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  1. Thanks, Bob -- exactly my point
  2. A lined beveler makes a pretty good "hair tool"....
  3. Don't think it matters, though it may be a plus to try to get the same person each time you order. It's easier for them AND you if the person you talk to is familiar with the way you want the order handled... saves the trouble of explaining what you want to the next person.
  4. Apparently, everybody and his brother making patterns these days - to sell to us. Just one tip (yeah, I know this goes over like a lead balloon).... do yourself a favor... if you're going to purchase patterns, save yourself the price of one of them. The "field notes" covers and the "passport" covers.. are the same covers! There is 1/2" difference in height between the two booklets (unless other countries make them noticeably different). My U.S. one and her New Zealand one are 5" x 3.5" (and about 3/16" thick). The 'field notes' thingy is 5.5" x 3.5" (and about 1/8" thick). So if you're making "cases" for these... save the price of one of them. Buy one, then cut off 1/2" off the top (or don't - won't matter) and put the money in your kid's piggy bank. Actually, ya know what ... just put the price of both in the kids' college fund, and print this .. FieldNotesA.pdf
  5. Yep, me too. That much leather might even require - dare I say it --- employees [shudder..]
  6. On the other hand, not just them but suppliers in general.... Just thinkin' out loud really. For those who sell on ebay, etsy, or amazon --- then these suppliers are marking up materials more than 100% (double). H.O. "B" grade would cost me $7.40 per foot, though I doubt that a distributor is paying that (educated guess, cuz I sure aint "in the loop" ). Now, if they're paying $6/ft, and you're paying $15 per foot, then you're paying 2.5 times the material cost as the people whose products you are competing with. Doesn't bother me personally Maybe I just think too much ...
  7. Yep, I did. Realized only too late that I have almost NO 4/5 oz.. so we'll see what they get me. I'm more honest than a lot of people care for, really. If you treat me good, I'll tell people that. If you don't, I'll tell 'em that, too I will say that not ALL the leather they sent me was "bad". I did get some they immediately got back, but I've also got some that was bearable -- and I don't mind paying a bit for the convenience either long as it's USABLE.
  8. Wunna these days I gotta git that carving design laid out too... lady got a SP101 with all kindza fancy smancy etching in the steel... wants some scroll work to match and the holster done in that rosewood-ish color that Ruger loves so much on the grips. Calculating the time involved in matching that color in leather dye... carry the naught ... carry the naught ...
  9. What are we calling a "load"? I thought 15 sides was a good bit 'til I talked with people ordering 50
  10. Prolly busy. I see they have ads on ebay, etsy, and amazon --- don't know how many others. And I got an email today that they processed my small order. A bit pricey, but not $15 / foot pricey.
  11. SOMEBODY's gittin busy around here. One guy in Colorado and another in Ohio -- both just downloaded pretty much every file on the site.
  12. Spoken like a man who has done that TOO many times I admit it, I had to read that more'n once. The rest of you just keep sayin' I'm the only one scratched my head fer a minute... no worry. Incidentally, I don't mind a little curve in my pouches... but for a shoulder harness -- flat in the back is GOOD.
  13. Not even close to dry just yet, but here's a few of the new "models".. Tha's a Ruger LCR (top), a 642 j-frame S/W (left) and a Ruger SP101 3". All pretty good fit, meaning I like 'em about 8.5 outta 10. So the patterns will get 'tweaked' just a tad before sending. Still, very usable holsters...
  14. NOBODY sells molds for the bulldog mags. On the other hand, the mag pouch is REAL simple TWO jobs AND leather? Yikes -- my kids never let that happen! YEARS ago, I made a wall hanging for a lady. Carved and painted picture of a steam boat going down the river (man, I still haunted by all those guy wires had to be cut it). Stacks, steam, waves n wake, reflections in water... that took a bit! Made a bevel-cut cove-cut walnut frame for it too, which the UPS guy managed to break (though, give 'em some credit, they paid for it). The ONE thing I told this lady -- do NOT hang it in front of a window in direct sunlight. Sure enough.. at her home years later, there it is, across from the bay window.. looking a bit like a framed old saddle Wanted to know if I could "re-paint" it. Uhh...no - but for about 6 times the price you paid back then I could make you a new one. You just don't see those types of things much any more. Off the path a tad, about 2 months ago I did get to see a handbag I made a LONG time ago (25?). Still looks SHOWROOM. The lady got older and no longer carries it, but her daughter showed me. When I remarked how clean it was for it's age, she said her mother had shown it to all her friends, carried it around long enough to show it off, then put it in the top of the closet... thought it was too nice to use! So for years, it sat in a clean location, empty and out of sunlight and moisture..... wow.... But, that's another deally. Where's the upside down pic? We all liked your IWB you posted ... (man, am I glad the gun I dropped was just the casting ...)
  15. .38? Are you sure you aint got the "undercover" revolver? Same "look", but more .38-ish I got 'blue' guns, too, but I really like the aluminum molds from Duncan's (that's about the 25th time I gave 'em a mention. ... pretty sure subway woulda gimme a free sandwich by now.. maybe rib them boys up there about they owe me one ). You see the little girls in videos with a 3 1/2 oz urethane thingy in their new holster.. lookin' all proud that the dummy don't fall out. Makes a nice story, but try that same thing with a 3lb gun with a full mag in the back end... THEN tell me about your 'retention' That was just me havin some fun fur a bit Point is, the al guns are far more realistic weight (though I wouldn't use the word "accurate"), they don't have much expansion to heat (if you mess with kydex at all), they don't break in a press (in fact, they're pretty tough except when an extension -- such as a hammer protrusion -- meets a concrete floor from about 4 feet up). And the Duncan's boys are quick 'n' friendly.. so there's a no-brainer. Cost is about the same as most of the "blue" guns you find. OH>... and i DO I DO I DO like their mags better too. Molded at the "top" like they were loaded, so they slip into wet leather spaces much more smoothly and mold more true to form. And the BETTER mags are about HALF THE PRICE as the blue ones (and similar). I mean, not that the bulldog uses many mags, but still ....