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  1. Taking TK-8BL Sewing Machine

    I've seen a few of these, Hoffman Bros. used to bring this machine in as an EA-106, the quality is good.
  2. Foot lifter solenoid... how?

    24VDC, 3.0 Watt will do it.
  3. Foot lifter solenoid... how?

    Typically, this is working off of a 24 or 30V power source, normally controlled by a motor control box. Usually, heel back on the foot treadle, with the correct controls, will input signal to the motor, and the motor will then send the signal to the solenoid foot lifter. Many motor will perform this, but common names of motor brands are Efka, Ho Hsing, and Mitsubishi. Some less expensive motors have a 24 volt output as well, but they are not common. Consew has or had a 220V single phase model that had the output feature, CS4002 is the model. This can also be done using switches, say a mechanical switch hooked up to the foot treadle and then connected to a 24 or 30 volt source that will fire this off. I have a terrible image attached, but it may be enough to show a common foot lifter setup that we would use this for.
  4. 441 bobbins 30mm long too long for Cobra Class 4 problem

    Here are two bobbin winder winders that will not work unless the hole is there, this is from An Adler 266, as one example. This bobbin is used all over the place on many machines, and this one is my standard. I'm quite sure you can get other off brands that will work correctly as well. These are not magic bobbins.
  5. Can someone identify this old Singer 3 step zig zag machine?

    Singer 140W, see attached for subclass specific information. Owners manual is there as well, this may shed more light on this model. SingerClass140W.pdf 140W1.pdf
  6. 441 bobbins 30mm long too long for Cobra Class 4 problem

    These bobbins can be a real problem. I usually like to sell genuine Durkopp Adler steel bobbins. Bobbin dimensions are important, but also important are where the holes on the side of the bobbin are located and the size. The reason is that many bobbin winders will not work with the bobbins if the hole is not made in the correct location and with the correct size hole.
  7. Where the heck are you getting your information from?
  8. Singer industrial machine model 281-24

    That's the one with the factory cloth puller correct?
  9. When was my Adler 67 made?

    News to me, I would have never known that, many machines have GK in their model number.
  10. When was my Adler 67 made?

    Uwe, Please feel free to add escutcheon pins to your vocab, see below, we use this to denote a type of decorate pin. I learned somthing new, too; the eustachian tube connects the middle ear to your throat. I never new that at all. Glad to share and learn, that's why I'm here. All the best, and I very much appreciate you Uwe and all the work you do here and on YouTube. All the best.
  11. When was my Adler 67 made?

    OK, sure, maybe that is the case, cheating a customer could be the point. Or, it could be something else that is VERY legitimate, something simply as recycling a model tag. As seen here, a 114 subclass was changed, maybe correctly to reflect a change in subclass and parts? Not sure. 68 and 69 class machines have literally dozens of sub classes, and would be common to change the model tag to reflect this. So when you seen tags switched or changed, it's not always to dupe or flat out lie to a customer, there may have been many various legitimate reasons to replace the tag.
  12. When was my Adler 67 made?

    You can see the two different Eustachian pins, Singer would never send a machine out from the factory like that. I would bet one US dollar that if we flip that brass plate, that there is a different model number on the other side. Actually, it's pretty common, and if you remove enough of these tags and have a collection, you would see it for yourself.
  13. When was my Adler 67 made?

    UWE, I've go one better, see attached, 1973. Though you may like to see this.
  14. Question on Ferdco 900B

    Bob did a pretty good job on this thread about open and closed frame shuttle hook, CLICK HERE These hooks are available, new, and like said, I'm not sure what hook came from the factory, the open or closed frame. It almost could have been whatever the person setting up felt like putting into the machine that day. That said, books can tell us what hook was installed from the factory say at Durkopp Adler, Juki, Seiko, or the like. Ferdco or someone else could have installed whatever, and maybe have changed it up over the years with what they have or were sent who thought it was the correct one.
  15. Chandler c-267 motor

    Didn't see that Sailrite video, thanks for sharing.