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  1. turn your leather passion into a career!

    Already well beyond the 7-day processing time, so.. no pressure.
  2. colt officer dummies

    No? Well, at least we know how to end an endless discussion
  3. NOBODY making a mold for this gun? Lots of "close" ...
  4. colt officer dummies

    I don't "fix" molds (though I have been known to add .020" build up to make one fit less snug). So, then -- anybody got one of these they aren't currently using? I wanna BORROW it, check it. No desire to spend $60, $60, $60 ..... only to find out that none of them measures correctly. https://www.knifekits.com/vcom/cooks-molds-holster-molding-prop-for-sig-sauer-1911-42in-rail-natural-p-13500.html Loan me the gun, get back the gun and the pattern ... Trying to give Cook's a bit of optimism here ... benefit of doubt as they say. Hoping they aren't another one that sells you a piece of steel, calls it a "knife", but says YOU should sharpen it (the nature of being a "knife", it should arrive ready to cut what it is meant to cut). If they're all oversize, I'd like to know that.
  5. Installing a zipper on a case

    Haven't made one o them in a good while, but here's sorta how I do zippers (with a gusset).
  6. Lil guy with a flower

    "with a flower" is exactly right -- exactly ONE flower on that little pistol Looks good - as usual. "Lefty" or "inny"?
  7. Self inflicted wounds

    I miss those days when tools arrived sharp enough to cut ... (sigh)...
  8. Barry King dot so-what

    that's not perceived value, that's getting suckered I fell for that before .." look Jeffy, this one is shiny" .. though in my defense I was about 5 years old. WAIT... there that really cute girl ... but turns out that was largely just marketing too (they're like swivel knives, set aside the best one and the worst one, and the rest are pretty much the same). you are correct. this is why i always say compare the items and learn to distinguish between quality vs hype theres certainly some truth to that. Folks ask "what is THE BEST lure for catching walleyes?" And the answer -- the one you will USE. AGAIN: Had that knife been notably better than others I've used, I would have SAID that. And while sissies and marketing people (often the same people) tell you it's not "nice" , had it been notably worse than others, I would have SAID THAT too. True is of more value to me than "nice" (and will continue to be until somebody can explain how lying and deceit is "nice"). So in a word, my opinion of that particular knife? It's "okay".
  9. Barry King dot so-what

    I just received a barry king 1/2" swivel knife and straight blade. Was sent to me by another fella what works with leather (I'll let him chime in if he wants his name used here). NOT that I don't appreciate the thought (unless, or course, the thought was that my carving needs some help ), but at $70 I'm gonna say this knife is overpriced about triple. Doesn't seem to be any nicer than my $20 knives from S-T leather. Well, it's brass (or maybe bronze), so it may be more corrosion-resistant than my steel barrel ones. So maybe just DOUBLE overpriced. Machining looks good, but nothing a first year machinist student couldn't have done. Or if it's already programmed in the (CNC) controller, my SISTER could stand there and watch it spit out. Some of their geometric stamps look pretty good (from pics - I don't have any of them here), but if this knife is characteristic of the quality I can expect, maybe I won't try the stamps after all... My phone died and the wife isn't back with the replacement just yet, or I'd call and find out if I can just return this myself from here and have em refund HIS card billing.
  10. Barry King dot so-what

    I once saw a video of a guy carving leather effortlessly with a metal spatula from the grill. Smooth, clean cuts. I'll leave it to him if he wants to share his video or not. But it was never about knives. The whole point was - and is - when you start dropping names as if that would influence the quality of the tool in any way, you have diminished respect for yourself and not added any for the names you drop. These people who created these "must have" tools... HOW did they become skilled carvers BEFORE THE TOOL existed? They didn't need it, but want to push the idea that YOU need it. Videos of course the same principle.. those pushing videos, HOW did they gain their own skill/experience BEFORE the video existed? Some small man will be along directly, inordinately defensive, to act as though I'm trying to talk people OUT of buying these things. Not the case at all --- I'm a firm believer that what a guy does with HIS money is none of my business, nor my concern. And I don't sell them, so I have no dog in that fight .. no interest one way or the other. What I actually said was short and clear - I got a knife, didn't know it was coming, viewed it as no better or worse than other knives I already own, which caused me to see it as an unnecessary expense. I don't "collect" tools just to have them, nor do I keep tools based on who made them (in fact, I don't know of anyone so important that their name on a tool would cause me any concern at all). Wasn't about money, since I didn't need to spend ANY to have the knife - could have just kept it free and clear. But if I wouldn't spend MY money on it, then I certainly wouldn't spend YOUR money on it. Sadly, that's become the exception rather than the rule these days -- I am aware that most have no trouble spending OTHERS' money ...
  11. Barry King dot so-what

    Actually, I had forgotten all about this. Now that it's brought up, let's try this other approach. EVERYBODY go pick up one of these knives. Then post a pic of your work "before" teh knife, and the same carving "after" the knife. Then we'll know it's the knife, eh?
  12. Wanted Blue Guns

  13. Bible cover

    Nice. Lots o' learnin' in that one.. inside and out! Stitchin' perfect for the color shade, really does "tie it all together" in more ways than one.
  14. Me, neither-- and I didn't take it that way. Actually just posted to point out that there was a video that some would find useful without all the "fluff" and hype.
  15. I see Sam Andrews did yet another video. I came across it by accident. NOW, he's never gonna be purdy as me, and I couldn't personally listen to that tone for extended periods. BUT, he's got some very concise and to the point demo going on that folks wanting to make their own holster patterns might want to check out. GOOD NEWS (and one of the things I like about Sam) is he doesn't spend an hour getting to the point. This video is 12 minutes 'n' change, and involves more useful info that some spending an hour and a half ... But, Sam - friend - manila folders were big in the 70's ... but now there's 10 places in town that will sell you card stock by the ream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PdKDmcmu8k
  16. Wanted Blue Guns

  17. Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    I have old-focals, but what you're describing sounds worse than mine. I've tried "line" bifocals and "no-line" bifocals, and I don't care for either. Near sighted, but only time I wear em is driving, and usually only at night - it's the distant stuff I don't see well. Don't like to use 'em for close work - including typing this -- since either you have the line causing everything to be duplicated (driving causes two speedos, two radio dials, etc) or you have the no line causing you to move your head like a chicken trying to keep the right focal point. When I took my last driver station test for license renewal, the girl said read the top line, and I said "there's lines?@!"
  18. Is there a font for Ivan Alphabet stamp set 8132-00

    Maybe. Guess we'll have to wait on teh reply from the guy doing it
  19. Want to start using an airbrush. Please Help!

    That's a very broad question. As a rule, the size of the job sets the need for the brush. Most of us don't need to spray 4-6" wide paths (though we may spray 6" surfaces, just not in one pass). And most of us dont need to spray hair-thin detail lines. This probably rules out the highest precision and the least precision brushes. Most brushes widely available can spray a range of like 1/64" wide to 2" wide just by adjusting the distance from the work, thickness of the color, and air pressure. In fact most of that is easily done with one finger without stopping. I like a dual-action, siphon feed brush. For general information from people who REALLY DO know the difference, check this: http://www.airbrushguru.com/choosing-the-right-airbrush.html
  20. Need stitching advice

    I'm gonna dare say there are quite a few who would be interested in a machine that reliably stitches big bold thread in light material.
  21. Hmmm.. is that not as popular a little gun as it used to be, or is it just downloads in general getting slower? Only 26 downloads in almost 24 hours Maybe they just down overall? Only 219 downloaded holster patterns in last 30 days!
  22. Is there a font for Ivan Alphabet stamp set 8132-00

    OH, so its a commercial venture thing. Now I'm with ya. Up until that, I was wondering why not simply laser the letters on the leather and paint em
  23. Holster Patterns

    Well, that took too long. Better late than never, maybe? Here's one more.. don't be scared to post pics of what you do with it! LCR holster pattern download
  24. Holster Patterns

    Downloadable holster patterns moving to jlsleather.com/ Still more in the works. Paypal ready, no 'subscription' required
  25. Then try this download ... for the LCR revolver. I put it on the site, so you won't accidentally download it and be bored by the content. The pocket is what you need .. the rest you can alter / adjust to suit your taste. LCR pattern