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  1. Pfaff 141-6B or Seiko STW-8B

    Most folks within the US know the Seiko STW-8B as a Consew 226R. Not a copy, both are made by Seiko. I'm not sure what machine would be best suited for your work, or also how you do your work.
  2. Juki 158 Double needle thread

    ROT (Right Outside Twist, also called an S twisted thread) would help, but also make sure you are using bonded thread, that remains one cord if you twist in between your fingers a few times.
  3. Restoration late 1800 Post Bed Sewing Machine - Robert Kiehle

    Beautiful, like they say, they don't make them like that anymore.
  4. Consew 206RB

    Consew 206RB, RB-1 Parts CLICK HERE Consew 206RB, RB-1 Owners CLICK HERE
  5. Bobbin Loading Issues

    Make sure the feed dog carrier is set to the correct height. I've checked the owners book and it does not cover this. When you cycle the machine by hand, the bottom valley of the feed dog should be at the same level of the needle plate. Hope that helps.
  6. Source for type I bobbins?

    Never heard of I type, but I'm sure it's out there. A, G, S, L, M, and U are the more common type.
  7. Singer 7-31, 7-33, 132K6, 45K, 144W, 144A, Consew 733R series, 744R, SK-2R, Adler 220, Seiko JW class, SLH-2B. There are many many more, but these come to mind for me.
  8. Adler 30-1 help

    That the way to do it, good job getting it done.
  9. Info Required on Bernina 850 Industrial 1981 vintage

    From what I know, this is a machine that superseded the Bernina 217 model. Quality of the machine is top notch. Parts could be an issue, not sure.
  10. Techsew T1563

    T563 is a good quality machine, pretty sure made in Taiwan. You should be able to obtain parts that you need for about $150 or so, from what you described. Juki LU-563 parts often cross reference with other machine makes and models, and any supplier I can think of has a lot of spare quality generic parts for this machine. Not to mention genuine Juki as well. You will not have to search far to find the parts you need, and they should not cost a crazy amount. In contrast, as comes up on this message board frequently, if this were a Pfaff or Adler, you can forget it with parts like that missing. But that's not really the case here at all in my opinion.
  11. Adler 30-1 help

    Here's the parts for Adler 30-1. To the best of my knowledge, every part is both available, and very expensive. Adler 30-1.pdf
  12. Need Help With Adler 167-373

    Wow, that's a new one to add to my library, thanks.
  13. Juki LU-563 chrome tan and inconsistent tension

    NM180/24 is a thick blade, and I'm guessing that the either the hook, needle guard, or both, need to be adjusted. See attached, this should help. LU-1500N Engineers Manual_Hook.pdf
  14. Source for blank feet/feed dogs?

    I'll get on that, too. Give me a day or two and I'll report back on the setup.
  15. Need Help With Adler 167-373

    All I have is the stated 12 page user manual. It's pretty weak documentation to say the least.