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  1. SLC.. why have thou opened this can of worms

    Uhhh... that what I dun sayd.
  2. Air brushing

    You are not factoring in the PRESSURE behind the sprayed dye. Shoot a gun next to something. "tiny particles" (in the form of powder and packing) will actually EMBED in the material. That's an extreme example, but the principle is the same. More pressure, deeper drive. (in fact, that's true of ANYthing).
  3. Must be the size of the package -- and then the next ones aren't much at all. I have an order from recently where 3 backs (sides minus bellies) shipped for $38.29 - PA to MN.
  4. suppliers that split english bridle

    If it's NOT 'pasted', how would you tell it was split? WEAVER once sent me leather DAMAGED on teh back from splitting .. looked like the blade was BOUNCING (back looked like those serrations on the road to warn you of an upcoming stop. But not from W/C. Ever.
  5. "Stiffener" or "reinforcement" panel largely just 'for pretty'. Pretty STORY, to be precise. Years back, somebody told a story about how "beneficial" that was to have another layer on the front. And then a few thousand people copied that - to the extent it became fairly common. When I put out a pattern, I generally include one simply because some people look for one. And hopefully it adds to the look of the finished rig, not take attention away from the rig. Problem is, those "pancake" holsters rely on tension of the belt for retention of the gun, so if there's no "reinforcement" of the back, then it collapses anyway (from the back). Better solution is to make the holster on a curve, much like what he has done here --- front piece longer than the back piece. And if you want to further firm it up, try two layers of 4 oz leather instead of a single layer of 8 oz. Note -- Wickett & Craig sells pre-dyed skirting leather in roughly this color, which they call 'chestnut'. All you have to dye is is the edges (and please, inside the slots -- don't be lazy ). They will split this leather to the thickness you want - no extra charge. It can be stamped, tooled, dyed, and oiled as "usual" - so if you're doing a lot of "saddle tan", might save some time and effort. Here's a piece shown stitched with natural color thread.
  6. I like it No stitch at top of stiffener? Oversight or design?
  7. Passport Case and Credit Card Wallet Patterns

    http://www.jlsleather.com/diy/pattern-making/leather-pattern-notebook-layout/ http://www.jlsleather.com/diy/other-diy/
  8. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    AutoCad? So that would be a revolved surface then?
  9. SOLD

    Already there - though not in teh same place (sold that one, too). Now I can jump in the car and be bothering my nieces in about 15 minutes
  10. SOLD

    At last, no longer own any houses in Minnesota
  11. Inkscape and Pattern making, 1911 holster TUTORIAL!

    Yeah, uh.. I don't see anything like that, at least in teh free version. But I'm not tlaking about individual buttons, either. I mean I have two "draw" menus, and two "modify" and two "snap" ...
  12. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    Don't know the "cutting speed", but I've seen ppl on this forum going on about a 2" diameter burnisher running at 3600 rpm, which I have always thought was WAY too fast. I get very nice edges running a stick less than 1"diameter (effective dia. down in the groove closer to 1/2" / 13mm) in a drill press at about 500 rpm. Honestly, I think some people just like to have more tools, necessary or not. If you understand "cutting speed", you likely don't have any trouble making your own "blueprint".
  13. SOLD

    Too many Democrats Oh, and the methamphetamine runners and shootings could be a consideration. Not so much in Sartell, but it wasn't far enough away from Minneapolis, where apparently calling police to report a crime can get you shot. By the police you called. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/minnesota-officer-involved-justine-damond-s-death-can-t-handle-n907036
  14. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    Just a thought out loud here .... you guys know that you can buy 1 1/4 - 1 3/8" diameter oak dowels for a few bucks, right? Building materials stores (menards, lowes, etc) call them closet rods.
  15. Inkscape and Pattern making, 1911 holster TUTORIAL!

    I downloaded the 'trial' version of this - and I WAS able to make a pattern with it. Since I'm familiar with several CAD programs and I already had the measurements of the gun, it didn't take very long to "transfer" it to this software. Except for some reason I have double menus (?#@!), it seems to work pretty well. Don't see any way to eliminate ONE set of the duplicate command buttons (TWO "draw line", TWO "draw ellipse" , etc.)
  16. Leather burnisher, blueprints anyone?

    Blueprint only necessary if you are mass-producing something. Stick a piece of wood in a drill chuck, and make some grooves with a gouge or file, sand it right in place. Obviously, for mounting on a bench or pedestal grinder, you'll need an internal thread to suit the arbor.
  17. HEY thanks, Bruce. But neither of them looks like much compared to this one of YOURS! Great color there.
  18. No point lookin' down the end .. there are NO peas in there
  19. Allowance for wet molds

    It would depend on what shape you are trying to wet form. Most wouldn't require any "extra" (though if you have an inside and outside forms, an entry radius would be nice)
  20. Anyone Read Don Gonzales's Floral Design eBook?

    Maybe I should have bought Don's e-book? I just watched tolerated 16 minutes of some 35 minute video about using Illustrator to lay out patterns . At that point, I really couldn't take any more. PUH LEEZE . it's a 6x4 card holder, and you have a $600 software program, add a silly accent, and a voice that sounds like you're apologizing endlessly for something -- to draw 3 rectangles (two identical pockets, so maybe that's actually TWO rectangles). I think I just failed (yet another) idiot test
  21. Anyone Read Don Gonzales's Floral Design eBook?

    Agreed.. lots of poo out there with a pretty story attached to it As for holster patterns, anybody not satisfied with the cost + shipping on those free designs is entitled to a full refund, plus 5% for your trouble.
  22. Anyone Read Don Gonzales's Floral Design eBook?

    Talking about that $20 thing on his web site? $20 doesn't seem like a life-altering investment. I did watch parts of a couple of his videos. Seems like a decent fella, but the videos were a bit long-winded. In fairness, that could be just an honest desire to make his point clear to his viewers. Again, only way to really know would be to spend the $20 -- since it's instant download, fella would know soon enough. https://dgsaddlery.com/product/introduction-leather-floral-design/
  23. Embossed Straps W/C Leather

    My fancy-smancy method of trimming involves a utility knife with a new (or close) blade dragged along the edge with the belt in the air... rather like cuttin a piece of jerky, or peelin' taters. Maybe I should make a video? Don't know any fairies I can get to be in it tho ... so there's that to consider
  24. Embossed Straps W/C Leather

    Shortest is 48 1/2" long, all are 1 1/2" wide. Cleanin' the closet, and suddenly there's these! $50 gits 'em ALL, shippin' is free if you in the U.S. 8 oz leather from W/C
  25. Embossed Straps W/C Leather

    Lazy -- I cut teh liner 1/4" or so too wide, stick it n trim it. Bevel edges, burnish, dun.