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  1. What did you use for the finish on the first holster?
  2. magnets for cell phone cases

    I've used the disc magnets from Tandy Leather in the cell phone cases I made for my wife. They need a liner, though. They have three sizes. I used the larger one for her Pixel 2.
  3. I had an inquiry today from a current customer for a Colt Cobra holster. I haven't seen one in person but pictures resemble a J-frame. Does any one know if they are the same? I didn't see any blue gun for it either.
  4. Thanks for the tips. I'll try some of these out.
  5. Where Can I Find This Stamp?

    Its a holster. I came by the picture during a search and don't know who made it. Yes, it is outstanding tooling. What I wanted to know is if the stamp was offered for sale somewhere, like Barry King Tools. If so, I wanted to buy one and use it. But it looks like it isn't, so its more like the makers signature tooling or something like that.
  6. Where Can I Find This Stamp?

    Here's a bigger picture showing it's use.
  7. Where Can I Find This Stamp?

    I'm sure it's a stamp. I only showed a small portion of the leather carving that used it.
  8. I have been using Resolene, cut 50% on my double layer and other belts, done after neatsfoot oil has dried. I'm wondering if there is a better alternative.
  9. Where Can I Find This Stamp?

    I saw this stamp used and like it's effect. Sadly, I can't find it anywhere for sale. It looks like a 9 with camo around it.
  10. Latest Blog Post on Veg-tan

    Funnier still, mine had Minn Kota trolling motors as an ad. It reads your cookies and puts ads about what you recently searched for or viewed on a page.
  11. Do you apply Sno Seal to both sides, or just the top?
  12. Do you also cut this with water like Resolene?
  13. A good customer ( 5 holsters already for him) wants a holster for this gun. It is 7.25 long with a 3.5 inch barrel and a 1.45 width. I didn't see a blue gun for it, unless I missed it. Has anyone here made a holster for this gun? If so, what did you use to mold it?
  14. Is the design burned on, like with a hot stamp? However he is doing it, they are outstanding. I wish I was that artistically gifted.
  15. I've been considering getting some drum dyed leather instead of using vinegaroon. I use 7/8 oz and don't see that weight offered. Can someone point me to a source for drum dyed leather in the weight I use? Thanks.