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  1. Lol, been looking for an olive color recipe for those belts I do...totally forgot about those wallets you did.
  2. The hides are already tanned. I just purchased some hair on hides through a distributor and playing mad scientist. I asked around but tanneries keep those things guarded I guess. I always loved these acid washed hides, but one can go broke paying $300-$600 a hide.
  3. Awesome, I would appreciate it. It seems that acid would be the best way to go, I mean, they are called "acid washed". I used 98% concentrated sulfuric acid (which was recommended by a chemicals company rather than hydrochloric acid) and it really didn't do much. I had better luck with lye...problem is its in a powder form and I would like a gel like consistency for better design control. Any others with some input! =LJ=
  4. Good day folks! Im in the process of trying to replicate an acid wash hair on hide. I'm curious if anyone knows how to do it? I have experimented with sulfuric acid, diluted hydrochloric acid and lye (not all at the same time, lol.) I have some screen printing experience and hopefully plan to add some foil work as well. I have invested some time in monkeying around but would appreciate any info to help me get closer to my goal. How the heck are these made!!! Thank you all... =LJ=