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  1. Holster and Gun Belt

    Nice job, Kid Stitchin' looks great, loops are uniform and fitting, color looks nice. But I wanna give you a couple thoughts, I think you could benefit. I mean it as a compliment -- I generally don't offer it (any more) to people who aren't going to "get it" anyway. Don't take it wrong -- your rig looks great. I'm talking about making it a 12 on a 1 to 10 scale Personally like to get you AWAY from that ant-streak crap. Your carving is lookin' pretty good, but I have always thought that "antique" stuff looks like what's left behind after the rain puddles dry up. I know some consider it "traditional", but fact is that's "how it was done" before there were better methods of coloring widely available. And good carving doesn't need it. And watch your "halos" -- that beveling 'ridge" around the designs. Some of that can be done with just a modeling spoon you use for rounding your cut edges. OH, YEAH -- not usually a fan of "staging" in photos, but the trough and iron gate is actually purdy 'catchy'
  2. Another Holster

    Gotta watch the frisket -- even some of the "light tack" stuff can leave a residue on the leather that's just impossible to remove. And some have chemicals where the 'sticky' comes off, but permanently discolors the leather.
  3. Another Holster

    Rubber cement. Same cheap stuff you use to temp attach parts for sewing / lacing. Yep, exactly that right there. Stitchin' looks good too. Now if it wasn't backwards ...
  4. Gussets On Bag

    http://www.jlsleather.com/compare-items/ I wouldn't think a tapered gusset would affect construction, except perhaps the length of the flap. But, I do hate that dark thread on a light project.
  5. P226 (railed)

    Tha's jus 2 views of the same holster -- Wickett/Craig skirting leather split to 8 oz. I couldn't get used to the 226 myself - darn grip is too big around for me. Guy was s'posedta send me a 'vanity' pic of the thing with his ACTUAL 226 in it, but haven't seen anything yet.
  6. when to stamp

    Either way - what's called "tooled" leather is often done flat, "embossing" leather is often done after basic forming. I don't have much use for 3-d "set it on a shelf somewhere to look at" leather, but it IS done.
  7. How do I get this finish

    Impossible to say just by looking at a pic. Best way, the guy who made it could tell you. But I'm seen some nice finish with Tan-Kote, Saddle-Lac (though I wouldn't recommend it for this), Resolene,
  8. Now we just needa git Bob tell us what he's buildin' with that plywood
  9. Making what product? I've never tried it, because I've not had CAUSE to try it.
  10. Weird -- I would have thought it would crack.
  11. Need advice on my new to me cobra4

    I'm assuming that it DID COME WITH the spring steel tension adjustment piece? I don't see it in your pic, though maybe you removed it for the picture.... (?)
  12. Need advice on my new to me cobra4

    No tension in WHAT spring? That piece of spring steel is adjusted with a TENSION SCREW, which you can get from Bob for like pennies and replace if the hole isn't stripped out.
  13. Wasn't so big on the P320? Maybe you more of a 226 guy?
  14. Need advice on my new to me cobra4

    You can replace that bobbin assembly -- think its about $80. Pop in / Pop out = done.