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  1. Sold/traded.
  2. I just sent you an email in regards to shipping. Will
  3. Hello Bruce, Would it just be shipped to your business address? Let me know and I'll get a shipping cost to you tomorrow. I'm not sure if this would interest you but I would consider a trade for a plough gauge if you had one of similar value you wanted to trade... Cheers, Will Ficner
  4. Open to offers!
  5. This is a Chase Pattern 8" leather splitter manufactured by W.H. Horn. I've never used it but it is complete and appears to function normally. The release leaver has been repaired at some point in it's life but does not affect function. A quick cleanup and blade sharpen and you should be good to go. $250USD plus shipping. Located in Ottawa, Canada
  6. SOLD
  7. Yes it's still available. I'm open to reasonable offers. PM or email me: info (at) wilboro.com
  8. I've got an American Splitter that's surplus to my needs (I have another splitter) so I thought someone else might be able to put it to good use. It could use a nice clean-up and paint but other wise is in good functioning condition. Looking for $550US plus shipping. I'm located in Ottawa Canada.
  9. Already done! Thanks again.
  10. Glenn, Thank you so much you nailed it! I just tried that out it's working perfectly again, plus the reverse is locking as well. That will salvage my week of belt making, unfortunatley I lost one to this whole mishap.... Cheers, Will
  11. I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on a problem I just started having with my Adler. As I'm sewing the stitch length starts decreasing from the set stitch length, and gets shorter and shorter. The forward/reverse lever moves from the down position towards the middle (causing the problem). This issue just appeared this morning and I've had no problems in the past. I should also mention that in reverse it's always acted like this, you need to hold the lever in the up reverse position or it will start moving down and decreasing stitch length as well. I thought this was how the machine operated and required you to hold the lever, but with it happening on forward stitching now I'm wondering if that was the case. Anyone know whats up, before I tear into the machine?
  12. It cuts with the wheel on the end. It skives up to about 1.5" and it can also split strap up to about 1.5" It can do quite thick leather with ease if required 12oz+
  13. I'm in Ottawa, Canada Will