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  1. Passport Case and Credit Card Wallet Patterns

    Thanks a bunch! That is exactly what I need. For some reason I have a mental block about laying these out.
  2. I am looking for a pattern for a passport case and a credit card wallet. I have a customer looking for a matching set. I have freehanded a pattern for each, but they just aren't turning out right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. New CB3200 has landed

    Very nice! I spoke with Bob a couple of weeks ago and hopefully I will be purchasing one in a couple of weeks. I notice you have R/C cars hanging in behind your machine. What do you have and do you race or bash?
  4. Leather Patches for denim jeans

    Send me a PM. I may be able to help.
  5. First pair

    Here is my first pair coming together. I will post more pictures as I progress. The leather I used is from an old leather recliner that was being thrown away.
  6. My Refurbished Singer 31-15

    Here is my first attempt at making a pair of shoes.
  7. A little project I have been working on and finally finished. It's not perfect, but this was my first sewing machine rebuild and the first table I built. It's not a show piece and will be used daily.
  8. Adler 30-10 Parts Needed

    I recently aquired an Adler patch machine, but it is missing a few parts. Nothing major, but I need someone to tell where I might be able to get parts for this machine. Thanks!
  9. Singer 3115

    I have a 31-15 on a table with a treadle that I need to get rid of. Would you be willing to sell or trade the 29-4?
  10. Compact Sander Leather Finisher

    Do you still have the machine?
  11. Crimp board screws

    I am looking in the Grainger catalog, but I can't find anything that resembles a crimping screw. I can find the eyebolts, but I don't know the proper term for the threaded part of the crimp screw. Any help would be great. Thanks
  12. I have just made a set of crimp boards, and now I need some crimp screws. I know I have seen somewhere that someone sells them, but I can't find it anywhere. Could someone please help me locate some screws. Thanks!
  13. I am new to making sheaths, and I need some help. A friend of mine has started making knives and I am going to make some sheaths for him. I do upholstery work, but never made a sheath. So, could someone please help me get started with what leather to use and just the basics of building it. I hope this doesn't make me sound to dumb, but I have a mental block and I can't seem to get started. Thanks!