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  1. I have a LOAD of handmade leather stock. I had a booth at TX Ren Faire and I was doing many shows but life is now different and I can't leave the farm to do shows like I was! I want to sell all my stock to someone who does shows. I will only be doing my customs and such that I can do without leaving home! If you are interested I have over 100 pouches that normally retail from 50 to 150(tooled and painted OOAK) and many other pieces.Far too many to list. I also have hand made flogs,cats and collars as well. Contact me I tried to put up pictures and it would not allow it so contact me dancethellano @ hotmail dot com if you wish to see pictures. Serious inquiries PLEASE! Price will depend on how much you want!
  2. Treadle Based Machine For Sale in NavasotaTX

    I have a machine we bought to do shows and it just did not work out doing shows(not the machine,the shows) So we added a treadle base and made it usable as either a hand cranker or a treadler. It sews light leathers, uses regular machine needles (including the home type leather points). Easy to clean and take care of and would be great if you wish to use it out front at a ren faire or the like. I have video of it going and all on FB so using the link to my page there for pictures ETC. Email me dancethellano @ hotmail. Asking $300.00 for it
  3. Wondering about places to sell!

    Thanks! Yeah we are trying to rework the old website but I am thinking the days of the artist may be truly numbered. After all this time I am seeing no sales on EBAY or ETSY unless I price below the cost to make it. It sucks!
  4. I have been swing,designing and selling for almost 20 years. Sales sites have become saturated with imports and I was wondering if anyone on here knew of another sales site other than EBAY or ETSY???? They seem to be hard to find. I tried doing cons and Fests but honestly life is harder as you get older and hauling, setting up and dealing with political BS at sits SUCKS. If you have any ideas of a good place for online sales let me know...Thanks! Cat
  5. I Need A Good Wholesaler For Deerskins

    I am looking for a good supplier for deerskins...I need black and whiskey/mahogany/choc and even smoke from time to time.... anyone know of a good source with good prices???
  6. Does anyone have a supplier for the longer shanked boot conchos? I want them for many projects I have going and so far have not been successful. Figured other on here might know!
  7. Help! Too Many Machines, Too Many Opinions!

    If you have an industrial sewing machine place near you go check them out. One thing I will tell you is make sure whatever you get is easy to get the parts for if you need them. I have a 1951 Singer 111G156 and I use it so much I have had to replace the hook now about every 3-5 years due to plain old wear. Be sure you get a good manual that shows all the places you may need to adjust as if you have to haul it to a shop it becomes stupid expensive! We have to time mine from time to time but with the amount of sewing I do it is no wonder!
  8. Singer 95K1 With Bobbin Winder Video of the machine running with a barely held on home machine motor...shown sewing med fabric and Lighter garment/upolstery leather I am asking 350.00 for the head. You will need to choose your motor based on what you plan to sew! If it is shipped we will have to figure out how to get it to you will let you figure it out and choose your shipper! Buyer will pay shipping. If you are fairly close by I can meet up with you! I am in Texas Navasota area. College Station and Brenham are close! We cleaned her fully she has been lubed and is running smoothly. This is not a walking foot model machine. She sews light leather and heavy fabrics. If you are serious make me an offer! The winder is actually rare. It needs a rubber doughnut and it will wind bobbins. You will need a table and motor just want you to be aware of this fact! I am thinning down my machines I do not have room for all my collection!
  9. Does anyone know why this old beast would rock back and cause the machine to bugger the thread on the underside. It is not the bobbin thread that is the issue but the walking foot/needle rocking back it you have to stop or slow down... we have tried every thing to adjust the timing to stop this and have had it to the shop more than I care to say. We replaced the entire hook assembly and now it is giving me more problems in that not only does it rock back on the topside but it now packs the thread under the darn bobbin case... which the old assembly never did and the new did not do until more than a year out. I am wondering if the machine is just worn out. I sew on this thing A LOT so I know I have run her to the ground. but I oil her all the time and keep them clean. We did find that a heavy rubber band on the walking foot at the back top will slow down the rocking for a time but it breaks fairly quickly....
  10. Sad News! Those Who Knew Drac

    Just realized that it will soon be 2 years since my friend Drac committed suicide..... I know he is missed by many!!!! I hope he found the peace he was seeking! Cat
  11. Need Large Buckles...

    I have a request for a reproduction of the POC Baldrick that Capt'n Teague wore...if you look at the buckle it is a (3-4) 2 tanged(pronged) buckle with shell like details in the center edge and corners!!! Anyone know of a place to find this??? Cat
  12. A Very 'sticky' Question

    Ray, I do not know about Rabbit glue(sounds yucky like horse hide and hoof glues) but what I use is water based Liquid Stitch for my soft leather and Elmer's(or equivalent) waterproof wood glue for the harder ones. Both work well dry fast and allow you to move it around till you get it right...and yes it does need to be held down till it sets some but hey are we really in that big a hurry!
  13. Sad News! Those Who Knew Drac

    So far I have only heard that as per his wishes he will be cremated. I am trying to find out more but Ben is trying to work things out with the family and all to get this all handled so I will try to let you know where to send condolences and flowers...etc... Cat
  14. I got word today that my friend,Drac(who is the person who got me on this board), committed suicide last night! Please keep his family and close friends who found him in your prayers! Cat
  15. Machine Stitches Unravels

    First check to see your threads are tensioned evenly... they should lock in the center of the two pieces(I use two thread colours to check with). If all is good there backstitch and either burn or glue if it keeps doing it... I backstitch and never have a problem!Cat