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  1. Advice.

    Yes. But I'd like to think of it as they're getting offended by me rather than me offending them.
  2. Advice.

    Mostly the sensitivity. And the fact that people feel they have to be social on social media. That works on a food pic (Looks tasty!) but if asked for advice on stitching just shut up unless you really know your stuff and have sound advice to give. The arguing comes when some fool is overconfident in his/her abilities....
  3. Advice.

    When I joined the forum, nine years ago today actually, it was way different than it is today. I managed to pick up stuff that propelled my skills and I learned things in months that others had worked years to develop. I don't see that a newbie can get the same leap from the advice given today. No offense guys... Sure, the pinned posts and the videos everyone gets pointed to will help anyone that want to put the effort in to get better, but the 'masters' don't post here anymore. It's great with a community that supports each other and all, but if someone posts in 'Critique' and asks how to improve his rather crooked stitching he'll get five 'your stitches look better than mine' and maybe one 'are you using a chisel?' replies. Not that helpful. I'd say that if you're new to leatherworking and just found the forum you should start by reading all pinned posts and then search for posts older than say five years before posting a question. And that's some free advice you can take to the bank....
  4. Flat (?) edge burnishing

    I got mine from Tandy, I think they still sell them.
  5. Flat (?) edge burnishing

    They probably used a flat edger or a French edger. +1 on the rest.
  6. Strap Scrap...suggestions please ;)

    That's for connecting the flux capacitor to the DeLorean, they're just using it wrong.
  7. Pricing?

    That's the people not caring to learn things right and just wings it. They want to make a cool 'thing' but it comes out looking crap and then they don't see that their skills are lacking, no of course that's how it's SUPPOSED to look 'cos it's handmade.... I do my best to do things the right way and for me handmade means that I have better 'control' of the product and can make it a little bit 'extra', even if that takes more time. I can't charge extra for that time though, but I will charge more due to the better quality. If that makes sense...
  8. Bracelet

    Thanks. Yeah, I use an eraser to remove the pieces that won't brush off, and I'll try the talcum powder method next time.
  9. Bracelet

    Thanks for explaining. Do you do anything so that the gold doesn't get stuck all over the bracelet, like powder it or such?
  10. Bracelet

    Finally someone else that does gold leaf! I had to abandon it for paint on my last project, could you tell me your process, please? The gold leaf looks a bit scratched or brushed in the pic, is that for effect or natural?. Any info you can give is appreciated. Also, I like the way you incorporated the GL in your design, looks good.
  11. Truck Key Fob

    Sounds like too much work, sell the truck before the battery runs out instead...
  12. Practice Flower Done

    Nice one, I like the 'double border'.
  13. Advice for creating weathered black effect?

    For weathering, why not try to weather the leather? I usually don't weather leather but if I were to weather leather I would try to simulate the effects of weather on the leather. Like: Hit it with a (bike) chain Baseball bat? Definitely run it over with a car Put it on the sidewalk and jump on it Scuff it with sandpaper Dunk it in water Sear it with a torch? Etc. This will give it an authentic weathered, used, worn and torn wasteland/fantasy look.
  14. For starters, consistency in exit hole size. And for those that hammer the chisel all through to the prongs: there are times the exit hole should be smaller, so I'll add flexibility as well. In hole size too, though you can always get another size chisel I guess. Then there's the other stuff like angles etc, and the more custom thingies like cylinders.
  15. This is what I do. Though I jokingly tag my insta-pics with #nostitchingchisel I do use it for marking. But nowadays always use the awl for piercing, because of results mainly. Stitching chisels can be good for beginners, I started with awl only, then wanted to 'quickly improve' my stitching in the way I saw all the Japanese guys on YT and IG doing so got me some chisels. They improved things but after using them for a while I saw I didn't like the end result, even after trying many different ways of using them. So I went back to the awl and practiced, something I hear people can't be bothered with nowadays, but kept the chisel for marking.