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  1. WTB Al Stohlman booklet "Making Leather Animals"

    Thank you very much for the offer Howie696 but somehow, I lucked out and a copy was posted on Ebay the evening of my posting here. It was over priced but I made an offer on it, and, found out today that my offer was accepted. Whoopie... I get to own another racehorse. At least this one will be cheaper to feed. LOL LOL LOL
  2. This booklet is a small soft cover one with patterns for several animals made from leather. I had this booklet and made the seal and the trotting "race horse with jockey". Both were given to friends over 40 years ago. I want to make the horse again for myself but I can not find it in my stash of patterns. If anyone has this to sell, I am looking to buy it, or, if anyone has the booklet that is willing to make a copy of the horse pieces and pattern instructions for assembly, I would be willing to pay all expenses to have a copy of just the horse section copied and mailed to me. Heck, I'd even pay extra, within reason. PLEASE?????? Thanks for reading.....
  3. Rubber O Rings For Sidereins

    Thank you so very much. I am so glad to find the rings. One more item I can mark off my long list of jobs.
  4. New Newb From Western Wa!

    Hello fellow Washingtonians.... Me too... but over near Port Townsend. I'm looking for a three legged stool kit (if anyone nearby would happen to still have one), or pattern to build my own, which means finding some heavy weight leather in a smaller piece than a half a cow. My mother made two of them years ago and has told me I can have the one that she still has but I want a couple more for use in my living quarters horse trailer... very small living quarters... that is, when I finish up the conversion I've started. <smile>
  5. Hello From Washington State

    Waving a big hello to all the Washington people from near Port Townsend, WA. As you can tell, I'm into my horses and the gear I use with them. Also get drug into other projects by my over active brain. Oh my! During my time between marriages, I supported myself and my young son by making hand tooled with names "cowboy" belts. My leather collection of tack keeps me busy just keeping it clean. ha ha ha
  6. I have been unsuccessfully looking for the rubber O rings that are found on sidereins. I need a total of 4 of them. They are a rubber ring that is about 3.5" or 4" in diameter. They are attached to the reins by leather loops that go around them. They look like this. I hope someone either has some, or knows where I can get them. I'm not having much luck.
  7. stirrup leather wraps

    I like the idea of a braided "tube" to hold the curve. Having done some braiding years ago, I think I'll give that a try on a saddle I have in my tackroom that has no turn to the stirrups.
  8. Welcome to the site. I understand you got here as soon as you could LOL. LW is just what you need and if you need anything just ask!

  9. Try Murphy's Oil Soap. Use a bucket of water, and use much as you would liquid shampoo or shower gel. Fingernail brushes work good too... and will get down into the nap of the suede. You can also scrape at the soot spots with a dull table knife, using as a flat edge sort of like you would use a putty knife if you were removing gum from the floor. You will probably need to clean the whole seat to keep the color of the blonde even all the way across the seat. Murphy's Oil Soap is great for cleaning suede........ I've used it for years. It is also great on dirty tack. Bonnie
  10. I use Murphy's Oil Soap on the really dirty tack I have. I will also use a fingernail brush rather than a toothbrush as it covers more area, faster. I also will use a kitchen pots and pans sponge with the plastic scratchy side on one side. Use them carefully when they are new... but they can be used more harshly as they loose their abrasiveness. I have mostly done this with non tooled leather such as harnesses, bridles, etc. I wouldn't get a tooled item as wet as it may adversely affect the tooling. The Murphy's Oil Soap also does a very nice job of cleaning suede. The kneeroll areas of the older English saddles gets darn nasty with age, and, it can be renewed by using Murphy's and some water with a medium bristle brush, and a smooth edge table knife. Just keep cleaning and scrubbing. When it is fairly wet, scrape carefully, but firmly with a smooth edge table knife (no serrations, if you can find one), and you will pull out all kinds of dirt. When dry, re-oil the smooth leather part of the saddle and brush up the nap of the suede. This would work for those suede saddle seats too. Bonnie
  11. Welcome to the site look forward to seeing some of your work.

  12. Howdy all, I'm new here, but, have been working with leather for a long time. I'm no expert, but, I do okay. I'm what the cowboys call "long of tooth", so I'm not telling exactly how old I am now. he he he I supported myself and my young son (now 47... eeeekkkk) by tooling belts for the local rodeo type cowboys. Yes, that was a long time ago. I would cut out, tool, and buckstitch one a day. I usually garnered at least one more order when I delivered a finished one. I stayed busy. Now, I mostly do projects for myself. I am still into my horses, and they need gear, including some harness parts ( I drive more than I ride), and my dogs need specialty leashes sometimes too. Mostly, I find that when I take on a project, it is because I want or need an item that I can not find commercially, and believe me when I say I drive the local shops crazy with my thoughts and ideas. I'm always seeking something that is out of the ordinary. I guess this says something about me, doesn't it? OH MY! Am I creative? Or am I excentric? Maybe both? Bonnie
  13. welcome to the site