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  1. How did you do the iphone case???? Bri
  2. New At This!

    Fine job!
  3. First Leather Project For Mom

    Good job.
  4. Setting Snaps On The Cheap.

    -- I know setting these dang snaps was a major headache when I first started messing with leather. I've spent hundreds of dollars on snap setting tools to come around to this method -- New guy here with no special tools for this... Thanks for this bit of info
  5. That looks really good! What did you do to keep from getting it in the cracks? What kind of dye(s)? Bri
  6. With as many Big-Macs, Whoppers, Big Bufords, and Wendy burgers are sold Why is leather soo dagone expensive? Bri
  7. Painter's Tape Took Off Gun Finish?!

    Where is the tape you took off of the gun? In the trash??? Get it out of the trash and check it.. Brian
  8. Awl Right!

    Fellow amateurs, I have been struggling with a stitching awl that I thought was ready to go when I bought it. Not knowing any better sucks. I have bent the tip a few times and straightened it back out. It was tough to go through even one layer of leather. I was thinking "Wow, these guys must really be strong to get theirs through several layers of thicker leather than I have." Well I have sanded the tip down to be a bit more blunt instead of the easily bent "syringe" like tip that it had. I have also polished it a bit to take some of the machine marks out of it. I didnt do too much as I think I could go a little too far and ruin a good thing. The results are awesome. I can go through two layers somewhat easily and three is do-able. The holes are now more diamond shaped and cleaner than before. So if you have the same problems I have had, sand it down a bit and polish it up and it will work better. Brian
  9. Cutting Leather

    very innovative thinking. Its highly unlikely that you would be able to do this with even the thinnest leather. Now I am thinking of something designed for vinyl lettering or even a conversion from an old printer. But the knives made for these are using the weight of the blade to cut through much thinner material. It is also moved by bands that could skip if too much force is applied to them. There may be something like that made on a more industrial scale. This could be your million dollar idea. Brian
  10. "slow taps and roll the tool around the head as you go" This is the kind of stuff I come here for. It only would have taken another 50 or so snaps to figure that out. I will try that next time. Bri
  11. Im finding that both rivets and snaps seem to want to tilt to one side. I never seem to get them perfect. I am assuming that they are supposed to mushroom inside. But seem to slide one way or another. They are holding though. I saw your ax sheath last night, it looks good. Brian
  12. I used Line 24 Snaps from Tandy. They are pretty good. Not too hard to snap/unsnap, and not too easy either. I know what you mean about the belt loop. I realized it was a tad too big after I riveted it on. Im still figuring things out though. Bri