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  1. 16 oz, good all-around weight for tooling. Heavier for basket weaving or simply use more force
  2. One other piece of advice is get you some wool, either synthetic or real, to remove the excess antique. You can't get it all off with a rag, I learned the hard way. If you get all the excess off, you shouldn't have that darker appearance. Terry
  3. Yes, I meant Fiebibgs, hate auto correct. I don't think the first picture was dyed, just the antique effect. Second picture probably. I have always dyed before antique, and if I remember, that is the sequence outlined in the book. Hope this helps, Terry
  4. I will bet it is "Sheridan Brown" and it is put out by Findings.TerryT
  5. Chicago Medical has them on Ebay, different sizes. I bought the 8 oz for less than $10.00 Terry
  6. Clearlac
  7. A refillable felt pen sold by Lisa Sorrel. She is a sponsor on this site. Terry
  8. Put shipping tape on flesh side. Terrt
  9. It ain't Neat Lac, guaranteed. Springfield Leather, along with others, sell Clearlac which is Neatlac Terry
  10. It will eventually come loose regardless of kind or brand. Stitch it after gluing, then you will have something that is permanent. Terry
  11. Have you checked with Rocky Mountain Leather Supply? They are handling full spools of .8 & 1 mm for $50.00 a spool
  12. Learned this lesson many years ago. Threw away the Ecoflo and the leather I had screwed up. Ecoflo and Neatlac as a resist does not work!!!! Like mentioned before, stick with Fiebings antiques. Terry
  13. My guess is your chisel is dull. The leather is stretching before the chisel penetrates. Terry
  14. I guess I do it a little different as I used wool pads to get the paste off. I do not want any in the tool marks and cuts. The paste has done its job and they are high lighted. If you leave any, you will normally get that "mud puddle" effect. Wool pads are the only means I have found to get all of the paste, rags will not do it. Watch Keith Valley's video on antiquing and you will see what I mean. This only applies to Fiebings paste. Ecoflo is a different monster and I do not know any thing about it. Terry
  15. The wider you split, the sharper the blade has to be. Otherwise you need a come-along to pull the leather thru. Terry