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  1. Nah.. truth is we's ALL the 'type' to learn by doing. Them folks watchin' videos and watchin' somebody else do it, .. while it may be better than nothing at all, truth is a fella don't know how cold 'til he gits in the water. Good thing about holsters, if a fella was ta mess up, he aint out much but the time.. and hopefully that time wasn't just wasted, but rather traded for some experience Guy asked me how long 'afore I quit makin' mistakes. I said 'I'll let you know' !
  2. Where'd that fella go, was lookin' fer a Glock 19 mag carrier? Thought there was one on the site, but oh, well.... Mag_G19_P0.pdf
  3. Looks a little loose.. either suck in the stitch line a bit or use a slightly heavier leather (which accomplishes the same thing, within reason). I don't mind the color.. trick is how to REPEAT it.
  4. Is that autocorrect gone wild, or a .22 tuna?
  5. Well, at the risk of sounding "geek", I admit that was interesting As for the belts, quickly-- if the waist size given is W, then the thickness of the leather adds to the size by twice the thickness times pi, or (2T)(π). the diameter of that 1/4" thick belt is (W+.5), and the "size" on teh grain side is {π)(W+.5)-- the 1/4" thickness adds .5π to the length measurement (1 1/2"). the diameter of that 3/16" (12 oz) thick belt is (W+..375), and the "size" on teh grain side is {π)(W+.375)-- the 3/16" thickness adds approximately .375π to the length measurement (1 3/16"). Some will find this too "technical", but it's fast and it works.
  6. The black 'n' red works, actually, and i don't think that's as bad as you make it sound. But, where's the loops and / or slots?
  7. I like to use a [relatively] heavy 'outty' layer, so I can carve deep, then make the 'inny' a bit thinner. For geometric stamping like yours, you could get away with a double layer of 5/6... which would give you a little more leeway in grooving the innards, and you'd only have to stock one weight. 6 or half dozen. Yer ahead o' me on the thread experiments, though. I generally use 277, but i don't mind some 346. I have never used 554, but it sounds like something aguycould maybe tow a vehicle with?
  8. NO FEESHIN'??#!@#!@! Man, if I dont' gitta play, then I aintagonna wurk neither
  9. Yer right about the granite... took a good chunk out of both the granite and the punch driving a slot punch.. just not payin attention and whopped it too hard I don't hit steel tools with steel hammers. Some folks whose judgement I would trust insist on dead blow mallets (I personally used them only in teh machine shop). A plate of aluminum or brass over your steel plate or over an anvil will manage to keep the rock in shape and the punch sharp. I use an 11 oz rawhide mallet. Same one I use for tooling. If the punch is sharp, really don't need a BIG swing down on it.
  10. Thanks, Dwight Way I hear it, you still got a couple o walleye out yer way, too!
  11. Oh, cool.. we're covered then My stuff isn't all boxed up just yet, but I haven't cut a piece of leather in about a week.. and there is definitely some withdrawal symptom ...
  12. AutoCad at the house would be awesome (or something like it). But I haven't even bothered to check the sticker price since kid #2 Any more, any layout I do "on paper" is generally done with graph paper .. so I can just sketch with a visual "guide". But when I'm done, I want it in the computer anyway, so if there's a way to do it in the computer to begin, I'm for that! Never have time, though, for "that guy" who goes on about having some program at work.. AutoCad, Illustrator, PS, whatever ... and spends his / her time "at work" doing their own 'thing'. Having been an employer, I have some idea what employees can convince themselves is "okay" to do at work on the basis of "everybody does it". That kid who was always on the phone when he should be working - gone. That girl who reported her internet out, and called the tech boys so she could spend the morning shopping for new bras - gone. I could go on. When I see posts from those people, I automatically 'record' them as lacking personal integrity, and glad I'm not paying them. And I don't pay them -- either for designs or finished projects. Hard to make speeches about personal integrity when taking money for one thing and doing another. Like, 'hey, I'm cheating my boss at work, but I would nevereverever do that to you ..." Yeah.. Okay. But, OFF the soapbox.... Whether on teh paper or in the file, the one thing you can't seem to get people to grasp is the importance of the material thickness. One obvious example is the multitude of "correct" ways to measure a belt By compass or CAD, you can't mark a belt waist size on the 'grain side' and thnk that a 1/4" thick belt is going to fit ... [ A bit further off the topic, I also have no time for those who sat (or "lurked".. I guess is the "acceptable" term) and got info for FREE, who now want to CHARGE the next guy for that same info. Pathetic. ]
  13. Ahh.. shooot.. I aint leavin' the planet just yet (far as I know). Once i git moved, I'll be addin' sumthin ocassionally. Mean time, we could may hire a loud, obnoxious, opinionated fella ta fill in fer a while Second thought.... if we git ta pick, let's git a gurl
  14. The previous owner may have adjusted it down (less travel) if not needed to go that high. Got the manual? Those are decent little machines, and you CAN adjust the foot height up/down. http://www.consew.com/Files/112347/InstructionManuals/206RB-5.pdf
  15. Yeah, ther's a cupple details that coulda been a bit smoother, it's true. But that's still a nice lookin' rig ya got there. Stamping is decorative but not excessive, colors work, stitchin' looks good (including the thread color). I even like the waya got the gun linin' up on the inside stitch and the 'bag' of the holster linin' up on the skirt stitchin'... great detail that adds to the piece, if'n a fella wazta ask me If I wazta offer just one 'whatif'.. I'd say maybe recess yer stitch a bit on the INSIDE with thread that heavy. I dont' think it's goin' anywhere, but just to keep from hangin' up on it.