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  1. Hi Dave, I did'nt. I know my daughter very well since the last 20 years, and she needs something failsafe and lasting. A lining would be beautiful, but worn within 2 years so I would have to redo it. But it's a good point. You make me stop and think about some thin calf as a lining ... Maybe the next bag...
  2. Thanks for all your replies, I did the drawing all free hand (If I figure out how to use a scanner I could put the sketches in the Forum), transferred it and did the classical work. Swivel, pear shading, beveling and veiner. I tried to add some decorative cuts, but it did'nt work out on this type of leather. So I added some mulefoot-prints, and voilá. My inspiration of these floral ornaments crossing each other to give a 3D-effekt comes from the master himself, the great Bob Park (hidepounder). Thank you very much, Bobby.
  3. Hi Jonathan, good to have a brother in mind nearby. I'm doing leatherwork for 3 years now, but have been busy with drawing, sewing, woodworking and all kind of craftmanship all my life. Maybe that's a reason that helps me use my fingers the right way Leather: There is no german veg tan that is suitable for carving. Do it with Herman Oak, and your swivel knife cuts through soft butter. Do it with German veg tan and you cut dried chewing gum. I do have some scrap pieces left of A-Grade Herman Oak, thats what I'm working with right now. Good friends of mine run a Ranch in Niedersachsen and have their Saddles custom-made in Texas. The shipments come in on a regular basis, and if you order minimum half a hide they can send it in the same container. Beside that I am just working on a supply in Germany, so you can choose the piece of hide and maybe can pick some smaller pieces. I let you know if there are some news. Take care Lutz
  4. Hi! My first topic - and my first bag. I made a cellphone case for my girlfriend, and as soon as my daughter saw it, she wanted a shoulder bag the same style. German veg tan leather (I'll never use it again, the swivel knife sticks to it like glue) and american rattlesnake from South Dakota. Greetings from Germany! Lutz