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  1. Why do you see these "lists"? I mean, if you have a "waiting list" of weeks or months, couldn't you just get that gun you don't have and make one by then?!@~#!
  2. I don't bother with acrylic templates. If I need 2 total, or 2 a week, I make a card stock pattern. If I need 2 a day, get a die made.
  3. That's going to depend on how many square feet you're talking about. If your 'notebooks' are 5x7", prolly don't matter. But if your notebooks are 8 1/2 x 11", then just get a back.
  4. It is for a fact. Could explain some people's tendency to argue statements which were never made in the first place
  5. Cutesy is a bit of a zoo. Ever seen the forums? People HERE sometimes have me thinking they've left the lid off the glue. But I'm tellin' ya, folks here got NUTHIN on them people. I swear, some of them could find $5 on teh sidewalk, and they'd bitch that it wasn't TEN It's all I can do to pop in and check on the "updates" time to time -- since that's where cutesy puts "announcements" (translated: new policies).
  6. Okay, tha's better. Went with the compact model this time, but the fit and style are certainly "tightened up".
  7. I run a burnisher with an O.D. of about an inch, at about 500 rpm. Some of the machinist boys around here will be able to tell you that it's not the RPM, it's teh SURFACE FEET PER MINUTE that matters. Double the diameter of the burnisher, running at the SAME rpm, will result in a burnisher operating at double teh EFFECTIVE speed. Shorter version: A 2" burnisher and a 1" burnisher running the same speed are NOT working the same way.
  8. Folks git way too concerned over this stuff. There are a number of ways to burnish edges. One guy says saddle soap paste - other guys says glycerine bar - next fella says edge kote or similar..... I burnish with water, and occasionally add some wax to the "stubborn' edges. I prefer a rotating tool in a drill press, but each his own. I will say, though, that in the time it would take to watch that entire video, a guy could make a burnisher from a wooden dowel (3/4" to 1" will do it), a file, and some sand paper.
  9. That's exactly what I told them on more than one occasion. 'Look - you could supply ALL my tooling leather. I don't mind PAYING premium as long as I'm GETTING premium.' I thought maybe I'd pay the extra down there to avoid stocking and storage, but I spent enough hours ordering and returning hides that it just wasn't worth the time and trouble. Easier to just call Hermann Oak... couple weeks you got very nice leather, much better price, and about 75% off the shipping charges.
  10. Yeah, I'm just talking about the U.S., since I wouldn't know anything about anywhere else. Copyright law is not "somebody's opinion" or a "feeling" here. Copyright Law in the United States. Copyright law in the U.S. is governed by federal statute, namely the Copyright Act of 1976. The Copyright Act prevents the unauthorized copying of a work of authorship. However, only the copying of the work is prohibited--anyone may copy the ideas contained within a work.... (etc.) I always get a "kick" though, out of those people who make something with Dr Who, Mickey Mouse, or Harley-Davidson, and then accuse others of copying them!
  11. This is - in a nutshell - the essence of copyright law. If you purchase a pattern, or instructions, etc -- you have the right to make goods from that, INCLUDING items for future sale. What is actually protected is the WRITING ITSELF. Keep in mind always... a copyright is only good to the extent that it is enforced. You can send letters all day long to "tell" someone not to use your images (patterns, articles, whatever) but to actually stop them you would need a judgment, which is neither instantaneous or free.
  12. "purdy" is spelt witha Dee !
  13. Nothing to add -- just this is worth repeating
  14. I've never ordered that exact stuff, but as a rule "craftsman" is a nicer word for.. well.. something less nice "Craftsman" isn't a word Hermann Oak uses in their grading -- this is someone else's story. http://www.hermannoakleather.com/about/grading/grading-20140524202323 I use H.O. leather in A and B grades, always been good leather -- consistent thickness, clean surfaces, tight grain, well split, tools and forms great.