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  1. Practicing Basketweave...

    Okay, still not 'gittin'" it on the angle thing. But I will say that your basket stampin' is crisp 'n' nicely done -- looks great!
  2. Material to line holsters

    That seems to be getting more wide spread, too. If I was a guessin', I'd say that's partly because suede tends to be cheap (compared to tooling leather), and because new guys ('n' gals) see others doing it, so they follow suit. I don't care for the use of suede leathers in a holster. It does not form, does not harden. Some will say it's softer, and somehow better for the finish of your gun - I'm not one of them, but it's out there. Like a carpet, it collects stuff that falls in - harder to clear out. It doesn't burnish. You can make allowances so that it doesnt extend to an outside edge, but why? So when I make lined holsters, I usually use tooling leather. Instead of 8 oz leather, I might use two layers of 4 oz, or a 6 and a 2 oz. Or if I want to make something heavier (say, for large revolvers) I might line with a VEG TANNED split. This is useful, for instance, if I want to dip-dye the holster, but don't want the inside dyed. Just dunk the main holster, then line with the split. End up with the same finish on the inside that you would have had frm using the single layer, but the inside is not dyed and the edges burnish well.
  3. I marked it a while back for other reasons. But I looked through it now, and i really wonder why he almost went out of the way NOT to reinforce the sweat shield. Going through all that, seems like carrying the shark (in this case) up over the sweat guard would have been simple.
  4. Dunno what type IWB you was thinkin' bout, but this guy gave a talk you could follow: http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/22992-reinforced-throat-iwb-w-sharkskin/ and this guy made a [slightly long-winded] video about a somewhat different style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36YrAHglme0
  5. Practicing Basketweave...

    You are talking about something at least a few of us are interested in knowing but do not currently know. That makes you qualified.
  6. Big cat

    HEY BOSS .. this is the definition of "good hair day" ! I mean the largest compliment on this great work - to be sure nothing is lost in the translation, I'll use this more graphical fella
  7. Advice.

    So WHO ARE these "masters" who gracefully bestowed the knowledge, and I ask to know how "far back" we would need to search. I think I found this place about 6 er 7 years ago - don't really remember. I knew leather before I got here, so I figured it was a win-win-win. Either I could GET something (win) or give something (win) or we could have a friendly offhand conversation about leather stuff with others interested in leather (win). But, the posts with actual content certainly were ... outweighed. I do not know who the "masters" were. Stohlman, Pohja, Jennings, all dead before I was here. Some would say Bob Park and Peter Main (and I've seen stunning work by both) but the only posts I've ever seen from those men was selling a class or a book. Not that there's anything "wrong' with either of those things. And again, I DID ask how far we need to "go back". Oh, and I STILL find that horse carving discussion GREAT stuff (Kate, wasn't it?) whether you call her a "master" or not. And, some really skilled carvers you know of are off doing "endorsements" at Tandy or other conglomerate .. in fact many cases that's WHY you know of them. Before long, I took a year(ish) off - just didn't use the site at all. When I clicked on it again, I noticed some of the people who used to hang out weren't around any more. Each his own, whatever. More clear was the fact that there were some sissy mary types who went from asking the most basic questions when I found the place to suddenly experts to be sought out for all things in the space of the year I was off doing actual leather work. I would add a little guy rolling on the floor laughing about that right here, except I just kaint seem to see it as funny, or amusing, or legit, or even rational, that somebody who spent his (her) day asking questions and getting free help and advice would then create a web site where he SELLS that same information he got for free I generally don't post those "i aint never dun that but if it was me" posts - if it doesn't concern me, then it doesn't. Other hand, I don't post those "I'm the one who decides what is acceptable" posts .... In fact, I really posted in this thread mainly because this right here was knee-slappin' funny ↓ SO THEN: I'll check back on occasion maybe see if we have an answer for whose advice we should have, and how far we need to go back in time to get it. And wonder why for years, I always auto want to spell occasion with one 'c' and two 's' .. it's just weird.
  8. Bond Arms Bullpup 9 Mag Pouch (es)

    That's certainly a fairly unique set up. Still feels "backwards" loading the thing, but neat design. That's right, the bullets run UPHILL when upside down.
  9. Zack White shipping has changed!!

    That's a pretty good "plug'. I've never used the stuff, but it does have an interesting grain. You've convinced me to try it out.
  10. Day of Dead Insprired Bag

    I don't mind stain, it's just that ant-streak crap i don't have But I DO know that black dye in and around the carvings can be TOUGH!
  11. Day of Dead Insprired Bag

    skulls really so no my thing, but this looks purdy good. Toolin', and applique'in', and pipin' .. gittin' ALL fancy over there!
  12. Practicing Basketweave...

    I've seen discussions about basket stamp angles before, going back about 30 years seems like. Must be something obvious there i'm not seeing (i remember not saving that "doodle page" I got about this in the 80's). I always just scribe a light line where i want the stamp to run on a holster, and belts have their own quick little way of linin' 'em up. Think I got a pic round here somewheres ... That holster looks good, so I'm assuming that you have a valid, worthwhile point here that Im' just maybe not seeing. But, wakin' up and getting ready to git busy so maybe some light humor with coffee before the phone madness starts? Maybe make us a video of how to make / determine this angle? And what benefit we get from doing it? Be sure to charge us for the video, so we know its "worth more" ... Oh -- cell phone video is fine, long as it aint shakey and shows the point of what yer talkin bout. We care about the knowledge, not the "production"
  13. Zack White shipping has changed!!

    Just another reason why the bald guy is gonna say COMPARE THE ITEMS. The horse must be good, or you wouldn't care about it. So in the end, it becomes a question of what am I paying and what am I getting - and then the decision of if it's worth it or not. Folks round here love to say their time is worth money. But I assume this retailer is the same. It's not "just" shipping. Somebody gets PAID to take it off the shelf and package it, and we should expect that to get added to the cost. So, we won't know how much is markup on the leather, how much goes to their electric bill and security system, web site, or the mail lady. Just how much is the final "to my door" price. For myself, I don't think $16 is a lot for shipping a package. I would likely order multiple hides at a time, see how that affects shipping. If it goes up $16 for each hide, I'm out. If it's like $20 for 2 or $22 for shipping 3, then maybe that's their "incentive" to purchase more at a time, and maybe it is worth it to do that way. Dunno - never been there myself. I can complain about shipping charges with the best of 'em. But, years of postal route walking has given my mail lady INCREDIBLE legs, and she can do about anything she wants as long as she comes by here .. WAIT..DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD .?@! Just trying to lighten it up a bit round here. Got any pics of the horse hide? Or did they irritate you enough you don't want to give them a "plug"?
  14. Practicing Basketweave...

    That basket stamp looks good, and that's a nice color too. But I'm confused about what's teh angle?@!
  15. First try, and thank you

    Looks like yer gittin' the basics down, and certainly a boy kin be learnin' worse things at that age! Now, let's git one them there coasters under that drink before Mom comes round. Better yet, maybe git in the habit of keeping the drink on a different table where it kaint git tipped on the leather
  16. Shows 'n' stuff

    Okay, I remember why I don't do those shows. Heavy snow the first day - actually half day, Friday evening - so I wasn't expecting much traffic. In fact, heavier the snow got I wondered why I was there myself But the plows went through, and the crowd normalized next day. I'm quite good at "reading" people - good enough my son does it already. The boy is good, but I'm gonna say that about 6 in 10 came just to hang out and have some company. Social hour. Maybe 2 more in that batch who didn't come to purchase anything, but would if they saw something unusual, nicer than "normal" stuff. And maybe 2 in 10 who actually came to buy something IF that something is available. This was the first one I've been in on in about ... maybe 7-8 years? I've been to a few here 'n' there, basically watching the crowd (though I would have bought something if I found something interesting, so not "just" a "looker"). Nothing changed, but it's good that I checked. So at least I'm not wondering. Not that they're useless, but rather I should have somebody doing it FOR me. If they have any questions at the tables, THEN they could contact me. Call me right from the table, if it helps you, and IF you have any reception at all. These things really notorious for crap reception, and this one I had trouble just staying connected to my card reader. Fortunately, there was a cash machine at one end of the building. Unlike some, this wasn't just acres of overpriced cheap junk. One big fella had some fairly nice gun slings you could buy on the spot. Told him gotta be worth $50, and he told me some complained about $40 for a 9 oz rifle sling, suede lined and stitched. Don't know for sure, but I didn't see him sell any of the 20+ he had there. One gal said she wants THIS holster but for THAT gun, so I gave her a card and GAVE her a mag pouch, told her contact me after the weekend. Of course, my boy said he thought I talked to that girl quite a while, and he thought it "almost' looked like flirting. Who.. moi ??@!
  17. New Prototype Belt Key Holder

    Is that how they're made now? I made a BUNCH of these for the boys who work at the prison -- been a good few years back now. They all wanted them LONGER, so that the keys were over the leather instead of buffing holes in their slacks. But then, those boys (and one girl) carry a LOT of keys ...
  18. Shows 'n' stuff

    Well, maybe not the only fault The wife says "you can't just make what you like". She is wrong, of course - she's been saying that for a long time. But I not only make what I like, I do not make what I don't like. Generally don't even "hang with" people who make what I don't like. I could list some of the things I have not made and will not make, but .. what point? I have known people who actually paid money for a "pet rock". But then I knew other people who bought that same thing simply because other people did. They themselves would likely never admit that the only reason they did is fear of not being "like everybody else". The first one is not being smart - the second is worse. Never did understand that "used car salesman" mentality - you know, somebody saying stuff they know is crap, to somebody else who also knows it's just crap, yet both continue to do it ?@! I still remember that time I was talking to somebody... and they used "hashtag" in a sentence. Don't remember what it was.. something like "hashtag I'm a susceptible idiot" probably ... but anyway I just turned and walked away. Not sure how far I got before it dawned on him that I had left. He was so involved in "everybody" saying "hashtag"-something, that he assumed I was part of the "everybody" and it would be somehow endearing to use that -well - crap. Just walked off and left him standing there ... But Ed was a decent guy. With decent stuff. He clearly liked making them. Told me a story about that "old boy" who taught him how to make leather stuff. If he did the show down this way, I'd be willing to meet him for lunch. But I could do that without doing the shows. Better use of my time to let the folks who do that pass out my card, give em a cut.
  19. Shows 'n' stuff

    Well, it happens every day. Which is why I tell people SKIP the pretty stories and actually LOOK at what it being offered. COMPARE it to others of the same type. If the emporor's clothes aren't REALLY better than some other, then just walk away. Some folks been doing that kind of HUSTLE for so long that they assume everybody ELSE is doing it too. Some folks' mind so polluted they assume everybody is up to the same lame crap that they are. Problem is, SO MANY people get so used to finding out that the stuff with the pretty stories is CRAP that they begin to assume that EVERYTHING is crap, so no sense paying much for any of it. So then there sits Ed.. with his slings ... through no fault of his own.
  20. Fair enough I thought it was "way overboard" to make a video of such a simple idea, but if somebody was helped - good deal. I sometimes forget that people are willing to pay for a drawing of a rectangle if you call it a "leather field notes pattern". Well, no -- I don't forget.. I just don't grasp the concept of people who tout "custom", "hand crafted", and "unique" being willing to pay for a drawing of a rectangle. Just can't make sense of it. But I wasn't actually denigrating the guy; what i said was ...
  21. And then left it in the package. Still, $1000 worth of carving tools "tossed in" with something ELSE you were buying.... tough to beat that
  22. Exactly. Or, better yet -- use your simple and effective solution to try to drum up support and attention for other things you did. Use it as a "reason" to make a video showing your ribbon. And how tall you are getting
  23. OF course he didn't claim the idea. Somebody would show him tool and die manuals written before he was born calling that a SOLID STRIPPER with an integral POSITIVE STOP.
  24. WHAT THE WHAT?@! UH... no -- it's 2 pieces of leather screwed down to the table. Folks, this is pretty much the DEFINITION of hype. This fella may be a decent guy, and may have had no intention other than to help folks out, so not saying it was anything nefarious. But I was looking for the "edging" part or the "machine" part, which didn't happen. Really, what the guy has is a STOP and a sharp edger. It's extreme for the situation. I do the same thing with an 18" ruler on a marble block. Yeah, I know the planet has been dumbed down and somebody is about to ask for a video of that too ITS A RULER. SITTING ON A FLAT STONE. If I'm doing a number of straps at the same time, I toss a quick clamp on the ruler to hold it more solid And like this thing, it's just a STOP. It IS helpful, because it keeps the strap straight. Edger can't bow the strap, so it cuts easier. Course, it's still the edger doing the edging. And when I'm done, the ruler goes in the drawer right under the marble until I need it again. 2 thicknesses of leather screwed down to the table, then other thickness of leather to "shim up" the thinner straps, and a video about all the above -- seems excessive. Tall hat, upward camera angle, ribbons on the backdrop... c'mon folks- it's a commercial. If he takes off the hat, shows a level camera angle, points the camera at what he's actually talking about, then it clearly shows as leather screwed to a table. Same camera stuff that made Tom Cruise look taller than 5'6"...
  25. What do YOU like about figure carving?

    Carving leather is not nearly as difficult as some would like you to think. Course, if you get thinking it's both easy and fun, then I suppose they sell less patterns and instructions. About 95% of leather carving is getting the moisture content right. That's a made-up, random, off the cuff number .. meaning I just mean that's very important. Percentage means nothing. To carve leather, you need good leather, and the moisture content will come quickly with a little experience. WHAT you carve - at least at first - is IMMATERIAL. I used craftaids and stohlman's belt book patterns simply so I could concentrate on the CARVING. I bought a double shoulder of 9 oz cow and cut it into strips, started making [sort of] belts. When it was not good (i mean seriously not good) i didn't pitch it.. I tossed it off to the side in a box and started another. When I knew it wasn't looking like I wanted, I finished it anyway. By the time I got across that shoulder (I think it was 16 or 18 belts) they didn't look too bad -- AND I had a handle on why the not-so-good parts weren't so good. STOP THERE? Uh..no. I took those "fails" and practiced the COLORING. MUCH of that failed too, some worse than others. But I pitched em right back in that box. Later used the same ones to test different types of finish recommended by the book and the Tandy up the road. I didn't take their classes or groups because I could see that the people in them certainly weren't making ANYTHING REMOTELY LIKE the pics in the books they were using (though that slim gal was CUTE). Seriously, you're an intelligent guy -- get some GOOD leather, bowl o water, set of bevelers (regular and figure bevelers) and have at er. You'll likely destroy some of the leather, but every piece can be lessons gained if you go about it meaning to "get" it.