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  1. I have 3 now the one from Good-Will had a disconect between jaws about 1 1/2" at one end of the jaw,twist, frist soaked it then force bound the jaws for about 3 weeks this did improve a little so next I used the steam from the Tea kettle and steamed the wood for approx.1/2 hr the bound the jaws again and let it set for 2 weeks and all is well now.However I do bind the jaws on all 3 now when not in use. I will keep the last one from AL as it also has a foot closing strap on the other side of the lever,my son "thinks he wants one,and a trade is working for the third.
  2. Sorry that I'm so late to the party I bought the same one in 2011 for $50.00 in AL and just seen one in NWFL for $219.00 this Jan. Mine is made of Chesnut.
  3. Thank you all for the most usefull info and instructions.
  4. I have the exact same one,why in the world did you attach the blocks to the jaws? I wet mine and closed it with line for about 2 wks,and all is fine now Found mine at a goodwill store for $21.00,last year 2012,and shops sell them for $300.00 +
  5. I use a 1& 1/16 dia copper rod.
  6. Nice What is the weight? How much $ for one Mischief
  7. No reply,no nothing? Mischief
  8. Find a pine tree that has ozed out some pitch. Mischief
  9. Tom Great idea and very well done,thanks for sharing What size computer screen do you have,dang it must be large Mischief
  10. Greetings Are there any books on stamping only? Stamping how to ,tricks,techniques,etc. Yes I have been reading all the posts on stamping,however,I'm old school,need a book(s) Going to spend some cash for a high end 15 pc basic set of tools and need hard copy instructions. The Mischief
  11. Looking for books on leather stamping only,not the general all inclusive how to books. reproduction of leather stamping articles,etc. ok also mischief
  12. E mail sent The Mischief
  13. Love that dirty wallet---------> VERY NICE
  14. Kowabunga! Very Nice ED
  15. Now that the awl size has been resolved,THANK YOU, I'm going to modify and polish some 3 sided canvas needles and try them as awls. I have a bunch of 13.14,15 & 16 size sail needles,the 13 & 14 look like the best.Might try a horse shoe nail or two also ED