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  1. Hi folks, I recently purchased a Douglas slim awl. I was told these are pretty good for sewing more than 7 spi, and that theyre excellent quality etc. Anyway, I received it and this thing is like a sword. It absolutely looks like excellent quality and is well made, however, this makes massive holes! Theres no way I can use this for any delicate leather work. Its just way to fat and long this thing. Does anyone know how I can somehow shave this or grind or file it to make it less fat and just a thinner awl that makes smaller holes? I just can't use this as is. Many thanks, Nyis
  2. Hi folks, I have been trying to sew several layers of 10oz canvas. have a Juki 1508 so its made to handle this. However, I notice that every few inches or so, there are random loops appearing. Sometimes they're maybe a foot apart, other times theyre a few inches apart, but they're quite random. I am using 138 thread with 130/21 needle and Im also trying it with 140/24 needle. Using a 135x17 system. I have threaded and rethreaded countless times. I have tightened and reduced both upper and bobbin tensions several times I have cleaned any dust that might appear anywhere The needle is new and inserted correctly I changed the needle a couple of times. And I have checked and rechecked to make sure the machine is correctly threaded at the top I have checked many times that the bobbin is in the right way. I have also used 92 thread with a smaller needle and same problem Can someone please tell me what I might be missing here and why I keep getting these random loops? Its making me crazy and my top stitching looks awful with these loops. They appear at the top. I appreciate your help mostly kindly. Thank you, Nyis
  3. Cobra Class 14 Leather Splitting Machine

    Hi Bruce, No kidding? Thats pretty good news. How thick is the chrome tan you split? Cheers, Nyis
  4. Where Can I Get These Kind Of Feet For My Machine?

    Dave, Just visited your website. Is the presser foot in the picture you showed me your "center toe" presser foot? Also do I need to use it with your left or right feet as well? One more thing, I noticed that the center toe description read read that it has a groover foot so that it will groove the leather for the stitches. Can I order it without that function? Many thanks! Nyis
  5. Hi good people, I've been contemplating the purchase of the Cobra Class 14 leather splitter complete unit. It seems to do a beautiful job at splitting veg tan. Anyone here have experience splitting chrome tan? I'd love to be able to split 5,6,7oz+ thick leather down to pieces thin enough for making wallets etc. How do you think it will do? I value your advice and opinions. Looking forward to your replies. Nyis
  6. Where Can I Get These Kind Of Feet For My Machine?

    Hi Cobra Dave et all, Thanks to you all for your help. Dave, yes that's what I'm looking for. Can I really use that presser foot in your photo on my Juki 1508? If so, I'd love to purchase one. Just fell me how to order one. Big thanks, Nyis
  7. Where Can I Get These Kind Of Feet For My Machine?

    Hiya Ron, Thanks for your reply. My presser foot is one of those left toe ones you mention. I find it really really hard to see with it. If I can't find someone who makes the feet I want,maybe I can grind mine or something to cut off part of the foot or something so that I can see where in bartacking into? Don't know what else to do. Nyis
  8. Hi folks, I have a Juki LU 1508 sewing machine. It has a black walking foot that is black and clunky looking. Its hard to see my stitches if Im trying to go into a specific hole for example when Im reversing etc. I have seen a few machines in this forum that have smaller feet that make it HEAPS easier to see what you're doing. Can anyone tell me if those kinds of feet are available for my machine? Ive looked online for feet for my machine but all I see are the clunky big black ones. I have a attached a photo of the kind of walking foot I have (Its the all black feet) and the feet I have seen that I want (all silver with opening). REALLY appreciate your help. Many thanks, NYIS
  9. Thread Knots Showing At Corners

    Hello folks, Thank you all for your help recently. I have a new Juki LU1508 that I have been learning to use. I am having a problem when I sew. When I sew a straight line and then get to a corner I usually life the foot to turn the corner, I notice that the there is a knot showing on the top of the leather wherever I turned a corner. Is there a way to fix this? It doesnt matter if I just lightly lift the foot or lift it all the way, there is always this knot showing. There are no knots anywhere else. Id love your advice with fixing this. And Im using 130 tex thread with a 135x17 NM 130 Sz 21 needle. Many thanks. Nyis
  10. Tension Help Please

    Darren, Constabulary, BigLew. Alright folks, I tried a bigger needle. A size 135x17 NM 130 Size 21. That seems to have worked! I did a little testing and it seems to have solved the problem. Tomorrow Ill have a better crack at it will see if its all still good. Thanks so much for your help! Really appreciate it.
  11. Tension Help Please

    Can anyone else help? Thanks so much.
  12. Tension Help Please

    I don't really feel much tension on the bobbin when I pull it. Its a very smooth tug though its not too loose or tight feeling
  13. Tension Help Please

    PS I had a look at the needle and it is a 135/16 or NM 120 Size 19. It also says DPx16 LR. Thats what it says on it. Quite a lot of info. Don't know if this matters. And the thread is a size 20 metric. So I think the equivalent of that in the US is 135 tex
  14. Tension Help Please

    BigLew, Thanks for your reply. I have reduced both upper tension knobs to the lightest setting and gradually went back to the tightest. This hasn't helped. The bobbin is wound in the correct direction and pulls smoothly. How do I adjust the bottom bobbin tension? I don't see how this is done? Thank you!
  15. Tension Help Please

    Hi folks, I recently purchased a brand new Juki LU1508. Im having trouble with the tensions. Im using the same thread for both the top and bottom. Don't remember the needle. This is the same type of needle and thread that they taught me to use the machine with at the store. Everything worked fine there. ANyway, here, I keep seeing knots at the bottom/underside of the leather. I have tightened the top two tension dials so much that I can't even pull the thread through. Any tighter and I don't see how the thread will be able to go through it. Even with this I still see knots at the bottom. What can I do? I really appreciate your help. Im so badly at my wits end. Thank you, Nyis