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  1. Patcher machines

    All of singers have a hand crank option. I use the crank quite frequently. Some machines likely have the crank wheel taken off, but’s it’s an option to mount on the back pulley or the side of the machine (where I have mine)
  2. Patcher machines

    I've had quite of a number of Singer long arm large bobbin (it's not that big) machines and I still keep one in my shop. I originally had hoped to be using them to sew inside awkward spots in bags, which sounds like what you want to do. I've ultimately decided that it's not really a viable machine to do this kind of work, except perhaps to sew smaller pieces on (patches). It is extremely difficult to get the stitching as perfect as I'd like, as mentioned by others it's hard to get a consistently straight line. Can you do it with extreme care? Yes it's possible but it's hard and very easy to make a mistake. They certainly are a worthwhile machine to have, that rotating head is very useful at times, but if your goal is to use it as a primary machine to sew entire bags you may be disappointed... my two cents. Oh and I pretty much always use 135 thread in mine.
  3. Parts for singer 236W wanted

    Wondering if anyone has an old damaged machine they’d be willing to sell some parts from, or could direct me towards a source for parts. I’ve circled the two parts from the manual attached. I’m specifially looking for the pulley lock nut #17 and the Segment ring #19 I do also need a connection belt but I have found these online.
  4. Adler 220 Minimum needle size

    It ended up being set-up for 794 needle system so needles are fairly plentiful, so that's a bonus. Looks like feet for my Singer 211 fit it as well!
  5. Adler 220 Minimum needle size

    I’ll give it a go. Pulled the needle (that came in the machine) out this morning and realize it isn’t a 7x23 system at all, looks like it’s very close (or actually is )to a 794 (7x3) system. Perhaps someone reset the needle bar height or maybe tuftmaster set them up that way. Convenient as 794 are plentiful in styles and sizes. Now to find and replace the giant boat feet with something more suitable.
  6. I've had, for a number of years, a single needle Tuftmaster (re-badged Adler 220) sitting in the corner of my shop. I haven't been using it as most of my heavy duty sewing work gets done on an Adler 205-370. The ultra large bobbin on the 220 has piqued my interest of late as I've been sewing a lot of combined canvas and leather projects and the bobbin capacity when sewing much longer seams is very appealing (currently using a juki LU-563 for the work). Doing a bit of reading in old Adler literature it states that the needle system 7x23 is designed to take a range of 170-200. My question is it possible to run smaller diameter needles? I can see 7x23 needles down to 130 available, will these work? I realize the hook may need be moved to accommodate the smaller size needle. Any other reason it wouldn't work?
  7. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience adding, by sewing or gluing, a backing to leather to prevent stretch. Specifically if you were to use something like upholstery leather that was slung between stool or chair rails, like a folding directors chair. Ideally I'd be using a nice thick veg tan, but cost may not allow it for this particular project, so I'm wondering what other options are out there. Will
  8. Durkopp 291 walking foot machines for sale (22)

    Ended up with two of these that seemed in quite good nick. Both have the aux control panel and the larger knuckle on the head. For anyone else interested there seems to be two main variations of the machines, those with the Efka controller pad and those without. The ones without the pad had more options on the control board itself, but likely have less functions overall. We’ll see once it’s all plugged in, going to attempt static phase converter route. While there are quite a few machines left but many are missing bobbin cases or have play in the needle bar. Some machine heads had been matched with motors and controls that weren’t original and while they may work just be careful what you’re getting. I would have been tempted to pick up some heads for parts but they don’t have any flexibility in price between machines regardless of condition.... at least right now.
  9. This is a really helpful thread! I was pleased the see the controller is 2 phase as it looks like the static phase converter should work. I have been debating picking up one of these and finally did the long drive down, from Ottawa, and picked up two 291’s (with the bottom knuckle)from the factory yesterday. What’s left is getting pretty picked over, but I believe I got two very good machines. No play in the needle bar at least. Will post some pics when I get a chance.
  10. Durkopp 291 walking foot machines for sale (22)

    I’m considering one of these machines but really curious about the functionally without the main control panel. The one I was looking at only has the four buttons (one is a back tack feature I believe) above the needle bar.
  11. Durkopp 291 walking foot machines for sale (22)

    I’m curious, it looks like some of the 291’s have the external control panel and some do not. Is the control panel required for the machine to operate? Or does it give you some additional specific controls? Have any of you considered using a VFD instead of a rotophase?
  12. Finally circling back to this thread I started. I’ve made a few more bags and in addition to skiving I’ve also cut v notches in seam allowance as recommended. Then trimmed the seam allowance down from 1/2” to about 3/8” after sewing. Then added a binding tape. It made a huge difference and I’m quite happy with the result. Thanks for all the tips! Will
  13. Ok that makes total sense with the pies vs fans for compassion vs stretch. I have been running binding tape over the seam after sewing so I guess that will get a bit scrunched up after turning the bag. Not such a big deal I suppose. Thanks for the insight!
  14. Interesting I wouldn't have assumed the slots went right up to the stitch line. I'm machine stitching these so I would need to pre-cut the slots, and either glue or clamp it together before stitching. Thanks for sharing!