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  1. Looks like an actual working rig to me.
  2. lol
  3. I have this: https://proleptic.net/shop/tools/pro-thermal-tools/pro-thermal-cordless-thread-burner/ works like a champ!
  4. It looks like this may be close.... https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/tac-m7-system-pattern-pack
  5. I am also looking for this style of pattern.
  6. I like it!
  7. You will be getting a lot of carbon soot from a candle. You could probably use a butane or propane torch as well.
  8. Does anyone have a pattern for an alaskan chest rig pattern? I am looking for a general pattern that I can adapt as needed so gun specific is not needed.
  9. Since Tippman is having a sale on their accessories, I was wondering what your favorite accessories are? What are your gotta have it and would like to get? In all fairness, I have the cobbler bench, the led light, and the material guide....
  10. I am thinking about putting together a basic teaching outfit for about five students at a time. It should be easily portable. What would you put in the kit?
  11. Cordwainer - Worker of fine leather
  12. I like the 2 lb from Tandy, but it can get weighty after a while. I also have a 1 lb I bought for when my arm gets tired.
  13. This looks promising! Thanks.
  14. Does anyone have a pattern for a Bow glove (for shooting off the hand)?
  15. I'd be interested to know what you find out.