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  1. First Try at Japanning on a Restoration Project - The Conclusion

    Very impressive, and thanks for sharing. The oven setup shows just how far we all are willing to go to do some of this stuff. When there is a will, there is a way. Threads like this keep me motivated to come back and share more.
  2. Wow, now that's slower than slow. I would fall asleep behind the needle with that setup. Very nice, I'm sure it works great. Like Dikman said, Consew 206RB series machines are great and one of our most popular machines that we offer. We've been selling them since they came out in the 70's and never stopped.
  3. New industrial sewing machine table, where to buy?

    Particle board, not plywood construction. This top will bow over time, and in some cases, not that much time at all.
  4. New Clock face for an old clock

    Very nice design, very unique.
  5. 206RB4 thread snaps across bobbin face

    Also, check the bobbin case, often when or if there is a problem the latch is not secured or damaged. Among other things.
  6. jh-saddle-28.jpg

    Very nice, wanted to chime in how good this piece looks.
  7. Cowboy 1508 vs Juki 1508

    Juki DNU-1541 and DNU-1541S are made in Japan.
  8. Juki LU-2810 engineer's manual

    Got it, LU-2810 & LU-2810-7 Engineers Book CLICK HERE
  9. Lot of 12 Singer 78-3 and Consew 28 mix

    Ahem, thanks for asking. Sorry about that. $500, shipping not included.
  10. Lot of 12 Singer 78-3 and Consew 28 mix

    ***As is where is, new parts may be limited, some machines missing parts*** Does NOT include drip pan, knee lifter, bobbin winder thread stand or any machine trimmings, price is for heads only. Not all machines are complete and some are expected to be used for parts. Some are complete machines as seen.
  11. singer patcher on battleship Scharnhorst

    I love this video, thanks for sharing. We used to have old school mechanics who would come in wearing shirt, tie and jacket just like the guys in the video. They were professionals and dressed like it. We have the battleship USS New Jersey close by here, and on tours they have images of their Singer 7-33 machine.
  12. Replacing "Hook" on my 211G156

    Skylark, Anything can happen, but I've not really seen bobbin case tension adjusting screws or bobbin case tension set screws so tight that they cannot be removed. You may want to try and use the new bobbin case in the old hook?
  13. Skiving machine motor

    Not all 3/4HP motors are equal, but a 3/4 or even 1/2HP should operate a skiver well.
  14. What model Consew 206 is this?

    Honzo, Consew 206RB series machines have always been very reliable machine design. Nothing of note to look that commonly comes up on these models. Just keep the hook clean and the machine well lubricated.
  15. What model Consew 206 is this?

    It's a Consew 206RB-4, serial number prefix SH. Preceding machine is a 206RB-4 TH prefix. There are many things that would identify this model that I could make note of. Easiest thing to note right away is the stitch length dial variation from the -5 to -4. See attached part book that covers 206RB-4 TH and SH prefix. Note the key and the variations in part numbers. 206RB-4 TH & SH.pdf