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  1. A good customer ( 5 holsters already for him) wants a holster for this gun. It is 7.25 long with a 3.5 inch barrel and a 1.45 width. I didn't see a blue gun for it, unless I missed it. Has anyone here made a holster for this gun? If so, what did you use to mold it?
  2. Is the design burned on, like with a hot stamp? However he is doing it, they are outstanding. I wish I was that artistically gifted.
  3. I've been considering getting some drum dyed leather instead of using vinegaroon. I use 7/8 oz and don't see that weight offered. Can someone point me to a source for drum dyed leather in the weight I use? Thanks.
  4. A customer has asked me to make him an in-the-waistband small of the back holster. Two things come to mind. 1. He might be confused about what he wants. 2. I don't think there is such a thing, but I need more info before I contact him again. Has anyone here ever heard of something like this?
  5. Holster belt input

    I hand stitched a belt once. I also drilled all 560 holes with a dremel tool and a 1/16 drill bit. I won't do it again. Fortunately, with the Cobra 4 I don't have to. But, if you don't have a machine and want a belt, you do what's needed.
  6. It does look nice. It should serve you well.
  7. It isn't vacuum hose, but I could use that. JLS, what are your thoughts of using it at all?
  8. I received a holster to duplicate from a customer. The original maker is no longer in business due to illness. It has a fairly firm rubber disc inside. It looks like it came round, but he drilled a hole in it. I have two questions for you guys here. First, does anyone know where I might get the rubber? Second, what are your thoughts on this kind of holster construction? Sorry, I forgot to attach photos. It isn't vacuum hose.
  9. That's what I do as well. I only have one blue mag. I couldn't find the real one anywhere, local or online.
  10. Some weird mottling happened to one of mine. I thought it was ruined and made another one for the customer. Later I showed it to my wife. She thought it looked cool so I finished it and put it on the web page for sale. Two days later a guy bought it for his wife. She thought it looked cool. I haven't found a way to duplicate it, though. I used elephant once. It darkened way more than regular leather when I oiled it. I won't oil the elephant part of my next elephant holster.
  11. Nice looking mag holder. Your dad should be very happy with it, and the holster.
  12. I did the paint stick thing as well for a railed Champion a couple of years ago. The buyer sent me multiple pictures with a ruler along side the firearm. He said it fit just fine.
  13. Ka Bar Sheath

    I like it. Great job on the versatility.
  14. That's quite a rig. I pity the terrorist who gets in your way.
  15. I have this IWB holster finished to the point where I would apply neatsfoot oil. I want to tooling to stand out more and have some antique finish that should do that. I've used it on a couple of things last year, but I can't remember if I oil first, or oil after I use the antique finish. I'm not planning on any resist being used.