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  1. Can anyone help. I make Biothane horse tack and dog collars in the UK, and I would like to source colored loops to use as runners and keepers. I already buy black and brown that come from the USA, but would love white, and other colors. I am happy to import from any country. Thank you for taking the time to read Zoe
  2. Has Anyone Ever Tried.......

    I have the Sedgwick Leathercare and I like it
  3. Nice To Meet You From Chester, England

    Hi Emma I live about 8 miles from Chester Zoe
  4. The Mythical Tiger/ritza Thread...

    Oclack I live in the uk near Abbey,, and I have Ritza here. I am happy to sell small amounts and post it to you. Let me look into how much an airmail letter is, and how much I could wind around a piece of card to fit into it . Best wishes Zoe
  5. Can Someone Identify This Bit

    Hi Its a curb bit with a ported mouthpiece
  6. Solid Brass Rivets

    Hi Tandy have them, both solid brass and nickle plated brass. They are expensive. Hope this helps Zoe
  7. Decorative Metal Wanted

    Thank you but I have tried that, I need a pretty close match as they are needed to complete the sets. I think they are czechoslovakian and I have no idea what they are called in the correct language to search for them, can anybody who lives in the region help please?
  8. Decorative Metal Wanted

    Hi Can anyone help me where to buy similar metal work to match these please; I am guessing they are Eastern European. Thanks Zoe
  9. In my opinion Biothane is the best quality of this range of products, and will last many years without cracking or delaminating; i make tack for endurance horses and I will only use Biothane.
  10. Hi here is the link http://www.abbeyengland.com/Store/tabid/77/CategoryID/202/Category2ID/56/Level/2/ProductID/68775/Default.aspx. you only need a small amount and put it on with a wool dauber, then saddlesoap and rub well, I use old pieces of jeans. Word of warning, do not drop any of the powder !!!
  11. Another vote for the powder, I get it from Abbey England.
  12. HI I keep my good bridle leather under my bed, its the only place I can keep it flat. Soft leather is rolled up in the bottom of a wardrobe. Regards Zoe
  13. Sedgwick Bridle Is To Hard?

    Hi Try asking Abbey Saddlery in the UK to send you a sample, also ask them for samples of their others english leathers, it should be really good quality, I have made a few belts from it and it is very supple. Their web site is www.abbeyengland.co.uk Regards Zoe
  14. Hi Clair I will check them out next time I go, it should be within the next few weeks Regards Zoe
  15. Steam Punk Necklace

    Hi Love the necklace Try Pandahall.com its the only place I could find similar fittings and they are a really good price Regards Zoe