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  1. Splitter on Hansen String Cutter

    I have a older Hansen made in 1992 the blade needed alot of work (get a good diamond stone and get a great finish on the flat side of the blade, the whole bottom of the blade) , and it is real important where the blade is placed over the cylinder ,(you will need to play with this a little) I saw a newer Hansen the other day and the splitter on it looked like there was no way it would work.
  2. Looking For Lacing Fids

    Ranch2Arena.com .John
  3. Scraping Hides

    buck I have used it on 1 hide and it worked very well, not near as messy as a wire wheel ,and at least for me better than a fleshing knife . John
  4. Scraping Hides

    you can stretch the hide then use a power washer with a turbo tip
  5. Bill Confer Shutting Down The Rawhide Business.

    when I saw it in the mail I thought oh crap price's are going up , now I wish thats what the letter was about . Bill's a great fella to do business with . John
  6. He can Teach the horse to stretch out. i shod walking horses for a bird dog trainers some of them would have thier horses stretch so they could mount. John
  7. Help Choosing A String Cutter/beveler For Rawhide

    for a gauge I went to lowes and got a set of allen wrenches 1/16 thru 3/8 in 1/32 increments , while there I got some mini utility cutter blades they are stiffer than injector blades, same thickness , i'm cheap so I resharpen them on a paper wheel. John
  8. Luis Ortega's Rawhide Artistry

    yes alot of good photos , there are no secrets reveled , this is not a how to book , more of a why do it book . one theme that gets repeating is the use of proper sized strings for their porpose and proper beveling of strings, 2 things that seem to get overlooked alot theese days in my opinion . John
  9. Luis Ortega's Rawhide Artistry

    I have just finished this book by Chuck Stormes & Don Reeves it is well worth time and cost . John Jacot
  10. Breaking In A New Saddle?

    I am sorry I reread my post and it seemed to be a lesson on breaking in a saddle, I would not recomend this method , I agree wet saddle blankets is the way to break in a saddle . what I ment was to give a little history on what dunking a new saddle ment in my small part of the world in the late 1960's. John Jacot
  11. Breaking In A New Saddle?

    In the late 60,s I saw cowboys dunk thier new saddles , they would put a hedge post over a water tank set the saddle on it and just soak the the stirrup fenders and leathers overnight keeping the skirts above the water next morning they would put the saddle on a stand in the shade, twist the stirrups and put a ax handle thru them to hold the twist ,let the saddle dry ,oil the fenders and leathers good then go to using them, for the first month or so every night they would set thier stirrups and stick the ax handle back thru . John Jacot