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  1. Gold dye

    Jacquard True Gold. The best for flexibility...that I've seen. It's for airbrush but I've used brush for leather.
  2. Slap or blackjack ..

    I made one once. It's just two pieces pancaked and filled with lead shot. It's heavy but surprisingly well balanced.
  3. Air brushing

    Sorry, but from a practical standpoint that's exactly what I said. You don't get an argument from me.
  4. Air brushing

    Glad I could help!
  5. Air brushing

  6. Air brushing

    As you may know, the very nature of how an airbrush works make it so the dye will never penetrate as well as other forms of application, the best being dip dye of course. Because the airbrush will vaporize the dye, the tiny tiny drops that make it to the leather will not be able to penetrate, and some may even hit the surface dry and get 'smashed' into the leather due to the air pressure. Only if you oversaturate an area, spray so much it gets wet and drips etc, will you get any penetration. But then you may as well dip dye. Using fredk's technique may work to improve things but not give 'good' penetration, also spraying layer on layer with an airbrush MAY mean that you put the dye on top of the previous layer to make it more durable yes, but not with better penetration. I've done this but didn't really experiment a lot so if someone could post some cut-throughs it would be great. For things that see hard use I dye 'normally' and then only use the AB to apply fades etc on top, but you guys seem to want the rustic look so then things should be fine by airbrushing only.
  7. Anyone Read Don Gonzales's Floral Design eBook?

    I've had the Don Gonzales book for a while and I do recommend it. At the time I was a complete beginner to Sheridan design, and the way he explains flow and the circle layout and connection is great. Also great is how he explains how to build up the different elements, like scrolls. It is not going into much detail on how to draw leaves and flowers though, there are some pics and explanations but not much. And there's nothing about stamping etc. But then again, it is a DESIGN book after all, he never said anything different, and as such it is great. If you're on a beginner or intermediate level I recommend the investment in knowledge from Don.
  8. Treble clef guitar strap

    Thanks again. Yes the finish is nice on that one, I went for a gritty look for the skulls and they were hard to make so that they don't look too identical.
  9. Treble clef guitar strap

    Thanks. Actually this is the second strap for me, the first one is posted below. If I was making one for myself I would probably make a fixed size 'one strap only' unless I was changing guitars a lot.
  10. Treble clef guitar strap

    Made this guitar strap thinking I would gild the treble clef. After several failed attempts I just resorted to painting it with Jacquard gold acrylic paint. Still looks good, but I wish the gilding would have worked... I don't have a guitar, so no 'action pics'.
  11. What's going on here?

    My view is that outside of school and gambling there is nothing called cheating, just smart use of resources and knowledge... Which you demonstrated here.
  12. Gilding problems

    No, I'm using the white milky 'glue' type. I did try with using acrylic finisher first, 100% dry then sizing.
  13. Gilding problems

    Hi All, I'm wondering if you can give me some tips when it comes to gilding leather. Now, I don't mean the way the bookbinders do it but more for gilding tooling as can be seen in the pic below. The way I do it is to use sizing for porous materials and first paint it on and let it dry for 30 mins, then when 'dry but sticky' paint another layer and let it all dry 24 hours. Then paint another layer, let dry for 30 mins (according to the instructions), apply gold leaf, brush it off. Now the problems are that the gold tend to rub off easily from the sized areas, either directly while using the brush or even after 24 hours of drying time. Also, I get A LOT of gold stuck on the leather outside the sized areas, even where I didn't touch. This can be removed with painters tape or hard paintbrush, but is very annoying. Anything I can do to minimize this, except masking? Anyone out there that do this and can share some tips?
  14. Just a little curious...

    73 is a good vintage. As my wife the wine taster would say: Could be rough on the nose, generally sweet, definitely not bitter but sometimes with a sour finish due to the added tannin...