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  1. Sissybar Bag,

  2. Adult Section Request

    Yes please
  3. My First Cue Case!

    Great idea! I'd like to make my own case as I play in an 8 ball league all winter.
  4. My First Cue Case!

    What will you be using for the inside of the 2X4 cue case to hold the cues?
  5. New To Bike Seats

    I have nothing to offer in terms of help, but that tooling is ouit of this world! Well done!
  6. Sissybar Bag,

    Do you have a picture of the first bag from the other side? A friend and I were talking about this very idea last night.
  7. Chancey77 Custom Leather Biker Wallet

    da dreaded one gives it two thumbs up
  8. Can This Design Be Done As Is ...

    Thanks for the reply Jimbob. What kind of details? My thoughts was to keep it as simple as possible for the first go around. Mrs Dreadly has already approved hehehe
  9. I am trying to design a pattern for my motorcycle seat. I have a few woman on the bike so I thought I would carry that "theme" into the seat. The picture entitled 'picture in question' is the picture I'd like to know if it can be done keeping it simple just as the drawing. I have also attached a drawing called 'picture in design' in how the design for the seat sits currently. Being my first leather tooling and seat design, looking for those with experience to throw any thoughts or ideas they may have.
  10. Some Grips

    Interesting ... how did you attach the leather?
  11. How did you round the corners (yep, newbie popping in)?
  12. Working On A New Seat.

    any update on this seat David? * edit * page three has the completed seat.