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  1. I found some in teh fabric dept at hobby lobby, actually. Not sure what it's called, since I don't use it often. In fact, I wouldn't have found it at all except we have a friend who works there. Works good, though.. including the stitching part.
  2. Actually, those "circles" belong there... they're part of the design. Anybody who is / was in the service knows how well that boat floats (like, not at all) when you alter insignia ... He has it correct -- 13 stars, 13 stripes, and those "circles" ... I would have beveled outside the rows of circles, but not eliminate them.
  3. Exactly. I actually do it the other way -- I build customers by NOT doing "anything" they ask for. People know that I make useable, useful goods -- not "fluff" and marketing poo. I don't make cigar/cigarette cases. No leather masks. Recently turned down requests for shoulder holsters / rigs (havent made those for years). No ddsm / lgbqrf items. And I have never made a belt with steel or kydex "liners". And I have my reasons for all of that. Certainly has cost me some 'jobs" (like the ones I turned down for starters), but in the end.. people generally respond 'that Jeff guy don't mess around... right the first time ..." And I'm just one guy, without all that 'social madia" so don't say it can't be done (I have a fakebook basically just so nobody else can start one and say they're me ).
  4. I use a transparent straight edge to get the parallel lines. Lots of straight lines in that design. But how much detail you put in will depend on the size of the carving. This one is on a full size charge book.
  5. Yeah, the dividers / compass thing would drive me nuts purdy durn quick, I'm guessin'.
  6. Thanks, Rohn. That first one is an old Stohlman design .. STILL gets requested sometimes. That one went to a young fella ropin' cows down in San Antonio ... I charge in the $60-ish range for "plain" and stitched, because that's about what I would pay. But for that, you get leather with no "boogers" -- that's no scratches, wrinkles, inconsistencies... And I'll emboss 'em for not much more.. simple and looks nice. Danny got this one at $60. W/C double layer, INSANELY clean leather (no marks at all), double stitched, his own buckle. And then to git ta stampin', depends on the complexity of the design. Simple basketweave.... few bucks. Some of the other "geo" stamps take quite a bit longer, so there's that. And even tooling, there's a "range".. in those three belts above, the first one takes CONSIDERABLY longer than the third one. So, I price by what they want. And buckles are included UNLESS requested without (the two belts on the outside, both those boys had their own buckle they wanted to use). I assume that you want a buckle much like the one in the middle pic, but I dont charge for it if you don't want it. STILL, kinda cool that I've had people from all over send me their buckle to make a belt for it - not everybody gets trusted with family heirlooms or rodeo award buckles And I'll do sets, simple enough (long as it aint set of 100 ). This one went to a feller and his boys... bit of a price break, since I can use the same piece of leather, same dye, stain, finish, thread, etc. (no changing thread colors, no testing dye shades, etc...) All that makes a fancy speech, but truth is I'm not toolin' belts this week (or next) due to the move...
  7. Well, there's the problem... my version of PS is before they used the whole name.. like I'm using Phot
  8. Doesn't work on my old version.. what PS is it used with?
  9. At least $8. These were slightly more than that.
  10. Sorry -- everybody replying they were familiar with the stamp, so I thought you all knew Tandy sells a "grid" template. You could do it with a divider, if you got time to spare https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/geometric-stamping-grid-craftaid-1-4-3-8-1-2
  11. Maybe a piece o cow already embossed with a basket design?
  12. Thanks I quickly got tired of articles, blogs, pootube videos, .... all saying "how to .. this" or "this-that tutorial", or something to that effect. Then you click on it, and you get a sketch, or you get a "time lapse" video with some music that has nothing to do with the video, or maybe you get some guy going on about "i aint no professional, and I know it's been done a bazillion times, but ... I'll do this anyway!".
  13. the dog ... thinks yer takin' his spot!
  14. If I woulda been thinkin', I'da set the stitch spacing the same as the circle spacing.... and wooohooo...
  15. Sometimes have to lift your left leg and lean into the curve