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  1. Our YouTube channels

    Almost ready to get back to doin' these.. things went SO smooth 'back when'.. WHAT was I thinkin' when I said 'i do' ??@#! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnrO-Nj81n9aqWUuG_IKgvQ
  2. LOTS of posts about ALD, not a single pic of some of it. So, I'm a fan of both HO and W/C leathers, but also just ordered a couple different types from ALD -- tough to just go on taking someone's opinion without seeing it myself.
  3. Toledo sewing machine reply?

  4. First piece with new CowBoy 4500

    Sheath look good. I don't groove. Needle maybe 1 size over. I like salad.
  5. Walking foot is leaving marks on leather

    Careful -- that's clearly useful information presented clearly and concisely. I use a short strip of 4 oz cowhide, but same idea
  6. Where to buy holster/magazine patterns?

    LOTS of patterns available, say the last 60-70 years Certainly recommend you pick up "How to Make Holsters" -- largely revolvers, but there are some basic ideas in there you should look at. MOST of teh videos you see are somebody dragging out the SAME principles clearly laid out in that book - with some "everybody look at me" thrown in. Another source, check out Jim Simmons' GREAT article here on this site - one of the better explanations I've seen, well worth the read. 3/4 of the battle is starting with good leather - save a guy some headaches. The difference between the price of the GOOD stuff and the 'not' is very little. Some folks on this site think info is "worth more" the more you pay (or such is their claim), but there are some FREE holster patterns and info OVER HERE. If at the end, you have some desire to watch a video, I recommend either of these (and that's about all I would recommend personally). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFsXw3gabqk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWNKHi2joJE
  7. Holster VIDEOs 'n' stuff

    For those who want to add this to the list of links, that would be this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LkpV1COuc8&feature=youtu.be
  8. Holster Patterns

    Have at 'er - that's what they're for. Mix 'em, match 'em, use 'em as is, whatever. Share 'em with a buddy. Stew on 'em til ya git yer own idea. All the above. No extra charge for using 'em a second time, either. Ordinarily, there was a link in teh signature on this site to the patterns on that site. But with folks gittin' tax refunds, I thought it might be a good time to link y'all to Bob at Toledo (here and again below) so you can hit him up about leather stitchers 'n' such. Patterns 'n' discussions at http://www.jlsleather.com/diy/holster-patterns-diy/
  9. Feeling frustrated (example shown, critique needed)

    Been right there for just over EIGHT YEARS - still very well done and still valid (leather hasn't changed). Don't thank me, thank her.
  10. Holster / Pattern Videos

    HA! '80/20' is a loose term, basically just means that they are NOT "50/50' equal pieces. There isn't an actual "calculation" involved. In fact, I got a message from one guy, said he carefully measured one of my free patterns that said "20° forward cant" but was actually EIGHTEEN degrees. Ohio -- when I'm done making mistakes, I'll let you know
  11. Holster VIDEOs 'n' stuff

    Well, I wasn't looking so much for ideas so much as hoping that all the people "skipping around in videos" might comment or review one they liked (and why). Idea is, instead of the standard self-promotion POOP which invades about everything we would instead end up with a list of quality information which might -- dare I say it -- save the next guy the trouble of so much "skipping around in videos"! FROM THE SITE: I would love to see a collection of useful leather working videos, and would gladly display it here. By ‘useful’, I mean there are enough ‘self promotion’ videos out there already, and requiring payment to view it does not make it “worth more”.
  12. Holster / Pattern Videos

    Coming up on a year.
  13. Holster Patterns

    Must have slowed down a bit - maybe need to upload something new? As of this morning, total of 127,748 free downloads. The winner? Glock 19 pancake style holster (6,024 downloads).
  14. Holster VIDEOs 'n' stuff

    ANother 6 months gone by, I see we're still watching Sam and those GIRLS in the Greg Allman video. Both good choices
  15. If they agreed to cut straps 40 mm, give them back and tell them to try again. This type of thing is so frequent its' becoming the 'norm'. Many "businesses" will continue it as long as it's tolerated. You COULD sand the edges down (it really only needs to fit the buckle on the ends), but I would contend that you shouldn't HAVE to. I've been pretty flexible over the years, actually. But that was when there was an OCCASIONAL mix up, and people were good to fix it. Not so much the case either way any more.