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  1. Yeah, simple enough. I don't know of a "right" way -- including the one in your picture. Basically, decide how wide you want the belt, and how wide you want the pattern. Then decide how you'd like it to look finished - with or without those "fishtail" points between the ovals. Here's what I mean.. These are both 1 1/2" wide with 1/4" borders (don't need to be on the belt, just making a point), so the "pattern" is 1" wide. The area you want to cover is spaced evenly. In this example, the top and bottom belts are spaced the same horizontally (obviously you wouldn't mark the leather like that, just for example). In teh top example, the marks are made along the center line of the strap, and then an arc is made from point to point, meeting in the middle of the strap. Then teh same arc is marked again, upside down, meeting at the same points. On the bottom, the horizontal spacing is the same, but the arcs are marked 1/4" from each edge (you can use a square to keep them matched up). This leaves that 'diamond' or 'fishtail' look if you prefer that. As for the radius, this is why I say 'no right or wrong'. I have had people tell me they used anything from a coffee can to a dinner plate for the curve, and some actually draw it out on paper and trace.
  2. I'm with him ↑ no help here. But for those who like the video version, here's what I mean, in other words... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ur1SJo5ZcpI
  3. Hermann Oak tannery (St Louis) is the only place that has never sent me a bad piece of leather. And I've tried quite a few places. Oh.. I will add that I have found some decent leather at Tandy stores. More the exception than the rule (and you need to go pick it out yourself, generally) but it has happened.
  4. Your leather is far too wet.
  5. well, yah, it gits cold, but it's a relative cold. Like not panama, but not the arctic
  6. 'cepfer he wants a 'flat back' rig. I guess I could go on design a stack o' those, but really I just figgered folks would adjust that themselves.
  7. Web site "back on". Ron - we don't know.. you got a pattern fer 'im?
  8. catching up a bit at a time. Just adding that if you have a @frontier - dot - something email address for me, it aintno goodno more lights should be back on at the web site shortly ...
  9. If you got away with $1k, you must not have met my wife
  10. Oh, I don't have that one too Just the SOLO around here, though I been meanin'ta pick it up a bit!
  11. I could get fakebook messages all day long and never know it I did know about the site (bill is due yesterday ) but I appreciate the 'heads up' What pattern did they need? Maybe just post it here in the interest of speed ... According to the wench wife, shopping oak bar stools is higher on the priority list!
  12. Yep, finally moved in (MN). 60 degrees today, but expecting snow Friday
  13. Since your profile says interested in tooling, then you will need tooling leather. Hermann Oak and Wickett & Craig are the big ones in the U.S.
  14. Okay, bunch of stuff off the trucks 'n' trailers. Piles beginning to get sorted. Sewing machine - "check". Here, but not verified to be in one piece I really must have another coffee before proceeding ...
  15. Yeah, another plug for Ray and friends .. very nice people, easy to work with, and the embossing roller works just fine Note they also make a decent holster mold.