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  1. Singer 111w list of subclasses & sales brochure

    No locks here!!!
  2. Singer 111w list of subclasses & sales brochure

    There's one more Keystone sewing library archive, thanks for sharing.
  3. Eagle walking foot info needed

    Eagle brand machine sold by Hoffman Bros. made in Taiwan. The quality of the machine is good.
  4. Dont get carried away with collecting sewing machines

    Sadly, it's too late for me to be saved.
  5. LU-563 lubrication

  6. Do all Singer 111W155 machines have a walking needle?

    Maybe it's possible someone is confused where they installed a single presser foot for drop feed use?
  7. Consew 206RB-4 Reverse Stitch Length

    It's kind of locked in without anyway to adjust this area. I would look for something else here, really have to see the machine.
  8. Modifying Juki 563 For Larger Thread.

    They are 100% interchangeable from LU-563 to LU-1508, just as long as the see attached. KobanHookPages.pdf
  9. Instruction Manual for Consew 206RB-1

    Glad to help, much appreciated.
  10. Consew 206RB-4 Reverse Stitch Length

    This is one rare case that a 206RB-5 does not have the same adjustment than the -4 models. They are very different, see attached parts page for the -4 machines. 206RB-4Parts_Pages.pdf
  11. Instruction Manual for Consew 206RB-1

    See attached, they really don't have a different book other than this addition. Some models with -1 and all models with -2 had the oil system, so it's confusing. This book is stamped with ABCO, our former company name from 1977~1980 before we became Keystone Sewing, so this is some type of indicator as to when this machine was new. Consew206RB-1SupplementaryInfo.pdf
  12. The clutch motor....

    Uwe, No secrets here, modified PF-2 is what I use for this setup. I don't do anything with how the mechanism works, but I do some customization to the mounting bracket to get the proper height for the machine it's being installed onto. The rod eye, aligning coupler and linkage is something I put together here.
  13. The clutch motor....

    There are more than one servo motors on the market that are on the less expensive end that have a 24V output like this, Consew had a CS-3001 model, however we no longer carry this one. Of course, Efka and Mitsubishi motors have these type of outputs as well.
  14. The clutch motor....

    Could be. Or it could be used to do this, YouTube demo of SP-1100NPFL 24V output signal