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  1. Singer 7-31 with reverse and 7-33 hand wheel

    Great looking machine Uwe, and just to add to buyer confidence, each and every part for this Singer 7-31, -33 is readily available and serviceable.
  2. Valentine's Day for My Wife

    That's really nice, I'm sure she'll appreciate it for sure.
  3. Servo motor with syncro and speed reducer

    Uwe, great explanation. This is my understanding as well. When the sync takes too long to cycle we get an error message.
  4. Finally Took The Plunge Juki 1541s

    Thanks for the very kind comments and for mentioning my Mom. It's always a two way street, and Adam was a pleasure to deal with as well. I'll pass the good word on to her. She's been doing this stuff since the 70's and has always been a big part of what we do here. Thanks again to the community.
  5. Seiko LSC 8b LH1

    That's what I thought as well.
  6. Reliable brand machines

    My thinking as well, and I'm sure they are referring to the Relaible SewQuiet 6000 digital brushless servo motor. We'll put this 6000SQ on any machine people want as long as the motor is correct for the machine. with the Sync installed, you can ALWAYS go in and cancel it out in the motor's on board parameter settings.
  7. First piece with new CowBoy 4500

    Looks really good!
  8. Juki 1508 NH VS Juki LH 2810 S-S

    No worries, glad you got things worked out.
  9. Juki 1508 NH VS Juki LH 2810 S-S

    Good looking machine, best of luck with it.
  10. Nicer thread stand?

  11. Bernina 217n-08

    I know quite a bit about this one. This was sold by both Bernina and Durkopp, both as a model 217. A lot of sailmakers like this for light seaming work. Very high quality, all parts are available now from IMCA Global who is now bringing this back strong. I've been able to get parts from them from time to time. CLICK HERE for Imca Global's product web page, with lots of links and downloads for this machine. Bernina 217 Owners book.pdf
  12. Which one?

    We'll, they are all good machines, all designed for the same work. Two I would eliminate from this list anyway is the 205RB, this is a new model machine, BUT is only a top bottom feed; not a true walking foot with top, bottom and needle feed with alternating pressers like each and every model that you listed. Also, the Pfaff 545 is from the 60's, not a bad option,but does not belong on this list.
  13. Need help timing a double needle machine

    Uwe, This is excellent, great tips that we all can learn from.
  14. 111w155 Tension Unit Repair or Replacement

    This should be an easy fix. The threaded tension stud has collapsed, and needs to be opened up. Just remove the tension thumb nut, tension spring, and insert a screwdriver to open up the stud, then put everything back on the way it came off. This will allow the threads to grab on the thumb nut and provide you with consistent tension.
  15. Lost a screw - anyone know what replacement I need?

    This should help, and can be ordered by part number. Here, Juki numbers are being used.