Nice looking mag holder. Your dad should be very happy with it, and the holster.
  4. I did the paint stick thing as well for a railed Champion a couple of years ago. The buyer sent me multiple pictures with a ruler along side the firearm. He said it fit just fine.
  5. I like it. Great job on the versatility.
  6. That's quite a rig. I pity the terrorist who gets in your way.
  7. I have this IWB holster finished to the point where I would apply neatsfoot oil. I want to tooling to stand out more and have some antique finish that should do that. I've used it on a couple of things last year, but I can't remember if I oil first, or oil after I use the antique finish. I'm not planning on any resist being used.
  8. I need to ask him what he does with it. Maybe he oils it. The holster I made six years ago, and use regularly, is still stiff and functional, probably good for another six years.
  9. It gets used pretty heavily, plus it is heavy pistol. Worn all day at work, the county jail. He has to unholster whenever he goes back to where the prisoners are.
  10. How long should a holster last? I know that is a broad question, but I will add some specifics. 4 years ago I made an OWB holster with a thumb break for a Glock 35. This has been worn daily during the owner's employment. He brought it back recently for a touch up on the dye. I fixed it up and he was happy, but I noticed it had seen better days, and may only have a year or so left in it. Holster is made from 7/8 oz HO Leather, with resolene finish.
  11. I have some white closed cell foam I salvaged from a package I received a couple of months back. It is about 1/8 inch thick. I saved it with the thought of eventually using it on a sling. I might still use suede stuffed inside, though. Uline sells sheets and rolls, of the stuff, I think. They also have some 1/4 inch thick, but you need to buy an entire roll.
  12. I tried something else. After cutting them out, I applied neatsfoot oil and let set a few hours. Then I used Feibings oil dye, leaving it overnight to dry. The next day I applied Aussie Wax and let soak in for a few hours before using a blow dryer to melt the wax in. Then I finished with Leather Balm and Atom Wax, letting it dry and then setting the snaps. The loops stayed flexible, but appear to be quite durable, so I sent the holster off.
  13. I have a snap on holster that is already black. I want black loops. I've made them before. Normally they get a bit stiff after wetting and Resolene. This time I want the loops to be soft. What's a good way to get them dyed black but stay supple?
  14. I must be missing something, since I don't see your pics.
  15. I may have to try one of those myself. Looks good.