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  1. These are all fantastic! Not only is your tooling great, your use of dyes and acrylics is on point as well. I'd be happy to carry any one of these pieces. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see what comes next.
  2. I love this idea! Sort of an easy bake holster oven, lol. I just so happen to have a cabinet sitting in the basement that I'm not using.
  3. What I can see I like but the pics are really dark
  4. Nicely done pattern. Thanks for sharing
  5. Fantastic rig man. I dig the elephant touches.
  6. I keep it rolled the same as cg. I have pets and kids though so laying it out on the floor in a big no no unless I want it covered in dog/cat hair and misc who knows what.
  7. Mine tend to be stored rolled up just because I don't have a huge area to store things. It makes it a pain when trying to cut something out because it keeps trying to go back to a rolled state.
  8. I like that design too. I'm usually not big on floral but when you add a sugar skull in the mix it all comes together beautifully.
  9. I think you did well at leaving enough room to finger the grip on the draw. I understand how hard it can be to design for these small pistols. Try doing something even smaller like a KelTec P32 or a Ruger LCP...sheesh those things are tiny. The only complaint on the design that I have is more of a personal preference when carrying. I like to have a rear guard that comes all the way to the top of the pistol. I don't like cold metal randomly touching my skin as I move. Some folks have no problem with a short rear guard. Then again some folks don't mind 1/2 their gun hanging out in a bikini holster either where I prefer to keep my expensive shooter covered in as much leather as possible. It's all personal preference and I thought I'd pass mine along for input. One more thing, and not really a problem, is that since this is made for a specific model I would work out some more of the shape of the pistol like between the muzzle and the trigger guard. You went as far as doing the ejection port and that nice line along the slide then it looks like you gave up. You had a good thing going but I feel it needs a little more follow through on the rest. I'm not saying to go overboard and cover every little line and pin as if you stamped the gun into the leather, just a little more conformed if that makes sense. When I see a holster without that conformed shape, I think it's just another one-size-fits-all off the shelf Uncle Mikes or insert generic brand name here. It just doesn't jump out at me as a custom which is what most of us strive to produce. Again, not a problem but rather the way I look at things. Maybe you wanted it exactly the way it is and if so, great.
  10. Dwight, I don't mean to highjack the OPs thread but hopefully this will help a few people in the long run. I've always been under the impression that angled slots were done for two main reasons: 1) It gives the belt more leather to hold onto underneath it, helping to keep the holster where you want it and 2) It helps spread out the load so you aren't stressing a particular area of the leather.. I agree that the slots have to be cut a little longer in this case though to make up the difference of the cross section of the belt. Am I totally off base here?
  11. That looks like some super thick thread on the tooled holster. Mind me asking what size it is? I've wanted that look on a few hoslters that I've done.
  12. I like that SOB design. I saved the pics for future inspiration.
  13. Not really sure if it penetrates the resolene. My intentions are 2 fold, water repellant and a deep luster. Think of it like waxing a car, the more coats the deeper the shine and the longer it lasts and protects. You aren't going to see it much in pictures, especially in a black piece, but the depth of the shine is incredible. Huskysibe: Thanks for the flattery but honestly there are folks here that I can't hold a candle to. As for the pointed tip, this will be the only one like that. I was never really thrilled with the tip to begin with and taking the advice so far, I've decided to round it over closer to the stitch line.
  14. I found the same thing about the size when I used his pattern. I was on the last holes and it still felt too tight when I moved around. I'm only 6' and 240lbs, most of which is in the middle. I'm not a real broad shouldered kinda guy and if it was tight on me, I can't even imagine it on some of the geurillas that I see walking around nowadays. The other thing I found is that the thin strap going around the non-holster side is uncomfortable. Slightly modify the fat strap by removing the buldge where the holster hangs and reverse it for the non-holster side. Keep the cross straps as he intended or even a little bit wider. You'll have a much more comfortable carry, especially for a heavier full sized shooter (take that whichever way you want).