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  1. "Genuine" Leather

    uhhh.. I think you're referring to "bonded" leather
  2. Logo Stamp Supplier

    Looking at the pics on the two sites, I would not call the quality "as good" between the two. Perhaps if the design is quite simple... In another thread we stacked up a few suppliers who make these stamps. stamp.pdf
  3. Metal Shims for Thumbreak Holsters

    Remind me o' the blues brothers... 'what kind of music do you usually have...". "oh, we got BOTH kinds... country AND western .." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSZfUnCK5qk Meanwhile, them things with THREE holes work out sometimes ... OH.. wsan't clear about the pricing method on them "snap protectors" ... if you buy ONE, they's 29¢ each, but if you buy 12 ya git ta pay a dollar each.
  4. Belts - Two Rivets or One?

    Yeah, some would agree. And others wouldn't Here's a couple of things to consider, take or leave it... PRO: Stitching would actually be easier and faster, if you're stitching the belt anyway. No stopping to punch holes or get the screws out, or the screwdriver. Stitching is reliable. Unlikely to back out or come loose. No punches required. No screws required. CON: I do have people who want to change the buckle. Kids get bigger. When they grow, changing the buckle for a LONGER buckle allows the belt to be used longer. New buckle usually cheaper than new belt. Young girls win barrel racing competitions. And they get - sometimes - very nice buckles. And they want to wear it on a nice belt. Then they get other award buckles, or they want to wear that belt but want to put that buckle up, etc. Yeah, that has happened. Whatcha gonna do.. require she buy another belt? With a quality, nice belt, people tend to try to take care of it. But inevitably the buckle gets dinged and scratched. Replacing buckle solves the issue. People shop. Sometimes they find buckles they like. Stitched "shut" belts trap the leather "keeper" loop. Seems okay, until it interferes with the loop on the clothing. Like moving it over an inch would let you wear that belt with that jeans... but you can't ... People can buy a belt ready to go - even if they don't like the buckle. All that said, I just got a request other day, asking -- since I offer to make a belt that suits YOUR buckle, is there a "discount" if they DON"T want the buckle? Wel, yah, I guess... don't see me charging for a buckle I'm not sending!
  5. Shows 'n' stuff

    Okay, I remember why I don't do those shows. Heavy snow the first day - actually half day, Friday evening - so I wasn't expecting much traffic. In fact, heavier the snow got I wondered why I was there myself But the plows went through, and the crowd normalized next day. I'm quite good at "reading" people - good enough my son does it already. The boy is good, but I'm gonna say that about 6 in 10 came just to hang out and have some company. Social hour. Maybe 2 more in that batch who didn't come to purchase anything, but would if they saw something unusual, nicer than "normal" stuff. And maybe 2 in 10 who actually came to buy something IF that something is available. This was the first one I've been in on in about ... maybe 7-8 years? I've been to a few here 'n' there, basically watching the crowd (though I would have bought something if I found something interesting, so not "just" a "looker"). Nothing changed, but it's good that I checked. So at least I'm not wondering. Not that they're useless, but rather I should have somebody doing it FOR me. If they have any questions at the tables, THEN they could contact me. Call me right from the table, if it helps you, and IF you have any reception at all. These things really notorious for crap reception, and this one I had trouble just staying connected to my card reader. Fortunately, there was a cash machine at one end of the building. Unlike some, this wasn't just acres of overpriced cheap junk. One big fella had some fairly nice gun slings you could buy on the spot. Told him gotta be worth $50, and he told me some complained about $40 for a 9 oz rifle sling, suede lined and stitched. Don't know for sure, but I didn't see him sell any of the 20+ he had there. One gal said she wants THIS holster but for THAT gun, so I gave her a card and GAVE her a mag pouch, told her contact me after the weekend. Of course, my boy said he thought I talked to that girl quite a while, and he thought it "almost' looked like flirting. Who.. moi ??@!
  6. "Genuine" Leather

    In the US (and I assume elsewhere is likely) they are also "sized" wrong. Marked 38, might actually be a 41. People actually will go back and buy another one after that junk falls apart, because they want the one that says 38 ... don't want to admit they are a 42. Everybody should have this figured by now. The REAL crime here is that apparently, 30 beers are already GONE ...
  7. My new favorite edge dye applicator

    OH>.... it's a FINISH. PRobably why I didn't remember it. Might be okay for touch-ups on used stuff ...
  8. My new favorite edge dye applicator

    So we got foam or felt? Where'ja git it - so we kin git the specs? Is the dye the same? Howzit differnt from those felt pens?
  9. Mistakes on pricing

    Friends and family git it free, with the understanding that they git worked in between other things .. no time frame rules. And they buy any "exotic" materials they want if it isn't something I usually have. But I'm with ya -- I once kissed a cute (cute cute, not just cute) redhead. Took like 2 years git rid of her. Way more trouble than I thought I was in for. Did not involve any collars.
  10. My German Shepherd Gerda

    Fantastic --
  11. I had one of those machines, and when I thread it I always skipped the center hole on that flat bar -- just wasnt' necessary. And that is a pretty big needle for #69 thread, but I wouldn't think that would cause fraying. Only post to point out that sometimes the problem is the THREAD you're using. I'd try a different spool -- if you still have the same issue, you've eliminated one of the possibilities.
  12. Belts - Two Rivets or One?

    I use 3 screws on 1 1/2" wide belts. Couple reasons, so I will continue. But that comment about sewing "across" things has been going on since .. what.. Stohlman wrote that 50 years ago? 60 years? At any rate, it's correct. This is why I break up lines when and where possible. This is the reason the stitching stops at the red arrows, does NOT continue all the way up, avoiding a break line. Plus, doesn't hurt that it looks good. And also why the stitching joins at or near right angles at the dark blue arrows... no stress point concentration there either. The strength of 3 screw is not required for a belt. I've made a LOT of belts with 2 or sometimes 3 Line 16 "segma" snaps. My only issue with those is the limitation on how thick the leather they will go through (about 9 oz is top). Line 24 snaps are strong enough, but I don't like the bulk. But the point of 3.. screws can come loose, back out if not checked. Guy carrying a gun and / or equipment should check, but that doesn't mean they will. So , 3 is a layer of security. The idea of a screw backing out can happen - I've seen it happen. But the odds that two come out at the same time is far less likely, especially when they are in line. And 3? Highly unlikely. I use leather belt loop "keepers", which are retained between the screws. I recommend using a drop of thread locker on each one. But I don't add it, since you may need to move the leather keeper loop over depending on your belt loops on your pants. Or some might remove it altogether. BTW, same way on rifle slings. I don't loc-tite 'em, because installing it would break the seal. But I do recommend that you loc-tite 'em once you have it (loc-tite is a brand of thread locker).
  13. Cuz taxes didn't suck enough ...

    99 counties in Iowa, but fortunately most of them have nearly identical tax rates. And it isn't "bad" compared to some. But we're one of those beginning to apply tax on purchases that didn't have that before. Somehow, the people that other people were ignorant enough to elect got the idea that YOUR job is making sure THEY get paid. They seem to know what they want, problem is they think YOU should pay for it
  14. Simple strap

    That IS simple. Looks good, though!
  15. Passport Cover / Field Notes

    Good to see that's gittin' some use and I didn't draw a rectangle fer nuthin'