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  1. Thank you so much! I have been trying to find this book. Can't wait to go through it. Thanks again! Sandy
  2. Passport Cover / Field Notes

    I thought i would Thank You for the PDF. I try to collect all kinds of patterns. Sandy
  3. Plain Conchos

    You could try Weaver Leather. I know they have some reenactment conchos. They may be a good place to try.
  4. I just got a great swivel knife made to fit my hands. Great swivel action! He also makes beautiful mauls. Contact Ed LaBarre. Good luck, Sandy
  5. Couple Of New Draw Down Stands

    You did a great job on the draw down! You will get years of good use out of that one. They can be pricey when you buy one. I wish you much success. Sandy
  6. The Bind Backpack Pattern

    That is really nice. Thank You!
  7. Chaps

    Hi Morris One place you could try is your local Tandy Leather Company. I know they have alot of different patterns for alot of things. Not sure if they have what you want but it would be a good place to start. What you are looking for are called Botas. Here are some pictures of what i think you want. Good luck! Sandy
  8. A Collective Thanks

    Yes...Thankyou for all your hard work and time in coming up with these great patterns!!!!
  9. What Level And How To Learn Saddles

    You need to read all you can on saddle construction. There is a great deal of information on this site on that subject. There are many books and DVDs that can help you. None of them are ever complete. There are alot of variations to do everything on a saddle. Buy the best leather and saddle tree you can afford. Start by doing your research and read! Good luck! Sandy
  10. Chuck..if you would post some of your saddles so we can see his work. I don't think I have seen any of them. Thanks, Sandy
  11. Screw In Concho Help

    I really like Proleptic's Concho turners. They have 2 sizes and make life so much easier! A good investment. Sandy
  12. Saddle Makers In Co

    That would be a great idea for every state to have the history of all the great Saddlemakers. I would definitely hold on to that saddle...a great piece of history. Sandy
  13. Saddle Makers In Co

    I am in Florida. You could contact this group I am sure someone there could put you in touch with a reputable saddle maker. Building your own saddle is extremely rewarding. Make sure you put alot of thought into what kind of saddle you want. What you are going to use it for and especially the kind that will fit both you and your horse. These are things your saddle maker will help you with. Good luck to you and enjoy your new experience! Sandy
  14. The difference of the men's vs women's seat would be in making your ground seat. I add an extra piece of leather to make it wider for women. A little leather makes a big difference in comfort. Look at a banana seat on a bicycle and those wider seats alot of the women ride on....big difference. I never new about the ground seat either. My teacher was around 80 years old. Your ground seat is very important to your comfort as well as the tree fitting your horse properly. I have ridden men's saddles but i go back to mine and it just sits better for me. That is not to say the others weren't good saddles. I mostly do repairs and do not make many saddles. That is one way to learn how different people build their saddles. That link is very informative. Good luck to you. Sandy
  15. I agree...books, dvd's and just watching someone make a saddle will not be enough. I too took a saddle course and nothing replaces that knowledge. They never tell you all the little tricks on the dvd's. But if you watch and read after it intensifies your knowledge. I would start out finding a saddlemaker that would teach you how to make the saddle you want. Like a cutter or roper also something with swells. Where it challenges you to learn. One more thing ....there is a difference in a men's and women's should learn that also in making your ground seat. Spend the extra money on a good teacher. They are worth it! I wish you the best...and keep learning! Sandy