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  1. Lookin' good there. I need to get back to these -- haven't done one in years, but getting lots of requests lately. I really like tooling leather -- not sure I want to do all that lacing
  2. It's going to depend on what you call "pro". I think the definition is that you get paid for it... has nothing to do with skill (or the lack of it). But the only one who decides what is "accepted" is the originator of the design in question. A while back I talked with a kid who had received a letter telling him that even though he wasn't being "prosecuted" as yet, he should stop using this other guys' designs (and he hinted about lawsuits). But looking at that guy's designs (the one who claimed he was being copied) there is nothing that is actually "his". Women's wallets made from embossed hides and prints, veg leather wallets and belts with a "fade" dyed on them (which is at least 70 years old), Harley Davidson wrote on more projects than not (I assume we all know that aint his), and an old anvil (which has been around since Clint Eastwood was slingin' a sidearm ). Seriously, before anybody goes on about "being copied", make sure your design really is your design. I've seen some real talent in leather over teh years, but I have yet to see anyone making anything nicer than Stohlman did. HEre's the point... if Al and Ann think it's "okay" to make Harley Davidson items, that means nothing without expressed permission from HD. It may be worth noting, I've never seen anything from the Stohlmans with an 'HD' on it. Incidentally, I recommended to that young man that he continue to do what he was doing - I wouldn't even reply to the letter. If somebody wants to invest his time and money in a case he can't win, let 'em.
  3. Gittin' closer. Have to find the time to write up some slightly new directions for the "pancakes".. since these are not '50/50' 'down-the-middle' pieces (front panel is somewhat larger than the back). But I'm starting to arrange some 'avenger' style "blanks". Which are easily converted to an IWB or "appendix" -- guy who can sign his name won't need instructions for that... or will he? I often forget that people will pay for a pattern of a rectangle that gets folded over and stitched along the edge
  4. I use the same cutter that gabby fella in the video uses. Difference is, I pull it just as he does about the 2 minute mark, maybe enough to get an inch or so beyond the tool. Then I come around the cutter and PUSH the cutter away from me, holding the end of the strap in the right hand and pushing the tool with the left (if facing the way he has it). I don't sharpen blades --- they're replaceable. But they're long enough you can use the top until less sharp, then move it down (inside the tool) and use the other end for a while. This works fine for cutting DOZENS of straps. If you want to cut HUNDREDS of straps, maybe a powered strap cutter with spacers is in order?
  5. I don't worry much about "nice". At times, I'm prob'ly too 'nice' already. I've opted to say nothing when I certainly could have said things not-so-flattering. I mean, often people don't care to hear what they might legitimately (honestly) be told. Sadly, these days "fashionable" is more important than truthful (except at my house). NOT sadly, Ron's a big boy and doesn't need my opinion to do what he does.
  6. Nope, never met 'im - though we've talked a few times. But not "inside" and not a "joke"... the edges look good, but the REST of the holster is more important -- and that ALSO looks purdy good! And I really have seen projects (not just holsters) where the edges look fine, but the project itself not so much (though, not Ron's).
  7. Edges look good -- but truth is I don't give that maybe as much weight as some do (prolly cuz I seen projects with nice edges but the rest is - you know - poo ). Still, your color looks great.. andya gotta nice sheen on the leather!
  8. Wait.. so the problem was something YOU were doing? Cuz surely nobody would be going on happily about someone selling them a machine that "wouldn't work for a year and a half"! So, what was the problem (you know, for those here who may have that same issue)? Mine -- while I wouldn't call it any kind of "precision" instrument, it also hasn't broken any needles.
  9. Just checked cutesy for leather "kits" (since I've been on the phone all morning anyway!). Rough guessing, if a "kit" for a little "folded card holder" wallet (basically teh same thing as the free pattern on my site) is $25, then a pre-cut holster "blank" must run about $400
  10. Free leather patterns. Now how come I didn't think of that?#$!
  11. Simple enough to cut out once designed -- no laser, but a die cuts purdy cleanly Question, then, is how to price the thing, where a fella is paying for the pattern, but also aint paying for the pattern repeatedly. So, what's the 'middle ground' here? buy the pattern once paying for the pattern again every time you order a kit. I mean, what's #2 in between 1 and 3?
  12. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  13. Yours says 1/2"? Cuz mine says make the pattern 3/4" offset. (???) This is roughtly what Stohlman said. He says to leave 3/4", then move in 3/16" for the stitch line (leaving the stitch about 9/16" from teh pistol). You left 1", then came in 1/2" (leaving the stitch line about 1/2" from the pistol). So, about the same thing As for teh left/right thing, most of us have made that mistake [at least once].
  14. I admit it.. I never did - and still don't -- "get" that thing about tracing the gun. I mean, I get the idea, but .. well, just google "parallax" I mean, you can change the distance of the pattern just by changing the diameter of the PENCIL!!@#!
  15. I have two sizes from Angelus, but I LIKE the look of these... durn it.. spendin' money AGAIN http://www.dickblick.com/products/montana-black-paint-marker-empty-markers-and-replacement-nibs/