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  1. Cuz taxes didn't suck enough ...

    99 counties in Iowa, but fortunately most of them have nearly identical tax rates. And it isn't "bad" compared to some. But we're one of those beginning to apply tax on purchases that didn't have that before. Somehow, the people that other people were ignorant enough to elect got the idea that YOUR job is making sure THEY get paid. They seem to know what they want, problem is they think YOU should pay for it
  2. Simple strap

    That IS simple. Looks good, though!
  3. Passport Cover / Field Notes

    Good to see that's gittin' some use and I didn't draw a rectangle fer nuthin'
  4. Cuz taxes didn't suck enough ...

    Well, much of it is based in the same old HYPE provided by "stores" and retailers about how they have "overhead" and other expenses "legitimate" for jacking up the prices of their often sub-standard "goods". Basically, locals don't want you buying online crap tax free (and now days often free shipping too) because then you might buy less of THEIR crap! And some are willing to spend CRAZY money "lobbying" to make sure you can't do that. Because 'use tax' wasn't good enough? I have no objection to "buy local".. if the charge is legit. But don't tell me about your "fancy smancy" lease payments, or franchise fees, your new car payment, blahblah.. all the "reasons" your $2 crap costs $14. I know $2 stuff when I see it If I'm buying in another state, it's because the locals either don't have what I need, or what they have is a sub-par version of what I need. But bottom line is, here we are. I guess the tax guys and the lawyers gonna make more money (again), I just don't have the time to keep up on the way-too-regular changes.
  5. New SLC Video

    Oh, that's Heather. A couple of times she's been subjected to me I've talked to her on the phone...
  6. Web design 'n' stuff

    I don't do checks. When I changed banks recently, they asked what kind of checks I want. Uh.. none. Would't know what to do with 'em - haven't WRITTEN a check in a long time. Nor do I wish to pay for the "service" of processing OTHER people's checks... If they can carry a check, they can carry money. If you have money to cover the check, then get your money and then show up. If you don't have the money to cover the check, then I don't know why I should pay to verify that. Since moving here, I have found TWO places where they don't take cards of any kind, which I think is more than I found in the last decade. One gal said they don't want the fees involved. Personally, I'd gladly pay the 3% to not have to have cash! Other hand, I remember that day a couple of years ago, my buddy was stompin' mad. Energy company told him they wouldn't REFUSE cash, but they add a service charge if you pay cash since they have to pay someone to make change!
  7. Truck Key Fob

    A penny saved ...
  8. Another Mold Supplier - Here we go again!

    Ring's Manufacturing 99 East Drive, Melbourne, FL 32904 321.951.0407
  9. What are we doing about the EVER INCREASING number of states requiring tax collection on "out of state" sales? First of Feb (19) adds some more. You Alybammy folk, I'm talkin' bout the revenuers Yes, I know many will put their head in the sand and ignore it.. I mean the actual businesses. Really not necessary to reply to say "i'm a hobby, so I act like I didnt' get any money from it". I'm not the ignore the issue guy, but I'm also not the global conglomerate with teams of tax lawyers to handle all that in my absence.
  10. Yup, that would work (folks usedta call them "pilot" holes, maybe now it's something more ... sensitive?). IF you decide to have a die made, I would have them add the punches for the holes too. One "hit" and it's done. Sandy's smart, she's prolly gonna recommend that you use tapped holes in the die, and then insert threaded punch tubes. It's more money of course, locating the holes in the die, but MUCH easier to sharpen or replace if they're made to come out.
  11. I'm a bit hurry-er than that .. a bit of spray adhesive on the paper and the posterboard, stick it, and go. Eliminates errors from tracing too IF you decide you are making enough to justify a die, just make yer paper pattern, get it the way you want it, and send it to Sandy. They'll make a die right from your paper pattern.
  12. Web design 'n' stuff

    Since you like a bit o' humor.. this actually happened. Been prolly 15 years ago.. still remember. I got a bill for an hospital visit for my son. It was marked something like "pay this now or we'll send two big guys with ball bats.. final final notice..." But i had never got a FIRST notice, so I called em. Interesting that this hospital is about 4 hours away. WHY nobody call me at the phone number on the bill, make sure I'm getting it? So the gal says it was months ago, and we're a bit mad you haven't paid it. Says she been sending me bills for months. So I said well my address aint changed, so why i git THIS one but no others? ANYWAY, that IS my name and address, and that IS my son, so just tell me what its for and we'll just do this. Says it's for emergency room visit. SO now I'm REALLY confused, cuz if it's an emergency, WHY would I go to a hospital 4 hours away?@! But she don't wanna tell me what the bill is FOR, what they actually DID. So I give her a VISA number, hear her entering it in. She says ok- that went through... thanks, blahblah.. SO I said agin now tell me what that's for. ANd she re-starts her "privacy laws".. kaint tell you ... hippa poopa... spiel. And how she can't give that out over the phone cuz she has no way of verifying that it's really me. So I SAID.. if you can't verify yer talkin ta Jeff, then you need to put that charge BACK ON JEFFS CARD until you verify it was him authorizing it. She decided there really was no trouble giving me the information.
  13. 2 Layer belt question

    Any time you put two layers together, they are going to oppose each other. That's a good thing..it is the point. Like plywood.. stronger than wood of the same thickness because layers are pulling each other into alignment, holding each other in position. DOWNSIDE is... your wrinkles. Unless your belt is going to always be in that (curved) position, one side of the other is going to get compressed. This also happens with UNLINED items, it's just less visually obvious due to "suede" side texture. Why you think "store bought" belts come with a "wrinkle" finish? So the question becomes.. WHERE do you want the wrinkle? Personally, if there has to he cosmetic issues, I want them on the INSIDE, where they are not seen until the belt comes off. If you make the belt on a curve -- which I did for quite a while - then straightening the belt is damaging the top for the same reason. Not good. (NOTE: I also don't like to see belts shipped in a box 8" x 6" for the same reason). I do glue belts. Generally use Barge cement, but I have more than once picked up Tanners Bond at Tandy and that works quite well. Not sure if they're still selling that now. Lots of folks talk about Weldwood cement, and I've been meaning to try that. And I glue them with LITTLE curve in them - not flat, but not conforming to the waist size either.
  14. Pricing?

    Dwight, hopefully I can use your numbers for an example without offending. No offense intended, just showing my train of thought. We both did our own art work, so that's all the same. We both "approved" our design, since we did it. At some point, you (or someone you know) went to a store, or clicked a web button and entered card info.. whatever ... in some manner you bought the proper paper. Maybe that's what the $8 is for? Does that include the trip and the time? I ended up paying $18.17 after tax and shipping, so 250 for $9.09 .. or $1 more than you spent. But, instead of 30 seconds per 10 (3 seconds each is pushing it, since you still have to separate and stack) adds up to 750 seconds for my 250 order, other words 12.5 minutes - and I do not believe I could separate and stack 250 of them in that time. Not that a guy shouldn't do his own -- that's a viable option for some. Your cards are clean, and I DO like that tag line ... "affordable gun leather for those who can't afford to be without their gun leather" is GOOD STUFF The idea in this thread is ... I don't wanna see somebody trying to 'smooze' me into thinking that the time he spent making cards should somehow jack up the price of the belt he's trying to sell me
  15. Pricing?

    I just got an email from VistaPrint that the business cards I ordered FRIDAY (it's now Mon morning) are boxed and ready to ship, complete with tracking number Amazing the things you can get done when you don't spend your day telling people how important you are For those who dont want to read my last (relatively long) post above (hey, I dont fault a fella )... that's 500 cards, in less than 48 hours, on a weekend no less, for 10% of what the local guy wanted for making less quality and taking longer. POINT IS for this conversation.. the TIME IT TAKES you may not be a legit factor. Over the years I've known quite a few people who got jobs (instead of working for themselves) because they want to be getting paid even when they arent doing anything. Money just because an hour went by. Each his own, but I don't pay people more just because the clock changed.