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  1. Very cool. do you know mr Tobias by chance?
  2. nice and clean. good job.
  3. love the design and the color. very nice.
  4. thanks for the compliments.
  5. I agree with Harag, and yes practice practice practice will help get ya there. I like the layout of the design. if I were to say one thing, it would be to use an elipse or circle template for things like your oval. dont try to cut using them, but use them for your layout, you will get a cleaner look ,,but the overall layout looks very nice.
  6. Well, I personally like tooling, but this is very clean, super liner, and great edging. whats not to like.
  7. wow,, that is super cool.nice work., beautiful bike
  8. I dont post much if at all in the show off segment, as I feel, although coming a ways, still quiet an amature and not sure saying show off is what I would call it lol... but this turned out quite nice and I have gotten quite a bit of compliments and looking like other requests. I did not have the weapon for this, but I did have the original holster, so the fit should be decent. this was requested from a co worker to give to his father in law for his birthday on 6/22. after that I will have pics of the gun in the holster. kinda excited to see that.. shoot I forget what kind of gun it was. I really liked the color, had some reaaaal challenges with the lacing. bob
  9. From the album 1st album

    I was asked by a co worker to make a holster for his father in law. I didnt have access to the weapon, but did have access to a holster it was kept in, so it should fit ok. hope he likes it.
  10. Hi Peter, welcome to the fun, that is this forum. I myself reside in Ft Mill.
  11. that thin type of cardboard is what we are talking about, I never even thought of cereal boxes (thnx Pete), but thats exactly it. I never bought any, but I did make the mistake of that thicker stuff, horrible to use for this..dont do it. I mostly use packaging tape, but like I said, that will not allow a nice finish or even dye.
  12. Gotcha. and Im sure artistic license gets used especially with the...add ons, as I am sure in the day, things were hobbled together as needed and a lot of that would not have survived. I read a book on historical leather a few years back, and although I cant remember the book title, I do remember a section on gun leather and the reality of what it was vs what you see in the movies. the final word was what was shown clint eastwood wearing in the outlaw josey wales, was the most common, if you had leather at all. most outlaws didnt have the money for leather holsters, and certainly not the high fashion stuff that was not so much available. it was interesting. but I really like your rigs and the differnent styles of adding items. the cross draw Im going to make for my son's revolver will be a little of this. thanx for sharing your cool stuff.
  13. nice work, some unique looking pieces. you say period correct? what do you use to reference than, just curious. I really like the two right hand draw rig. I want to make a cross draw for my sons 22 revolver and a knife to .
  14. Mike, I also have done a lot of artwork in my past with lots of different mediums and such. There is an element Im not seeing here when you talk about the shop. You may have a lot of the abilities learned to draw, cut, stamp, and create some nice pieces, but what you have to remember is that all that, has to get put onto something viable, usable, like the cuffs you mention. This all takes assy skills that may or may not be something you had in the past. What I have found is that t his assy work, and whatever product(s) you decide you want to sell out of your shop, is every bit as important as how pretty the art is, or design of the piece. This will take practice. albeight, some fast than others just dependant on their aptitude. I have seen a pile of folks close businesses here, that knew what the heck they were doing. so just be careful and plan it out some. not trying to be a nay sayer, I think if you love it and can do it, you should and Im assuming your talking down the line a ways as far as a shop. but get some serious skill down before considering committing to a shop or over spending on gear.
  15. the thick corregated cardboard does not work well with this. your really looking for really thin single sheet type of stuff. the tape works fine, packing tape, but it leaves a glue residue, so you need to remember that if say you are doing a belt without a lining, and you expect to dye it. the dye wont take well. Pete has the answer on the glue.