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  1. Left Holsters

    I draw a center line down a sheet of paper then place blue gun or UNLOADED gun, barrel facing me, sight down, handle up, along the line. Then I move gun to left side of line and trace for a right hand holster, or right side of line for lefty. That is for avenger style. I don't do often. Pancakes , IWBs just a matter of flipping pattern over when tracing onto leather. The rarity I get lefties I usually have more than one mistake floating around to use.
  2. I want to take all of Katass' posts and make a book out of them.
  3. Level 2 Retention Question

    If Hb 700 open carry passes here in Texas It will require level 2 retention on openly worn holsters. No buckets, Level 1 is top strap only, level 2 top strap and trigger guard lock, or two separate straps. Level 3 is two separate straps and trigger guard lock, or a big pain in the *** holster. I know the prisoners in Huntsville leather shop build level 2 for law enforcement here so I don't think Junglejunk has a monopoly on trigger locks. I'll look into local plastic shop if they can mold them.
  4. Anybody know where I could get level 2 retention trigger guard clamps?
  5. First Time With Exotic Inlay

    You can't never go wrong with that remnant bag. I've got some that had such large pieces I made whole overlays with them.
  6. Sewing Clips For Iwb Holsters

    Try using light weight leather. I use 4-5oz and bevel only the top edges,glue, and sew.
  7. Holsters In Demand

    "Right now though I have had to turn down several orders, because I am just not set up for the items they want (lack of blue guns and whatnot) Shadow don't turn down work because of a lack of a blue gun, here is my pitch I use. If I don't have a blue gun but they do make one I will set up the customer with a deal. For 60 bucks prepaid I will build their holster after I get the gun. It might take eight weeks. I tell them the true cost of the gun and take a loss, but then I make up for it with now having a new blue gun.
  8. Looking For Ruger P85 Dummy Gun

    http://www.bluegunstore.com/?page_id=10&slug=product_info.php&products_id=156 P85 p89 Scott, everything I find is the P89 is cosmetically the same as a P85, And Rob at the blue gun store has the P89.
  9. My mass produced holsters (I.E. common guns that I make the same pattern over and over) at my booth #64 at Wimberly market days, Wimberly Tx, I sell for 40 bucks. They are very plain, black or brown no options. If you come to me with a new gun and they make a blue gun for it I give you a deal. Same 40 bucks and I ship it to you when I make it. That is my loss leader. I make it up after that by having another blue gun. Exotics, tooling, odd dye jobs, or configurations price goes up. Now when I finish my web site, my basic holsters will be 60 online and 40 at the show.
  10. Backing For Elephant Skin

    depending on the elephant hide thickness would you go above 4oz veg cow or as shooter said horse.
  11. Holster Production Per Year

    24 sold, have about 40 in stock. Been doing it for two years now. Just starting to get noticed. Things are picking up more and more.
  12. Also think about the cant of the holster. I found on smaller guns to move toward the over 25 degree mark. See picture I found on http://www.kelloggcustomleather.com/ I don't know if he is on here or not.
  13. Dyeing Sting Ray Skins

    I dyed both sides using a wool dauber.
  14. Same here, all those 1911 holsters where made from grab bag pieces from Springfield's. Well except the caiman, those they sell as tails.