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  1. About that motor; Make SURE that it is 1725RPM, NOT 3450RPM. Putting a small, 2" OD Pulley will slow either motor down, but the 3450RPM motor will be out of control no matter what you try to do. Also, make sure it's compatible with your power source, likely 110V single phase, but this motor could be 3 Phase 220V only.
  2. I think Pfaff may sell various springs for this? I'm not sure at all, just speculating. I was looking in the books for 1245 and 335s with this type of two spring pressure foot setup, with nothing for sure. I've seen different subclasses with different spring part numbers, maybe that's it?
  3. Hook part number, as per Consew/Seiko is 13086. However, I recommend using Singer part number for class 153W, part number 238250. The difference? Consew has a full gib, the Singer, no gib. No gib is best for heavy work. This is what we like to use for replacement hooks on both 153s and 227s. Koban hook without gib is mfg # KRT31-11R, Hirose is HSH-31, Cerliani is 130-11-065.
  4. Pfaff presser feet Keystone Sewing Master Parts Catalog_Pages.pdf
  5. I can't see very well, but if the presser feet are bumping into each other when they are both repetitively straight, you could have a mixed presser foot set that is not going to work together, and could damage them machine. The Pfaff presser feet usually have part numbers, what are they and we can see if they are a matched set, or not.
  6. Not similar, but the same machine, as Consew223, 223R,227, 227R, 227FS, 227RFS.pdf 227RFS. See attached parts book.
  7. Seiko Z2-990-2N Owners
  8. Great video, and great follow up comments, thanks for sharing.
  9. ...and maybe I was incorrect, this could be for sure a high arm model.
  10. This machine uses same hook as newer models from Seiko, LSWN-8BL/CS & LW-8BL/CS andLSWN Series. Not a high arm, but a long arm. I would say would top out at a V207 thread. SERIES
  11. Can't beat that experience.
  12. See attached, this is from a newer frame 335, and the bushing set screw comes in from behind as opposed to below, but this is certainly should help. 335(8-96_Pages.pdf
  13. See attached, it looks like this machine possibly butts the hook up against the bushing. They way I would do this is to loosen the bushing set screw from below the cylinder, and then use a soft metal large dia punch, think brass or aluminum to strike the hook base (NOT the inside hook/bobbin case basket). It does appear that if you go too far, you will end up with this shaft shifting from side to side, not a good thing with the hook hanging off the end of it. It appears that the bushing stays against the hook to prevent this shift. Hope this helps
  14. Those 146/199 books are limited in content.