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  1. Thanks to all
  2. Just my own left back pocket
  3. Thanks to all. Here is my second pair this month...... just finished. For really "roping" enthusiast
  4. Hi all Next pair of boots for customer in Germany. 18" high top boots for very "slim" and tall guy
  5. Came new idea with my new 45ACP toy. Adjustable lefthanded holster in 5 positions. Very comfortable for me. Thanks for opinions Martin
  6. "Dismantle" some old boots or shoes help my case it was.
  7. Thanks. I will try make some pics from "bootmaking proces" for you on next project. When i began with bootmaking i had same problems with important infos about it. So i understand .......
  8. Hi all Here is my last boot project. High lace boots . Not my style but new proprietress is satisfied
  9. Thanks to all!. I have orders for next few months for my countryman and german customers , so i show some others pics soon Martin
  10. Hi all My next pair of boots for one "cowgirl" was finished last weekend. Brown calf vamps, blue turquoise tops with ostrich leg hide inlay. I must say, it looks very good! She wear boots, and saddle pad in same turquoise color
  11. Great work again
  12. Thanks to all. Not perfect yet, but lot of orders for next 8 months. Good practice for learning
  13. Thanks!!! I think if you can make corset, you can try to make boots too..........but make a measures for corset must be more funny than foot measures
  14. Hi all Here are first two pairs of boots in this year
  15. Hi all My last 2015yr work. Thanks for opinions Martin