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  1. black n burgundy

    Hey, thanks! Tricky part here was getting the gun to ride as low as he wanted it, but still be on the belt!
  2. black n burgundy

    SHOOOT .. assa wrong one! Here ya go...
  3. black n burgundy

    preciatecha Her's a new shot .... still no finish applied, just a little elbow grease buffin'
  4. Painting fine details? Help!

    That's a cool tip, and it's SO WAY refreshing to hear somebody openly state that he didn't INVENT EVERYTHING that ever existed
  5. Clickers 'n' stuff

    ORdered small, simple cutting die. Thought I should make sure they had current address and card on file, called em up at Intl Die, found out the die I ordered THE DAY BEFORE was DONE and ready to ship out Can't say enough about these folks.. email em a drawing, tell em how you want to pay, git ta cuttin'
  6. Have you tried one size bigger needle? Sounds like you gittin' "stuck" at the hole on the bottom side.
  7. Ranger Billets

    I asked, and per R.D. at SLC, these ranger belt "parts" have about 1" between holes, and about 3" from last hole to the tip point. Shoot if I didn't fergita ask the leather WEIGHT they cut these from, but I assume it's around 7 er 8 oz. Might save Rusty answering the same question a dozen more times. https://www.springfieldleather.com/1-Natural-Billet-Set_2
  8. Very New... with Questions :)

    Lengths are easily adjusted -- really the only consideration as far as "holding one" is teh diameter of the shaft. You can try varying amounts of knurl on the barrel, some more course than others, but the main thing you'll want to consider is how big it is around, which you should be able to tell right there at Tandy. Ask em to show you a 3/8" diameter and a 1/2" diameter. There IS a bit of difference, much like your airbrush example. I tried the 1/2" and didn't care for it -- maybe Im just used to the narrower one, don't know. Beyond that, you WILL have people trying to sell you the most wonderfullest cooliest most bestest knife ever made that your great grandchildren will be proud of you for having the vast wonderful insight to choose. But it won't likely cut better than the others. Go to the tandy, ask em git out a couple different ones, and a piece of leather damp on a table. Most of them have this for various "classes" they have.
  9. black n burgundy

    Nah, no gun required. I'll just do like you already see everywhere.... leave the stitch line where it is, "mold" it in to fit your pencil,.call it a "custom" fit ... you know the rest of the story
  10. black n burgundy

    hey, my new PR guy!
  11. his web site lists sales@ihlusa.com
  12. black n burgundy

    Couple rigs for a fella down south .. colors was his idea. Pic in teh gallery. Actually mahogany dye, but "black n mahogany" doesn't flow well as "black n burgundy" eh? Double mag pouch for each to follow afore long ...
  13. What model is this?

    A matter of hours from the question to not only the answer, but the specs too
  14. And you WANT me to do this to you?@!

    What is an Ian? Oh, wait -- I think I know. Nah, I wouldn't have seen that.