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  1. Okay, I'm not getting it

    I think you are correct.. I'm mixing in the wrong kind of people. Let's make it clear that I'm not the same as those who want posts they don't agree with removed. Easiest way to do that? Just close / cancel / discontinue my account. Please have the courtesy - at teh same time - to just eliminate any content I may have posted (doesn't seem to be a way for me to do it, though it should be effortless). You know .. in or out .. all or nothing. If even the appearance of having anything to do with ... any of that ... I'll pass, thanks Much better to share content from my own site anyway.
  2. Okay, I'm not getting it

    Nope, not buyin that. I'll make it simpler. IF THERE AREN"T any boys trying to use the girl's bathroom, WHAT would be the point of legislation saying boys can't? , and other hand, IF THERE ARE any boys trying to use the girl's bathroom, then we would know. In fact, that's WHY we know about it at all.
  3. Okay, I'm not getting it

    Netflix has info on TX legislation? Or info on 'them'? That would be fine -- you know, where I never knew. And my daughter never knew. In which case, there's no issue for me. So why would anybody need to know? And if nobody knows, then what possible reason would there be for legislation? And even if there was legislation, it couldn't be enforced UNLESS people "know" (hint: when you sue for what you call discrimination, you tell on yourself, in which case, I would know). And I don't want to know -- that's my point.
  4. Okay, I'm not getting it

    Okay, I looked it up, and now may be a bit more confused. Here's the thing, if you hear me say I'm "transitioning", I mean I got one foot in my truck and I'm about to step up At this point, I'm willing to say that it's simply not my problem Hey -- I'm not opposed to equal rights, but I'm not in for extra rights. If you fatten a 'straight' guys lip, that's a simple assault, which up this way used to be a fine (no matter why I know that). Do the exact same thing to a 'transgender', and you're looking at 10 years in federal prison for a 'hate crime'. WHAT THE E!@#$%! And you don't get to go in the girl's bathroom because you "feel like" you should have been a girl. Hey.. I "feel like" I should have been born filthy rich..is it okay if I steal?#!!#$%@!
  5. Lining Leather

    Check for posts by Big Sioux -- thought I heard talk of using harness leather?
  6. In the news today, some "bathroom bill" in TX? Some picture of a 'transgender' boy. Now... I'm lost. There was a LGBT. THen there was a LGBTQ. Then something else (I lost track). And there's 'transgender' and 'gendersomthingelse'.. I don't know.. is a "transgender" boy a kid who is a boy, or a kid who wants to be a boy, or one who used to be a boy...? WTH? I'm just simple. My baby girl is 9. First time somebody with "boy" parts comes in the bathroom she's using, is not going to go well. OTHER NEWS, the Minneapolis police chief resigned amid all the poo -- apparently got asked to resign (depending on which news channel is on). And the woman is still dead, in case you were wondering. And she may have tapped on the squad car when they arrived -- which might make sense considering she's the one who called them. Twice. http://www.startribune.com/bca-warrant-in-damond-killing-reveals-woman-slaps-squad-car/436511073/ Normally, I would have simply continued on in that other thread, but there's a "smilley" in the title, and none of this is funny or amusing.
  7. 1911 Pancake Holster

    Good to see yer feelin better, Ron
  8. 1911 Pancake Holster

    Trouble is, people have lost the ability to have a conversation. Most people these days are raised by tv and internet -- and quite simply act and react according to what they see there. Case in point here - what actually happened: Trenton said "i'm gonna show off a holster I made" , made with a pattern from Jeff. Jeff said, "not my design, but the holster looks good". Trenton not offended, Jeff not offended, maker and customer both happy, ... the end. The rest of the posts are just 'the internet' pooling up around your ankles... where aguycould wade around in it, I guess - but maybe better plan to step out and back to something profitable. Now, example of people misconstruing simple speech, how many automatically thought that by "profitable" I necessarily meant 'money'? Maybe not the news guy with the agenda?
  9. Holster Patterns

    Lame. Just lame. Just a lousy 96,348 free holster pattern downloads. Pathetic ... Oh, wait -- that's just the free ones, so it's all good.
  10. Employees? Uh, no. I'm talking about in the U.S... may vary elsewhere. THE ONE thing to consider here.. insurance. #2 is more insurance. If you have employees, then you're going to have federal laws requiring you to have payroll and withholding - so, getting some help may in fact require getting more help. And your insurance will need to cover them in the event of accident, injury, disability. And keep in mind that any injury / accident / etc need not be legitimate... just an accusation and thousands of dollars are tied up in legal fees. Seriously, I've seen people who hurt themselves moving furniture on the weekend, but waited until Monday to go to the doctor so they could say "it happened at work". If you have "help" in the form of independent contractors, or even just the gal up the street who happened to not be busy between 9:00 - 3:00 while the kids are in school.... you'll still need to provide insurance for the time she's in your property. Payroll is somewhat simplified, though. Couple kids up the street who want to make a little cash for sweeping floors, taking out trash, and mowing the grass? Now you have child labor laws to consider ... This could go on virtually forever, but I'll just say that I do not employ anyone, nor do I intend to. Been my experience that the "good" workers are already good workers -- meaning they already have jobs. There are exceptions, but as a rule those "looking for work" have one or more reasons why they aren't already working. EDIT: If you want to "hire out" something, probably fine hiring web designer, accounting services, attorney(s), and others who need not be physically present ...
  11. Amazing!

    Yep, some them youngsters doin' really nice work. Open mind, really -- some of us old (er) folks could take a lesson! Where is John, from Indiana? Aint seen / heard from that boy in a good while. He may even be old enough to have a beer in some states Kid did very nice tooling (like, in his teens already better than most!).
  12. The 17 is about 1/2" longer on both the muzzle and the grip. Or maybe it's 12 mm? Otherwise, same gun. Glock don't like to change out the tooling at the factory.. just make all the frames the same I've done most of my patterns more than one way. Mostly just cosmetic changes, but sometimes it's an actual "tweak". Or like this one where I used to make it in 8/9 oz, and somewhere along the line I decided I wanted it in 7/8 oz. Maybe I was making something else in 7/8 and didn't want to change out the tooling? Fortunate for the leather 'community', I am the only one who sometimes finds room for improvement -- the rest of you fellas ('n' gals) got it down pat Incidentally, I laid out this pattern and the watermark over it. The watermark takes more 'knowins' .. Sending 'stuff' Jon ...
  13. New patterns 'n' stuff

    Thanks When I think avengers, I think of closing a car door... pull that rear slot and swing that pistol butt right on in .... !
  14. Still at it. Just killin' time today between replacing the kitchen ceiling lights, scrubbing the grill, mowing the lawn, and fielding emails ...
  15. 1911 Pancake Holster

    And I wasn't upset about it (then or now). I was jus' pointing out that isn't my design. You know, like when the neighbor girl is 'with child', a guy might say -- it wasn't me The color looks great, and the maker and customer both happy, so -- no reason at all to apologize. I've never tried the gel stuff, though now I may have to.