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  1. I think a minimalist wallet is a great idea. I have one I bought as encouragement for a friend. He made it from a kit and it has so darned many layers of ultra-thin leather, that it looks (to me) a bit like George Kastanza's wallet from Seinfeld. I keep meaning to undo the lacing and remove about 2/3's of the layers inside so that it doesn't take up so much room.
  2. [CONTACT] fetish leather?

    Is there a section on fetish leather construction? I notice in the forums listing under "other" it mentions messaging the administrator for access to adult areas. Thanks, Jim Name: Jim Clark UserName: firewallsrus IP Address: Email Address:
  3. cool. I gotta find some of that stuff. Biker gear is almost always black by default.
  4. Nature Tanned Leather?

    I could loan you my wife's cat. It got angry with me a while back and "dyed" an entire tooling side yellow for me. I'm still trying to think of an appropriate way of expressing my thanks to the thoughtful kitty. (one I can get away with).
  5. My first bible cover

    From the album Beginner's Luck

    Back view with pencil holder showing

    © ©

  6. Beginner's Luck

    A few odds and ends I've cobbled together.
  7. My first bible cover

    From the album Beginner's Luck

    Front view.

    © ©

  8. greetings from the east. how old is your mother?

  9. If you're still looking for figures from lace, check out my gallery. I would be happy to share the step by step info with you. The scorpion is a finished project while the black widow is still going through design changes.

  10. Nice to see another "traveling man" interested in leather.

  11. I use a PC with Microsoft PowerPoint for a lot of my design work. It uses scalable graphics rather than bit-mapped. That means you can freely scale your drawings up or down to match what you're working on. If working from a photo, I'll insert the photo in a blank PowerPoint slide, then use the drawing tools to sketch right over the top of the original photo. I use 1/4 point line widths and make extensive use of various colors of lines, boxes and circles as layout lines. Once completed, I select and delete the original photo from behind my artwork. "Grouping" all the individual lines and elements of my sketch into one object, enables the entire sketch to be enlarged or shrunk as needed. I'll generally make several copies on one page in different sizes and take these to the piece I'm working on to see which one fits best. Having selected a size, I print it on a laser printer transparency sheet and use a stylus to transfer this design to the cased leather. It seems like a lot of work, but this way, even when the transparency sheet wears out from stylus abuse, I can just re-print. I can also re-use the design or even portions of the design in future artwork.
  12. Scorpion Grips

    My diamond plate grips started shedding chrome within a month of purchasing my Sportster, but I ignored it at the time since my dealer assured me that Harley Davidson doesn't stand behind any of the products they market for their bikes. A year or so after purchase, the rubber inserts started falling out which left some sharp edges on the grips. I covered these with some 6 oz. oil-tanned leather sewn on with regular black thread from my wife's sewing machine. This thread wore out after two years and started unraveling this past winter. Last week, I got around to taking the old leather grips off entirely. I hadn't been satisfied with the way they slid around sometimes on the chrome grips beneath, so I was going to put rubber cement between the chrome and the leather. While I was at it, I wanted to try something I had thought about with lace in a contrasting color. In re-attaching them, I used rubber cement except for about 3/4 inch on each side of the joint in the bottom, which I left unglued so I could more easily sew them in place. For thread, I went ahead and used waxed shoemakers thread and used a triple loop pattern. I would love feedback on the results.
  13. Another design

    From the album Lacing experiments

    I haven't got all the details worked out quite yet.

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  14. Lacing experiments

    Decorative lacing experiments
  15. scorpion attachment

    From the album Lacing experiments

    I went with waxed linen thread in a triple loop pattern for attachment

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