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  1. Will Ghormly has a patern pack that has that holster in it :-)
  2. THIS belt design..

    all stohlman's book, maybe Peter Main can help you ;-)
  3. 1930's Gangster Style Double Shoulder Holster

    what's the name of the program if I may ask?
  4. Bruno, do you have a picture? Cheers from Belgium
  5. Making Pouches

    Jim, as always this is a joy to read and to reproduce. thanks for sharing
  6. Federal Cap Pouch Size?

    a cap pouch is a small pouch, I would recommend a cartridge pouch ;-)
  7. I'm Back (Sort Of)`

    get better, then come back, better for you, better for us :-).
  8. Holster Tooling Patterns

    cheers Jim, did you get me card?
  9. M1919 Double Magazine Pouch

    where did you get the buckle if I may ask? cheers
  10. the gene noland books availble? please contact me at my mail addy,
  11. Turn Of The Century Calvary Uniform

    Lots of books around for that period in time, but you better check books on spanish american war.
  12. Question For Jim Simmons

    I think I am going to browse the net for both books :-)