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  1. Belt End Scraps---Ideas?

    Wow, lots of ideas. Thanks everyone.
  2. I have a lot of belt end scraps. The pieces are mostly 1" to 2" wide and about a foot long. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do with these to turn them into money besides making them into keychains? Thanks
  3. Artisan Toro 3000 Sewing/stitching Machine For Sale

    Sold, thanks.
  4. I need to down size. I've hardly even used this in the two years I 've owned it. Great condition, comes with table top attachment and instructional booklet, ready to use. I'm near Paducah, KY. $1500 If you have a Tipmann Boss, maybe we can do some trading 270-217-9678 call or text
  5. Does Anyone Make Their Own Leather?

    Thanks to everybody who replied. If I give it a go, I'll let you know how it turns out. Unfortunately, from some of the reading I've done, it might be 6 to 8 months until I know if I've wasted my time and effort.
  6. I'm curious if anyone on here makes their own leather. I'm interested in turning a cowhide into tool-able leather at home. I've searched and didn't find anything. Just looking for info. I'm proficient at the braintan buckskin process, but I've never tried any cow hides. Thanks in advance Mandy
  7. Permalock Needle/lacing Problem

    Ok, I finished my purse and it came out really nice. Initially I used the lok eye needle and I must have gotten two duds. The first one snapped when I opened it to insert the lace, and with the second one, the prongs snapped off when I lightly tapped it with a mallet to seat the prongs into the lace. At that point I got frustrated and had to go eat a bowl of icecream. That always seems to help when I'm frustrated. I tried the jumbo permalock needle and I couldn't get the lace to stay in, I think the they make the new ones with the threads too shallow. I used one that an old timer gave me and I could really tell a great difference. I guess the old saying holds true-- they really don't make em like they used to. Plus, I really didn't like trying to use a round needle with flat lace. It seems you could twist the lace too easily. In conclusion, I ended up ordering more lok eye needles and that did the trick. I don't know if the ones I had been using were old and brittle or what. But the new one worked for me. I heard some people make their own lacing needles out of old soda cans, anyone tried that?? Thanks again for all your help!!
  8. Permalock Needle/lacing Problem

    First I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. I forgot to add that initially I tried the other needle you suggested, the Lok eye needle. The little prongs didn't hold the lace in either. So that's when I tried the round Perma Lok needle. So, I'll try some of your suggestions and report back. Thanks again.
  9. Hi, I'm lacing a purse together and I'm having trouble keeping the lace inside the jumbo permalock needle. Here's what I have been doing. I skive the last inch of my lace down to approx half the width. Then I cut a taper in the end and twist it up in there. Everything is fine until I try to go through 4 thicknesses of leather where the tab holds the D ring to the purse. The lace always slips out of the needle. I try not to pull the lace, and I've widened the holes that are giving me trouble with a stylus. Any of you old timers have any tips to share? Thanks!!
  10. Wallet Id Window

    Thanks, I followed the link and that's exactly what I was looking for!
  11. Wallet Id Window

    I'm wondering what all you professionals use as the ID window material. What is it called and where can I get some? Thanks in advance, Mandy
  12. New Member From Southern Illinois.

    Hi, I just wanted to chime in here and let you know that we're practically neighbors! I'm from Paducah and I'm fairly new to leatherworking as well. I've been kind of apprenticing under a leathersmith in Lone Oak and I'm really enjoying it. PS. I love FT Massac, I can't leave with out getting some kettle corn and chicken n dumplings. Mandy
  13. welcome to the site