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  1. Been looking for a pattern for my daughters to be fiance, a deputy sheiff in Wyoming and aux for the state park service in Wyoming. Also many law enforcement persons I ride with in the American Legion Riders and Patriot Guard. Ron Lowery BM1 Retired Navy Coastal Warfare Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq
  2. Go to and order on line. This takes you straight to the lace section with several pages of different types, width and spool length so watch all these areas to get the color, width you need to use. Get natural when you can and dye it to match. It's 40 miles each way to a Tandy or Hidecrafter shop in Kansas City from where I'm at. May take a couple of days longer than traveling but shipping offsets what it would cost me to travel and they have just about anything you would need. You can go to Tandy also but they send the order to the nearest Tandy dealer in the state you live so you get sales tax tacked on too. If your just starting and want to practive start with the cheaper stuff. Ron
  3. Pattern for a Tom Brown T1 knife Just apply to your knife. It'll have you register first but then there is a multitude of knife sheath instruction. Ron