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  1. too bad the image is not large enough.
  2. The Braiders Journal is a pamphlet series on braiding and knot tying that at one time was distributed. Georg Schaake, Dr. John Turner, D.A. Segwick and a few others were involved in the development of the series.
  3. Have you thought of buying a whole hide and cutting your own strings?
  4. yes. take a gander at the uploaded image below.
  5. His pattern is different.
  6. You're welcome Buck.
  7. here's the only tutorial. R= right L= left U= under O= over L to R - U1, O2 R to L - U2, O1 L to R - O1, U2 R to L - O2, U1 Now repeat steps 1 thru 4 till you reach the desired length. THIS MUST HAVE A CORE IN ORDER TO WORK PROPERLY. Brian
  8. You're welcome.
  9. A 6 string 2x2 Round Gaucho Braid. This is apart of The Braiders Journal. Brian...
  10. Link sent via email. Brian.
  11. 2015 - For some unknown reason in Volume 1 issue 15, 2 pages are missing. Pages 344 and 345. Discovered by Issac...
  12. Sent out link via email. Brian... If you're into the math part. You'll find it interesting that the math is a math that was partially re-invented just for braiding and knot tying. He mainly used modular mathematics. You'll also find that Georg was quite a braider himself. Brian..
  13. Which link would you like? Google Drive or Dropbox. No problem. I will do that JC. Here's what I've found while reading Georg's work. He was a braider and a braider that was at the least 30yrs a head of his time.
  14. Sent invite out to you isaac.