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  1. Ancient Greek Armor

    Thanks, I've been researching a bit and figure that a lot of leather armor actually was made the same way as the metal scale armor. (Especially in the Asian cultures.) So this piece is looking real good.
  2. Ancient Greek Armor

    Just messin'. Of course no one would do that for armor, the pieces would be cut and pierced and would have to be replaced all the time. At least that's a good story if anyone else mentions it.... On a serious note, do you know if this kind of armor was made out of leather back in the day, or if the ancients used metal scale only?
  3. Ancient Greek Armor

    So uh, I noticed you didn't burnish the edges of the scales... Naw man, awesome work! Do you take it apart for storage or do you use an armor stand?
  4. DIY Tooling Easy Carve Concentrate

    Just mix some Saddle soap into a bowl of water. It might not be fancy but it works.
  5. How is this for a start?

    You wouldn't be the first nor the last. That's why you can find "leather" bracelets on AliExpress for like $0.68....
  6. WIP. Wallet with Floral design (but not Sheridan)

    Most of us do Keep handing out the stuff, it's the best form of marketing. However, don't sell stuff for the cost of materials only, 'cos that will give the general leather product buying public the idea that that is what a product is worth and ruins it for all the rest of us. Now I don't think you would do this, just giving hints to other people who might read this down the line.
  7. WIP. Wallet with Floral design (but not Sheridan)

    Do this: 1. State the total amount of materials used, down to the ml of dye used. 2. State how many hours it took. 3. State how much your time per hour is worth. Multiply #2 with #3 and add #1. That will give you the total COST of making the item. Now add the profit you want to make, for the PRICE of the item. You may find that the price you came up with is too steep (I do all the time..). Then: Figure out who you want to sell to. Can and WILL they pay what you want? If so, market to them. Are they in another country? Sell via internet. If you can't, you may have to adjust your price. You can change your profit margin for sure, and perhaps your rate/hour, but not the material cost. Well you can, for future items, by procuring lesser quality materials, which is done all the time by manufacturers. But personally as a craftsman and an artist I rather work with the best materials I can get my hands on and then see if there's a customer out there that also appreciates top notch quality. In these days of AliExpress and Wish the waiting time can be long sometimes...
  8. The God of Wine

    Yup, I've heard that too.
  9. Studio tac creative books. Opinions?

    Funny, I have that one too. If you have done a few projects already the pictures alone is enough to give you a good idea of what's happening. But if you're completely new you may have problems following along.
  10. The God of Wine

    Ok cool, I thought perhaps it was an ancient Greek stylistic thing...
  11. The God of Wine

    Beautiful. What will you do with it? The girl to the right, is she yelling? I don't get it...
  12. Carving eyes, a brief tutorial.

    Aye, so it does!
  13. "vegan" leather suitable for straps?

    I can never understand why vegans "can't" use leather, it's not like they're going to eat their belts or bags. And the cow didn't die for the skin, someone else ate it and the skin would go to waste unless we used it. So if you're vegan because you love animals, I think you're disrespecting the animal by NOT using leather products. But I ran into something weirder when trying to sell yoga mat holders to a girl and her group. She said no one would by them as they didn't use leather because the soul of the animal was trapped in the hide. WTF? I believe yoga is from India where they believe the soul passes on to the next life so what kind of new age hipster makes up a quasi-religion just to avoid buying leather products? If she'd just said that cows are holy animals I would understand, but these were no Hindus, just a bunch of new age yoga freaks.
  14. Suggestions please

    The Al Stohlman leather tools guide. Good reference.
  15. Holes in old vest etc

    Perhaps you shouldn't? Ketchup, battery acid, vinegar, cleaning products...this thing looks sprayed with whatever it was.