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  1. New (to me) machine for skate tongues

    Like said, nice looking machine.
  2. Check spring range of motion

    This information at the one minute impossible to find. The only place I remember reading this is, actually in the 111W manual. None of any of the modern manuals for many machines that use the same tension go into this in the owners or even engineers manuals, yet the thread controller stop is a critical setting.
  3. Small Motor Pulley with 5/8" Bore?

    McMaster-Carr is awesome, I buy a lot of stuff from them. A lot of hard to find stuff shows up at my door a day after ordering, they must have a warehouse close by to me.
  4. Shrinking the Table

    The Merrow stand is big bucks.
  5. Small Motor Pulley with 5/8" Bore?

    *I got 14.89mm, .0586", or .37/64" or 19/32" if you will. *Not exactly the 5/8" I was thinking of, I need to check my numbers again!
  6. Consew 206RB-5, "kickstand" placement issue?

    JustPaul, I think one of the ladies you spoke with were a bit confused, and sorry if you felt like we blew you off. Nothing of the sort. See attached images, hope these help. 5/8" is the drill hole size, see approximate where to drill this hole. All of this said, often our table suppliers drill this hole for the table pin hinge, and as that may sound convenient, it's not always in the correct spot for your specific machine. It's a toss up to start drilling holes in the table or not. Anything else, please call or email, I'm eager to help. Gregg
  7. Small Motor Pulley with 5/8" Bore?

    5/8" bore pulley is very common for many new servo motors. Consew's clutch motor from I think the sixties and seventies made in Japan had this pulley bore.
  8. Recommend vintage textile machine with reverse

    I can't agree more, we have one on display as in front of our shop.
  9. Consew and Mitsubishi Twin-Needle machines

    Mitsubishi is a needle feed, the Consew is a walking foot. Gauge sets are very easy to get for both and common, and not too crazy expensive.
  10. Who is our Pfaff expert?

    91-010002-05/000 is $173.25 Pfaff list price. Replacing this top arm shaft is about as big a job as you can have with a machine like this, I would recommend thinking twice before investing money in a machine like this. Finding one used can be hard, and I'm only assuming that the machine was working well before it was dropped. I would check the casting to make sure that there are no cracks elsewhere as well. Hope this helps.
  11. Pfaff 141-6B or Seiko STW-8B

    Most folks within the US know the Seiko STW-8B as a Consew 226R. Not a copy, both are made by Seiko. I'm not sure what machine would be best suited for your work, or also how you do your work.
  12. Juki 158 Double needle thread

    ROT (Right Outside Twist, also called an S twisted thread) would help, but also make sure you are using bonded thread, that remains one cord if you twist in between your fingers a few times.
  13. Restoration late 1800 Post Bed Sewing Machine - Robert Kiehle

    Beautiful, like they say, they don't make them like that anymore.
  14. Consew 206RB

    Consew 206RB, RB-1 Parts CLICK HERE Consew 206RB, RB-1 Owners CLICK HERE
  15. Bobbin Loading Issues

    Make sure the feed dog carrier is set to the correct height. I've checked the owners book and it does not cover this. When you cycle the machine by hand, the bottom valley of the feed dog should be at the same level of the needle plate. Hope that helps.