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  1. I really like your flowers; they are beautiful. The flowers with the sideview turned out very nice as well.
  2. I forgot to mention that I really liked the colored center of the one flower. Nice touch!
  3. All of the wallets are nice! I liked the lacing as well. Thank you for posting your work.
  4. It is beautiful. I am in awe of the fact that you don't draw your pattern and transfer it to the leather but just draw on your leather with the swivel knife. It's a gift, Double U, it's a gift! Thanks for sharing your work.
  5. The straps are very nice and they look great on the boots! The conchos are really cool. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Great looking spur straps! I especially liked the light colored ones; the shape/style, color and conchos. Just liked the whole "look" of them, eye catchers. Nice job! Hope you sell the lot this weekend!
  7. You're on a roll. This is a beautiful belt and I am sure the wife will love it. The filigree belt was awesome, too. What's next?
  8. Really appreciate your gift/talent; great work! Thanks for sharing!
  9. welcome to the site