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  1. In Need Of Assistance Please With...

    you have to adjust your stitch length for the thicker leather....the stitch length shortens as you sew thicker on any machine...practice will teach you...on my adler i just give the knob 2 or 3 clicks and keep drivin....
  2. 205 Adler Help!

    a motor change or belt tension doesnt have anything to do with your thread tensions...youre looking in the wrong place... id check my top thread back to the spool looking for a may have knocked something out of whack working on the motor
  3. 3 Ring Binder Help

    not sure what you mean by a 3 piece 2 ring binder...but, if youre talking standard 3 ring binder,, back the binder with stiff cardboard,,,set with jiffy rivets, and channel the leather either side of the binder with a french edger wide enough to let the cover fold over flat
  4. A Good Workbench For Carving ?

    the bench looks fine, but, i think your problem is too small a suggest at least 12X28X1 1/2 or thereabouts, with 1/4 rubber sole/heel pad glued to the bottom
  5. Background Tool Problems,,,that strikes a note with me!!!!! when my daughter was in high school, i used to bring home work to be around the family..... my daughter was at the shop recently while i was tooling,,,said, " oh my gosh,,,i had forgotten how annoying that tapping was! makes me want to cover my head with a pillow!!"
  6. Weaver Power Edge Slicker

    if youre talking about a foot operated speed control, they will only work with a motor that has brushes....a brushless motor might work for a while, but, you'll burn it up
  7. Sheridan Color Questions, Need Help Please

    that's about right for the sheridan brown.. you might try the mahogany and see if thats the color youre after
  8. Sewing Sheepskin ?

    the only use for those machines i've ever seen were furriers sewing pelts or hides together. possibly moccasins?
  9. Help With Pfaff 545 Reverse

    well,,,i'll be!!!! hey,,,thanks alot steve! geezzz,,,never noticed telling how many years that thing has been upside down! wish all my problems were that easily fixed!
  10. Help With Pfaff 545 Reverse

    was hoping a mechanic would respond to this, as i have the same problem. Nothing that cant be worked around, but, still annoying when locking in stitches.
  11. sewing a Gusset with a machine

    another good trick if its a piece i can do is pull the thread out of the machine, and stitch the holes on the outside pieces...then glue the gussett....then with awl, make tie tacks around the gussett as suggested.... might have to re-adjust stitch length a bit,,,but, the machine will want to follow the holes, and wont leave marks or holes where you dont want them
  12. opinion on pfaff 545 vs adler 267

    meant 138 bobbin thread.....sorry
  13. looking for advise between the two machines...i sew medium weight leather with mainly 207 top and 168 bobbin. anyone with experience with the two, which will handle the heavier thread best? know parts more readily available for the pfaff, but have had excellent results with an adler 205, so lean that direction. any thoughts appreciated....wanting a smaller, faster flat table machine,,replacing a wore-out juki 563