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  1. Purse Patterns - Bruce Johnson

    Thank you so much for uploading the e-book Bruce.
  2. Hey Blake,

    Did you get my private message?


  3. Need Some Help, Rawhide Braided Sheath

    Sorry been out of town and disconnected from the internet for the weekend lol! I will start work on this project soon and post photos as I go along!!
  4. Best Tools For The Job

    Hey All, I have been a lurker here for quite some time but I am ready to venture out and get better at this hobby of mine. I started out like many, intrigued by this awesome art form which is slowing taking over my life and I couldn't be any happier. Anyways I bought all of my stuff from Tandy to begin with. The store was fairly close, I could hold each product before buying it, test them out, and pick out my own leather. But now I am ready to upgrade my tools, leather and all around job that I am doing on the leather. I think higher quality tools are where I need to begin. So, can anyone point me in the right direction.. I have just been making belts, wallets and knife sheaths lately. So the most common tools ya'll use for these projects, the brands, and where to find them will be greatly appreciated. Looking for mallets, swivel knives, all new stamping tools, the whole shabang!! Also, I am posting a belt that I've made and just looking to get any feed back.. It was one for myself so I tried a few different Ideas on it LOL.
  5. Need Some Help, Rawhide Braided Sheath

    Hey guys, Sorry I haven't replied. I've been making some other sheath while I ponder on this one a bit more lol. CW, thank you for the detailed description, I am going to study the knots that you mention more before I attempt this. I also noticed you were a fellow Aggie! We may have to meet up sometime and talk about leather!! Mike, I haven't stopped thinking about this sheath since I first saw one LOL, I hope one day, with the collective opinions of this forum I will be able to braid my own!! When you get around to it post the pictures of what you have come up with! Tracy, I went and looked at a few pages in the book and the closest thing I could come up with was Plate 136 or 137. Do you think either of these would work? Thanks again!
  6. My Entire Shop For Sale

    Hey Todd, I called and left a message earlier. Interested in stamping tools.
  7. Long Wallet

    I was also going to comment on the stitching. Looks better than most jobs i've seen with a machine! If you don't mind me asking, what brand/size pricking iron do you use? Thanks!!
  8. Awesome job!! Your tooling looks fantastic!
  9. Need Some Help, Rawhide Braided Sheath

    Mike, thanks for the response. I saw Grants encyclopedia today for $50 so I had to pass it up. I am going to try and do a little internet searching and see if I can come up with it any cheaper. I bought some of the plastic thread that everyone plays with as kids to try my hand at this without wasting $25 dollar rawhide. I will post pictures as I make progress and hopefully soon will be able to post a final product! Thanks again!
  10. Need Some Help, Rawhide Braided Sheath

    No body has any ideas?
  11. Hey guys I have been reading on this site for awhile, never actually in the Braiding forum. I have been tooling leather for a little over a year, belts, wallets and now I am toying with the ideal of knife sheaths. I've seen some people wearing knife sheaths made of braided rawhide and I want to try my hand at making it. Can anyone help with tips, tricks, what braids I need to use and how to make the sheath hold it's shape? Thanks guys.. Also here are some pictures to show what I am talking about.
  12. welcome to the site