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  1. Steaths

    Hi All Two custom pancake steaths just finished Have a nice day Martin
  2. chinks

    Original "Olfa" handle for rotary blades. Blades can ba changed-straight or wave
  3. chinks

    Thanks. These chinks are for Pullman City western town in Germany. I hope they will work well
  4. Some tools

    ...TREASURE CHEST! Congrats!!!
  5. boots

    Thanks to all again. My work isn´t perfect, but i learn new thinks with every other order. "Cowboy boot making" havn´t tradition in our country, so i find informations about construction, materials and styles yet. Likely i met some people with this knowledge.
  6. boots

    Hi all My last pairs of boots from my workshop after long time. "Mule ear" high top boots for SAA shooter, and work squaretoe buckaroos with rubber sole and owner initials Have a nice day Martin
  7. chinks

  8. Riveted Rivet Box

    cool! Great idea
  9. chinks This is tool what i use for pinking edges. Thanks
  10. chinks

    Hi all New custom cinks for cowgirl in germany. "Tobbacco" color cowhide, antiqued tooling, custom german silver conchos and buckle, and 310 stainless steel 1/4" spots
  11. show saddle

    ...headstall too...
  12. show saddle

    So... last pieces of tack . Show tack set is ready for first contest this weekend
  13. show saddle

    Thank you again!!!
  14. show saddle

    Thanks to all! I very happy when i see responses. I think this is very "cool" design. A lot of time and meets with customer. But effect is here. Saddle was bulit for young horse and first competition will be in August. Good luck for competition season!!! Thank you again Martin
  15. show saddle

    No, silver is custom work from my favorite engraver in my country. I was made in according with my proposal and design. Shearling is "artifical" but i can use real sheepskin when customer want